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Snippet of NoSleep | Horror Stories: Titanic Horror Story

Last Played: January 18, 2021
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A man’s business purchases a first-class for him to travel to New York. After a crashing sound, the man and a crew member find they are stuck in an infinite hallway. They begin to hear the sound of trickling water and notice the floor is slanting sideways.
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I never asked to travel on the Titanic, not because I didn't admire the achievements, but because the open seas and cramped cabins made me feel sick. Still, I had to travel to New York, and since the first class ticket had been generously sponsored by my employer, I felt obliged to give it a chance. We had just set sail from Southampton. In England, hundreds of people had swarmed the docks, desperate for a new adventure. After all, it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for most. Luckily, I packed light, so I didn't face much trouble dealing with the rest of the tourists. For them, it was all about the glory of traveling on the world's greatest boat. For me, it was just business. From England to France. On Lee, a couple of hours went by. Even then, I felt seasick. By the time we dock for the next batch of passengers, I had already spent a lot of time in share Borg. So I saw a lot of familiar faces, rushed to board the vessel. Among them, I recognized Mrs Charlotte Cardoza, a rich woman arriving with her son and made bringing with them 14 trunks for suitcases and three crates of vague egx. Uh huh. Rich people sure are a different breed, I mumbled to myself as I looked at the ridiculous site. Once we set sail for the sees, it was time for dinner. I was served grilled mutton chops with a side of mashed potatoes, the perfect meal to exacerbate my seasickness. E looked over to the side and saw Mrs Cardoza at a full table, laughing. Her plate was already empty. E guess travel really took it out of her. Once I couldn't stomach the waves anymore. I retreated back to my room, where I spent most of my journey. My daily activities consisted mostly of hanging over the toilets and dry heaving because of my condition. My journey wasn't the most interesting one, at least until the 14th of April, when we got violently woken up by the entire ship. Shaking glass on my bedside table fell to the ground, shattering in the process. I got up on my shaky feet, worried we might have hit something. But as quickly as the shaking had the gun, it subsided. Without a trace. I could hear other passengers entering into the hallway from the shock. So I stuck my head out to see what all the commotion was about. One of the ships stewards approach the worried passengers. We came close to an iceberg, but we've corrected our course now. Enjoy the rest of your night, he said politely. Still, as I stood there in the hallway, something just felt off. In a way, it seemed like we'd moved. There were just minor changes, colors that faded and details I couldn't recognize Way did as instructed without further quarrel. But rest would not come. Midnight was quickly approaching, and the steward just wouldn't leave the hull. I could hear him rushed past my door multiple times with hurried footsteps. The sound of his shoes hitting the carpeted floor echoed into my room. I took a gander outside to find the steward running down the hall, but just as he ran around the corner, I heard footsteps appear behind me. The same man came running from the opposite direction, as if he'd been transported by magic As he saw me. He just stopped. He looked absolutely horrified, Sir, did you just see me past that corner just now? I nodded. What's going on he just shook his head in confusion. I don't I don't know. He pondered for a moment, trying to come to terms with the situation. Just keep an eye on me, see what happens When I reached the end of the hallway with that, he ran around the corner once more, just like before. He appeared behind me, stopping at my door. How'd you do that? I asked. I didn't you try it? He demanded. I walked down the hall, passing numerous rooms before rounding the corner. I expected to see the exit but was met by the terrified looking Stewart. Instead. What in God's name just happened? Let's try to go the other way. Maybe that'll change something together. We turned around and walked down. The other end of the hallway ship was starting to feel ever so slightly slanted. And in the distance we heard flowing water
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