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Snippet of NoSleep | Horror Stories: Walmart Horror Story

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Best NoSleep Podcast Episodes To Terrify You Listen to the best episodes of the NoSleep Podcast, an anthology horror fiction series, to hear spine-chilling stories not for the faint of heart. With both original and fan-submitted stories, the NoSleep Podcast is guaranteed to give you the chills like nothing before. These top NoSleep Podcast episodes are your prescription for too much sleep. A unique horror experience, the NoSleep Podcast features terrifying short stories that are accompanied by atmospheric sound effects and music. Hear this sample of the scariest NoSleep Podcast stories in their catalog that are sure to keep you up at night. Vurbl Paranormal: Tales of the Weird, Mysterious & Spooky
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While working the graveyard shift at Walmart, a cashier checks out a man with a strange shopping cart. Could he be prepping for a night of murder and torture? The cashier attempts to ignore the creepy situation until the man speaks to him.
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I work the graveyard shift at Wal Mart. Being cashier, I've noticed that people who shot past midnight are either night owls or freak shows. At first glance, Guy looked like a night owl, long hair, mid thirties eyeglasses, some colorful ink. He was buying a 50 gallon plastic storage bin. But when he took the lid off, revealing the other purchases he'd stowed inside. Sirens began ringing in my head. 12 pack of extra duty duct tape. 20 ounce steel hammer, six piece set of pliers, nine inch tapered filet knife, 20 volt Cordless reciprocating saw half dozen 32 ounce bottles of sulfuric acid. As I rang him up, my eyes wavered between the tool kit of torture devices and the tattoos on his forearms. He had lots of tribal patterns and Alfa male images, but the one that really grabbed me was the black teardrop tattoo emanating from his right eye. I kept my face down. I on my own business. As long as I didn't draw too much attention, maybe we could just both pretend he wasn't prepping for a spree of murder and dis embodiment. But then he spoke