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Last Played: November 26, 2021
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Listen to a nostalgia fueled review of one of, if not the biggest, movie franchises of all time, Star Wars. Reminisce with the Movie Review hosts over their love for the original trilogy and more.
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when we get there. Is it my favorite film? Yeah, I think it iss I really do. I hate saying favorite, because on any given day that could change. What am I looking for? Sure, but this is a movie that I watched every day after school when I was in my single digits. There was that period where Star Wars kind of died from, like 84 to 90. Yeah. You watch Greece after school, too? I mean, I think that you remember it a certain way, but I guess I remember the human years. I remember the Volt Tron years. I remember you liking ah, lot of things. And me too. So it was a surprised, really. I don't think I realized you were the Star Wars guy until Yeah. Your wedding, I think, is where it really occurred to me when you're putting on your Jedi robes. Stewart, Is that what it occurred? Their stories we're gonna talk about, We'll get there when it's appropriate. Stewart has stories that I dragged him into. But what really happened is it was a childhood love. But it was 91 92 93 that things came back. Star wars came back. They brought back the novels and I wasn't gonna read them because I've read all those Star Trek novels and none of them mattered. Why would I go down that same path? They were coming out with Star Wars video games, and I was playing them The X Wing game for PC, and it reinvigorated my love. You knew what I watched after school as a child. What you don't even know to this day is throughout my college years, I had a weekly ritual Sunday with Star Wars Day. My roommates and I would all gather in a room and watch the entire trilogy. It was usually on one of the HBO stations we had. We didn't even watch them in order. Sometimes Sunday was Star Wars Day for four years, and I was getting MAWR into it. So it was everything building up to it. And if the Phantom I had in my childhood was some dying embers, the nineties stoked it back to flames, and the new movies became a roaring wildfire that runs to this day. Yeah, I mean, I remember like you are in the nineties. Didn't they come out like a VHS set. Finally, in the nineties that was supposed to be cleaned up, and I remember buying those. And that's when I started really getting back into it. Yeah, they did the THX remixes. There are so many versions of Star Wars. So many. I mean, the one that played in 77 is different from the re release they did a couple of years later. And then in the nineties they did the THX re Masters, where they brought the video quality toe VHS level and did a sound clean up. And then there's this special editions. And then they changed the special editions for the DVD editions that they changed him for the Blue Ray editions, and they change them for the digital for lease editions. And I wanna be clear. There's websites out there that detail every difference in this special edition. We're not gonna do that here. You can go to those sites. You can watch YouTube videos of the scene side by side. We're going to call out. The big difference is that matter to us. But we're not going to be going. Oh, in this scene, the Thai fighter did a barrel roll, but in the original. It just strafed. These films are works in progress. George Lucas is fond of saying art is never complete. Onley abandoned, and he refused to abandon it until he sold it to Disney. And then even then, I'm not so sure. But George Lucas, I mean, Star Wars came out in 77. Lucas was this quirky guy. He done THX 1138 I don't know if you guys have seen it. Oh, yeah, it's very different, Like you would not watch Star Wars and THX 11 38 and think they're the same director THX. It's just a very seventies, very dark and a different vibe, a different kind of film maker. He doesn't care about story in that film. I feel it's just like it's about the sound. It's about the visuals. It's really, well, weird story going on, but I like it on its own merits. Yeah, it's a student. Film is honestly the way it feels to me. It's a student film with Robert Duvall in it. It's a lot of bald white people staring at white walls. I mean, it's it's already You just have to kind of remember the culture. It came out of that hippie art cinema culture of the late sixties early seventies. That was what kids were into is where they could go toe watch sex on screen. And it was kind of the gathering place where the hip and so this was Yeah, Lucas trying to stay with the crowd. He wasn't cultivating the sci fi universe he would become famous for, that's for sure. And that was my question to you guys. You guys love Star Wars so much. How much have you seen this one? How many times have you seen American Graffiti? Once and once I've seen THX 1138 once when they did a special edition of it. Yeah, which is weird because you have, like, these mutants that are, like just little people. But then they throw in some C g i ones that look like monkey. Hey, did not go back and see g THX 113 He did it because he can. Did he do it with American graffiti? No, No. But you have to remember, this is how Lucas sees himself is as this avant garde student filmmaker who wasn't really out to make mainstream films. THX 1138 I think if you were to see the most pure representation of Lucas on celluloid, it's that movie. American Graffiti. I've seen that movie a number of times. I really enjoy it. I saw it before I even knew he directed it. I saw it back in high school. No, my dad got me to sit through that because he's like, No, it's the Star Wars guy who directed it. You like it? No, not as a kid. I did it. Yeah, you know, that's the thing about Lucas is I think, that he is the most backward looking futurist we have. Although he's thought of as a sci fi guy and a tech guy that's really pushed the envelope in terms of cinema technology, all of his movies feel very retro. THX 1138 is the only one that doesn't feel like it was drenched in nostalgia. But American Graffiti, obviously, about his childhood Star Wars, obviously, about the movies that he watched growing up Well, this all came from Francis Ford Coppola Coppola and Lucas. They're great friends to this day after American graffiti, Lucas was kind of bouncing from project to project, and Coppola challenged Lucas to make something really mainstream, to not do something so personal to try to basically see if he could write a blockbuster. And he wrote the blockbuster that began All blockbusters other than Jaws. It's funny you bring up Coppola. I didn't know they were friends. I think of them in the same way and that, Yeah, they're kind of film school geek guys that got lucky. That probably shouldn't have been major motion picture directors. Their visions were much more strange in adult than their reputation leads you to believe. But yeah, much like Godfather changed Coppola. I guess that's why he was putting the challenge. The Lucas that he was like, see if I could do it, you could do it, you know? And I think this is all thanks to the seventies. I think I'm getting what you love about the 70 Stewart. It was a time where you could really experiment, I think with cinema and maybe Star Wars was the end of that experimentation because it said, hey, make stuff really mainstream and make a ton of money. But yeah, I feel like if you didn't have this time in cinema, where you could really do things different and take some of these risks. We wouldn't have this film. Well, Admittedly, this didn't start as a original film. Lucas was really trying to get his studio United Artists, to get the rights for Flash Gordon. He wanted Flash Gordon the movie I knew that had to be an influence here. I mean, it's an obvious one. I take no pleasure in announcing that. I mean, we all can see. Oh, he said it, too. Yeah, it's a movie serial. I mean, by starting it. With Episode four you gotta believe there was no episodes 12 and three. He was just recapturing that feeling of walking to a cinema back in the forties and fifties and just being caught in the middle of a story you've never seen before and instantly wanting to be a part of it. Well, there was no episode for originally. Yeah, that was added in the re release in theaters in the seventies when they knew they were doing empire. Yeah, because I don't think there is a 77 version of this film available. Maybe Lucas has one in his vault I am watching the closest I could get to the original releases, you know, on one of those Devi the last DVD release as an extra. They threw in a disk like they didn't clean up the film it all, but they have the laser disc transfers and and that's what I watched. But they still have a new hope on those. Yeah, but it doesn't say episode for and those were all later editions. He was tweaking even back then. But when he did start, he didn't put Episode one. He did put Episode four and decided Empire was five. I was wondering when it all started to become a new hope. I remember having that fight in college. People are like It's a new hope. I'm like No, it's not. I've never heard of that in my life. I still have a problem calling it that. It's to me it's still Star Wars, but I do have this, like comedic conversation with my dad. Every time we try to discuss Star Wars because he's like Okay, so you're talking about the first one I'm like, No, I'm talking about Episode four, but he's like That's the first one that it's like this whole who's on first routine notice. When I opened this, I refused to say. Today we're discussing Star Wars a new hope. When I grew up, it was Star Wars, Empire and Jedi. And that's what they are now, though, because I immersed myself into this universe of Star Wars. When I'm talking to Star Wars people, I can't just say I watched Star Wars. I have to say I watched a new hope. I have to say I watched The Phantom Menace so I will use that gnomic lecture with my peeps, but I won't use it in days.
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