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Snippet of On the Corner of Main Street: Flavor Flav’s Name And Clocks, Time Waits For Nobody

From Audio: Ep. 14 - Flavor Flav!
Last Played: March 15, 2021
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Listen to the origin of Flavor Flav's name and the purpose of his iconic clock necklace.
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How many clocks do you own? A bunch. A bunch. How do you choose? Switch on to where I've been seen that one a lot lately because the rest is in the archives where the archives in Vegas, Uh, where the archives archives is really like from my mom's crib, you know, and everything. So I put everything. It's just storage right now, all kinds of stories. And you always set the time to the same the same time on them. So that one looks like it's setting the time. Oh, yeah, man, I think just telling the truth, it's about 10 minutes behind. Okay, we'll make the battery. Might be slow, but you had one that always said the same time. They always at 12 o'clock. And the reason why is because I had I had no battery in those clocks on purpose, and I set it on 12. 12 o'clock. Means it's point straight up and every day fucking straight up with your dog. Now, six o'clock points straight up and down. Don't try to fucking bullshit over my eyes. You know what I'm saying? You can't get over on me. I'm straight up and down with you. Yes. I thought I I also thought you want some mates because time waits for no man. Oh, I wasn't done. Okay. All right, all right. I ain't jumping. Jumping, Jonathan. First of all, let me say something about Jonathan. Me and Jonathan. We have something in common. Yeah. What is it? Our names. That's right, Jonathan. I'm William. Jonathan. Thank you. When did when did the name flavor Flavor? Um, hold on. Before we go there. Let me finish telling you about the clocks. The clocks clock, baby with the clocks. Tell me all right. Well, anyway, I put my own significance to it, You know what I'm saying? And, you know, um, you know, time is the most important element that we have in our lifetime, and we can't afford to waste none of it. And each second that goes by, you'll never ever see it again in your life. You know what I'm saying? We we gotta Every time this minute hand goes around, we have to use each second to our best value. You know what I'm saying? Um, time waits for nobody. It took time for us to be born, and it's gonna take time for us to die. And I always say, I'm clocking you, gm clocking you. That means I'm paying attention to you, so you can't get fast on me already. Know what time it is right now? What was your next question? Where did where did the name flavor flavor comes from? Uh, came from a guy named that used to watch me. His name was Kevin Starks. You know what I'm saying? Uh, and my name, my the name that I grew up with this Rico R I C c O. Right. Um, I used to always eat a lot of, you know, colorful stuff. You know what I'm saying? Like lifesavers. You know what I'm saying? Um, when it came down to sodas, I used to drink the lemon and the lime sodas orange, cherry grape, all the flavors. I was drinking them all. But I'm the one that took all of the flavors and put them all together one time At first, the next thing you know here they come with a sarsaparilla. Wow. That's what sarsaparilla is. All of the soldiers, Everything together. You know what I'm saying? So So? So he used to call me reek the flavor freak. So when emceeing first came around, everybody had these common names. You know? EMC, Bobby B m c Chucky D M c. You know, Lilly, Lil, You know, I said, Well, I wanted a name that nobody had nobody would want, but yeah, that's gotta mean something. So I I said, let me try EMC flavor. Know what I'm saying? So so then, um, back in those days, we used to say, Yo, Johnny, John. Yo, Lizzie List. Rico Riklis. Elise. Chuck D is the one that started calling me flavor flavor and it stuck.
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