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Snippet of On the Corner of Main Street: Public Enemy Stimulates MLK Day In Arizona

From Audio: Ep. 14 - Flavor Flav!
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Audio History of Flavor Flav Listen to audio documenting the life and career of the world’s greatest hype man. Find exclusive interviews on hip hop, uniting the world, and the state of Public Enemy. Flavor Flav first debuts in the 90s with a large clock dangling from his neck and an exuberant, unmistakable persona with the musical group Public Enemy. Follow his unique journey through music and political discourse with this playlist chronicling his incredible life and career. Best Vurbl Music Audio
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Hear how Public Enemy left the stage after one song in protest to Arizona not celebrating MLK day while on tour with U2. The following year, MLK Day was officially honored in the state of Arizona.
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Mm. There were two states, Jonathan, that didn't on the doctor Martin Luther King's birthday. That was the state of Arizona and the state of New Hampshire. And when we went through Arizona and we were on tour with you, too, and we played on the zoo tour, and at that time, we this is public enemy, right? Was on tour with you to opened up. We opened up for you to. And, you know, when you two fills a stadium, Jonathan, they filled it up with like, like, 95,000 heads, 100,000 heads or whatever, right? So you can imagine by the time we open up for them already there's, like, maybe 60 5, 70,000 heads already inside the arena. You know, Public Enemy was real hot that year, man. We were on fire, bro. Everybody wanted to see our show, but we were in protest because Arizona wasn't honoring Dr Martin Luther King's birthday. So we got out there on the stage and we did our song By the time I get to Arizona. Sona Sona crowd went crazy When we did that song, we did that one song got on one knee, put our hands up in the air, fits up in the air. And we got up and we left the stage. The whole crowd was an outrage. There was an outrage. You know that that year a lot of people got together. And the following year, Dr Martin Luther King's birthday was born in the state of Arizona. So public enemy sparked that. Wow. I had no idea you were doing that. Yeah, we did. We I'm part of that part of that shit, too. That's great. A lot of people don't know that we that we have that up under our belt. You know what I'm saying? But, uh, and I kind of I kind of use it as a bragging, right? I ain't gonna lie. I'm proud of having some bragging rights. You know what I'm saying? You know, at least I like General Muk. Brag. Brag where where I said I was when I really wasn't there and shit, you know, but but I mean, I mean being part of a national holiday or being part of putting a national holiday on the map, I don't know no other musical group in history. That's going to do what public and