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Snippet of Open Run: DJ Yella of NWA

From Audio: DJ Yella of NWA
Last Played: August 03, 2021
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DJ Yella talks about his early experiences with NWA and what it was like being the first rap group of their kind.
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one of my first NW experiences as a kid, like realizing how much it was like shaking up Uh uh, kind of our parents and and the corporate culture and white culture was when I was there was one white family in my neighborhood in Ah, Humboldt Park in North Lawndale, Chicago. And I was over there playing with the kid my age and the father There was an N W. A record came on somebody who drove by in their car. Or maybe there was an ad on the on the radio or the TV something, and, uh, the white dad got really, like, ruffled up. He was like, You know, you know that what it stands for, right? It stands for no whites allowed. And that was the I know you must have heard this that, like it became kind of like a urban myth that that's what it stands for. I think they even took. They took a shot at that in the movie I saw in one of the pro mo's. Can you talk about that? Is that something that you guys like we're surprised to hear for the first time? Was it did you? There's something you get. You got a lot of Did you have anything to do with it? Like what did that. When did that come across your table? Matter of fact, when we first started and they used to ask what it means, we just would not tell them. In the beginning, it was just like you don't want to know. They say, don't tell us. Tell us, youngster. You know all that crap I'm like, Nah, you don't want to know what that means. It was kind of embarrassing at first. I remember it was embarrassing to say it weird. Now, you know, everybody says is like nothing. There's no big thing now. Well, you were. You were It was kind of embarrassing to say because because because of saying ***, yeah, And so because it was just it was just bringing this up to me earlier. We're gonna ask you like it felt It felt like in our memory as eighties babies that you guys were the first or among the first to use *** in a title song titled album title. Certainly a group title. Um, in probably music history. You think that's true? You know, some no because Richard Pryor had a one in the seventies but make album. But he says that nigger's crazy, but that's a comedy. What about a music, though? Yeah, music wise. We've got to be the only ones we have to be. Yeah. I saw an interview with you recently where you're talking about how, like, there may be no other group that that broke up while being on top of the charts, right? Yeah, we broke up at number one. I'm curious, like, because of the music you were making, the stuff you were expressing and how renegade it was like, Did you know Did you have a sense it would connect the way it did or it would? It would blow up the way it did. No, we never We never even crossed our mind that we would go gold. That was even in our we couldn't even see gold. You know, we were just trying to sell a few records. That's all we was trying to do. We was making what we wanted to make, and if we can sell a few records, it would be great. But see if we'd had the notion or something like, Yeah, We're gonna go. Go. We're gonna do this. No, we wouldn't be talking today. Just like if the group have not broke up at number one. I mean, we broke up before they printed the first copy of that second album. Group was broke up. So if we wouldn't have if the group would not have broke up 26 years later, they would not have made a movie. It will not happen because, you know, most groups break up when they fall off. When they're at the bottom of the chart are even if they own the chart. Yeah. This is the die Young. Stay pretty like the James Dean. Yeah. Yeah, you're right. I don't know. I'm just curious What sort of reflection is happening now that you're on the cusp of the movie coming out, you know, Has it been a cool processes it strange? Are you, like, happy to look back at those days? Um, you know, some All this is going on about the movie. It haven't even hit me yet. I haven't even really thought about it. It's just like, OK, they're making a movie. Okay, Cool. E mean, but it's It's such a big thing. I mean, it's so much. I mean, you see, n w a everywhere everywhere. I'm just like I was telling somebody in the interview last week that the matter of fact we had did our first interview together, the whole group together last week for interview, and in that interview I said, We're gonna beam or bigger now than back then.
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