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Snippet of Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations: Lady Gaga: Heal Through Kindness

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In a conversation with Oprah, Lady Gaga reveals that she's moved past shock art because she doesn't think her mission is to "freak the hell out of people" anymore. Now she's focused on bringing people joy.
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what I could do. Two. I would always, instead of being shocking. I mean, I used to say shock art or performance art, but I would use the word bomb use, which is like, basically putting the audience in a state of confusion where they can't look away. Yes, because I think you did that with me. Looking at Yes, Yes. Yeah. I used to just go like, Well, what am I going to do next? What am I going to do next to get people's attention after the meet? After the meeting, after the meat. Did you feel that way? I don't. Where do I go from here? Well, the meat dress, quite frankly, I mean, I didn't think it was going to be a shocking to everyone as it was. I mean, that's but that's just me. You know, I have a sort of eccentric brain. So for me, I was like, Of course, this makes sense. You know? I'm showing up to make. I'm showing up to make a statement about Don't ask, don't tell. I went to the event with soldiers who were discharged from the army because they were out or they were found out And to me, if you're willing to give up your life for your country, does it matter what your sexual orientation is, what your gender identity is? For me, it was like flesh is flesh. So that was the intention of the meat dress. For me, that wasn't shocking. It was shocking to the world. And then I went, Oh, I guess I was shocking. But then, yes, I felt the pressure to keep up with that at some point because it was sort of like I started to look at myself to the mirror of the audience, you know? Yes, almost like a split off. And then that went away. And what happened was, I think I have to say it. It's quite recently, after doing a star is born and working with Bradley Cooper and my experience, even with, you know, winning an Oscar, it's like I just went to myself. You have a much greater mission on this Earth than to freak the hell out of people. You know. Your mission is to bring people joy. Your mission is to bring people kindness. Your mission is to give people a form of love through your art. That lifts them up. You know that moment not to make gala with Brandon Maxwell. That was meant to bring people joy. And it wasn't about Look at me and my the best dressed right. It was not about that at all. I mean, it was all about, you know.