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Snippet of Oprah's Supersoul Conversations: Lady Gaga: Heal Through Kindness, Part 2

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Lady Gaga's Best Interviews on Podcasts Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga, shares the story of her life in this series of snippets. Discover how Stephanie created Lady Gaga as an antidote to her insecurities and doubts, and how Gaga carried her on a meteoric rise to fame and superstardom. Learn about the traumatic encounter with a music producer that left Gaga in permanent chronic pain, which has transformed Gaga's mission in life from shocking the world to bringing joy to it. Vurbl Entertainment: Movies, TV & Events
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Lady Gaga tells Oprah about her psychotic break, and how her psychiatrist, medication, and all of her friends, saved her LIfe. Gaga reminds her listening that if they are struggling with mental health issues, they can make it through too. Oprah asks if her recovery from the experience was a moment of everyday grace for her and Gaga replies that it was and that she finds them often.
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a psychotic break. So I had a psychotic break at one point, and it's not funny because it's the worst thing. That's, well, not the worst thing that's ever happened to me, that one of the worst thing that's ever happened to me. But I was brought to the ER to urgent care, and they brought in who is now my psychiatrist. I don't want to expose him at this moment because I think his worst fear is fame. So I'm just going to I'm just going to bear him for the moment. But I remember they brought him into the room and I was screaming and I said, Can somebody bring me a real doctor? And, uh, I didn't I didn't understand what was going on because my whole body went numb. I fully dissociated. I was screaming, Um, and then he come to me down and gave me medication For when that happens. Mhm. That medication is called the Lanza Pain. I'm familiar with it. I have hundreds of girls, so there's nothing you can tell me. I have not been through experience. Several girls take a land mine. That's one of the drugs that I take. It's probably the most important. And it helped me that day And that man and all my friends, they saved my life. Wow, they really did. And all I can say is anyone that's struggling was this. You can do it. I promise you. You know, the worst of the worst can happen to you. I was going to ask you to describe a moment when you experience true grace. Did you feel that moment of getting back into your body of coming back into your mind of the psychotic break and then returning to yourself? Was that a moment of true grace? I have them often. They don't happen all the time. I don't I don't want to lie to you or to the world. I don't live in a state of total bliss all the time. It's just simply not me. I do struggle on a daily basis.