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Snippet of Peepshow Podcast: Episode 80 - Sex Work as a Couple with Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire

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King Noire shares how he initially kept his two worlds of hip-hop and sex work separate before meeting Jet Setting Jasmine and creating porn that made him feel represented and respected. The couple met when Jasmine was interviewing members of the sex work community and King Noire was the person that changed her perception of the field (and her life) forever.
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sexuality and knowing what? So coming from the hip hop world, that's not I mean, maybe recently, you know, because a couple of artists have come out or at least you know, said that they're, you know, allies and things like that. But, you know, when I was coming up in underground hip hop, you know, exploring your sexuality in any direction. Yeah, I was just always. It's like you have sex one way and it's a wrap away, You know what I'm saying? So it's very much like, um, coming from like I financed my first album, like the recording of my first album from Sex work. Wow, you know, And but at the like, you know, my first mixtape. I talk like I let people know, like these pictures of my dick all over the Internet, all this kind of shit, you know, because I didn't want nobody looking at me because most of my music is very, um it deals with, you know, politics and and and and hood politics, you know? So people finding out that I did porn in any way or it was in B. D. S m and all this other kind of stuff always lead to, like, really awkward, strange, weird conversations that you really don't want to have with people in general. But especially not people who are, like, extra posturing during that time. Yeah, I started working in my community doing some doing some work, you know, working with youth in my neighborhood that was coming out of, you know, like the youth house and different things like that. So I had to leave sex work for a while because, you know, those things don't matter. Yeah, well, they match, but it went in the sense of, like, you know, it's a society. Yeah. You know, um, when I came back, I was asked by a friend to dance at a party because they knew I did porn. They were like, we need a dancer for a party. And I was like, Sure, I would love to do it, but I need to do it in my own way. And I found that most like male strip shows and things like that. We're really just like men's fantasies of what they would want a woman to want If they came to see that instead of actually being what women actually want, So it's just sweaty balls off my neck. Not everybody wants to pick on their shoulder. You dance? Yeah, Like I want to see some dick tricks. I don't want it on my shoulder. Yeah, So I asked a lot of, uh, my friends at the time like, what would be sexy to you? What would you enjoy? And a lot of the women I know were like, Yo, you're really good with your hands. And I like the way like, I've always kind of done massages with body press. So I came up with a way to kind of like for private dances. It was like a private dance, massage, erotic, All these things mixed together. I love with a friend of mine. She she's a Ricky. She learned Ricky directly from a reiki master and and was teaching me about Ricky. So it was entertainment, but also about, uh, you know, exploration. And there was, you know, we did like, uh, sensory deprivation and impact play and made people into a Sunday, But all on the massage table, all dancing and all of that. So, like at that time, like I was doing private parties in New York when Jasmine interviewed me and it was starting to blow up like people were like, Yo, this rapper Hassan salami be like, you know, stripping and doing parties and these massages. And it was really like like there were people who would be like I was at your last show. And I also want to come see you strip. So like it was really like making AIDS in New York and New Jersey. And then I was like, I want to do more So when we met, it was kind of like it was perfect. Yeah, because it was like, I'm teaching this and I need, uh, a man who is willing to openly answer questions I got anyway, like, my music is an open book of my life. So I have nothing. So let's do it. And like we started traveling the country and then traveling the world with our fantasy flight parties and people started saying, When you're gonna make porn again, because when primarily most of the women at our events where black women between the ages of 25 45 who are like I do not see myself important for anyone who looks like me, or I don't feel respected when I watch it. Mm hmm. And we were like, Well, do it fine. Yeah. Make the porn you want to see in the world, right?