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Snippet of Pillow Fight: The First Black Bachelor

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Niles compares the first Black Bachelor, Matt James, to the first Black President, Barack Obama.
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saying It's like they picked. They picked a black guy to be the bachelor, but its like, I've been writing jokes like he is Parallel Obama. Yeah, if we're gonna do if we've only picked What? Because this is what season like 25 of the bachelor? Yeah, it's been white dudes this old It's literally the presidential thing. No white dudes this whole time, like All right, let's throw him a black one. All right, Good jaw line. He's got a white mom, and he speaks. Well, Obama, this is the same guy. E really did the same shit the Democratic Party did. And guess what my black ass is watching the show on. I've never watched it before, so they got They did it. They got it right? Yeah. I mean, and it was like they strategically set it up also, like they announced it during, like, the black lives matter, protests and everything because they you know, And it was a guy who had never been on the show before. It wasn't like I'm telling you, it's just like Obama. Obama was a senator. He hadn't been in a senator that long. Nobody knew who he waas and then they just pulled him out of nowhere. Just dude, they just pull this black dude out of nowhere. He always because I don't even watch the show. And I know they usually pick people from other seasons to come back and stuff like that. And they just Yeah, I just found this black dude out of nowhere. Yeah, his best friends. He's best friends with a white dude who was like, Beloved in the previous season. It's like there was a guy like on the same season with the slut shaming thing. There was a guy Mike who was black, who I loved, and he was like a fan favorite, and he made a talk for I want to say, Andi, he was, like, just so funny and sweet. And he was like a veteran, so, like that, That's like, You know, there's still a bit of that, like, you know, Americans, whatever. When in entertainment, whenever you put whenever they put black or brown people on a pedestal or something, there always has to be something white people can relate to. It's either he's a veteran or he's a Christian or he played football. It's always they always have to do a little something so white people could be like, Oh, he's kind of like us. Okay, But the thing is, they don't do that for white people. Whenever they see us, they don't put a white dude on marry like, Hey, he listens to Thio. What a white girl. Hey, she she got her hair braided like they don't do that shit for us. They just telling a Well, I mean