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Snippet of Plantrama: Box Store Plants, Bamboo and Saving a Money Tree

Last Played: February 01, 2021
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In this episode of Plantrama, Ellen and C.L. tackle myths about box stores selling plants that have been raised with neonicotinoids, discuss the amazing bamboo and answer a question about saving a houseplant.
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bamboo is becoming, Ah, very important agricultural crop, and that is because it could be used for so many things, right? You can make building materials out of it. Um it can provide livestock feed. You can make fiber for clothing. It's used in reinforcing concrete. You know, it's it's it could be used for so many things. And because it is fast growing and it doesn't need fertilizer, the ecological impact of raising bamboo is less than raising, Say, cotton or would see. I love how you said it's good for feeding cattle and you totally left out feeding people. Well, I was waiting for you. You were You were saving that for me, right? Thank you. That's very nice of you know, I have bamboo growing here on my property is Ellen knows. And for me, it's a Candice marriage be saved. Plant because I did not want my husband to planet. And he absolutely wanted to plan it because he loves it. And he wanted to be ableto harvest the canes to use in the garden. And needless to say, I lost. He planted it. And when Ellen came to visit her response Waas Well, do you ever eat it exactly. So tell us about that. It goes back to what you were saying about how quickly bamboo grows because you have to harvest the shoots when they are just coming up. And when the seasons about to start, you go out to your bamboo patch and look for little mounds in the earth before the chutes have even penetrated the ground. Because once you see those, those mounds, those little humps, you probably only have a day or two to do the harvesting. And, um, once they get to be more than six inches tall, they're gonna be too probably too tough. I'm so glad you told me that because I waited one year, I thought, Okay, I'm going to try eating these for bamboo shoots, and I went out and they were probably eight inches tall and by the way, they had sprung up overnight, right? They went from nothing to eight inches tall overnight, and I cut them and they were too tough. So I am thrilled to hear you say that What I should do is be looking for where they're going to make the appearance and then stick the knife down in and cut them then, right? Yes. Yep. And they're very easy to prepare. You really just boil them and we can. We can include a recipe on the show page if you want. Um, they are so delicious when they are fresh and boiled and just plain boiled. You don't have to do anything. They kind of have this nutty flavor and a silky half solid texture to them. And they are nothing like canned bamboo shoots. I always make them. And I think I'm gonna serve these for dinner or put them into a salad. And I have never once not just stood there in the kitchen and eating them all. That's so good they are. They never make it to the dinner table. We should say, These do need to be cooked. You don't eat thes rock. That is correct. Yes, that's correct. Yes, So don't taste them wrong. They always do need to be cooked. The other good thing about eating them that way is that bamboo sends out one set of new growth shoots a year in the spring. And so, if you are trying to control it and keep it from taking over in your yard. That's good information, because if you go out and assiduously cut them either right before they break ground or as they're breaking, you know whether you're eating them or not getting them at that point and doing all the shoots in that you concede e coming up and they'll come up on the other side of the driveway as well. You know, um so but all you have to do is do that in the spring when their first coming up and they won't put out mawr shoots later in the summer. That's right. So even if you don't want to eat your own bamboo, or if you've missed that small window of opportunity, you can still go and cut those shoots off when they are, you know, Ah, foot tall. You wouldn't want to eat them then, but that will keep the plant inbounds. For those people who are thinking, well, can I grow this in a container? The answer is maybe. And here's the thing. First of all, when you have a big container, whatever plant you put in there needs to be hardy two zones colder from where you are. In order for that plan to make it through the winter if you're leaving it outside. So if you you know our living in ah Zone six, you want that bamboo to be hardy in zone five or four in order to make it in a big container. So that's one thing to know. The other thing to know is that it's got to be a strong container. Yeah, because this plan is going to try and break out, and it may be successful, you know, you have to keep your eyes on it. You want a container that's gonna be 24 to 30 inches deep, and you're going to keep an eye on it because those roots are perfectly capable of breaking through a container.
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