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A celebration of the Kento region with a special research story-line leading to a Shiny Mew encounter. An add-on similar to Destiny’s Masterwork feature. Ten challenges will be offered and there’s also an opportunity to encounter a Shiny Ditto. Explore the location and evolve Pokemon during the Kento Tour.
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we got news about the Pokemon go tour from the Kanto Pokemon Go tour. Um, it's interesting, Um, because, you know, a lot of you know, if you a lot of you guys who have been listening to Pokemon go FM this show for, you know, 34 years Now, you guys know that I'm a humongous destiny fan, and it's almost like, you know, someone over there in Niantic has been, uh, you know, playing a little bit of playing a little bit of destiny because, you know, it was it was a lot, a lot, you know, at the beginning of the game, right? When this game first came out, I used to make a lot of references to destiny, and, um, it was, you know, I kind of just kind of talked. I kind of chalked it up to the, you know, I just kind of talked it up to RPGs, doing RPG type things. And, you know, destiny was a Trailblazer in the way that it was, you know, in in in its own lane. And then Pokemon go was a Trailblazer in its online. They're both were very. They both have very, very like you know similar RPG elements. And, you know, it was it was just interesting to see how many similarities the games have, even though they really didn't have anything. Fundamentally, um, like, at their core, Didn't have anything in common. Um, So now, with this, uh, first of all, the Pokemon go toward the cancel tour is, um it's a celebration of the Kanto region, which will, um, which started a few days ago. And then we'll end, uh, february 20th, uh, 2021 at 7 p.m. Whatever your local time is that you have to purchase a ticket in order to be a part of it. Now, this is the first ticket event that, um, in my if I'm not mistaken that we've had in a while and what you're doing kinda is, uh, with professor, you know, you would Professor Willow doing, um, special research and stuff like that. And, um, after you complete the special research, you will unlock access to an all new masterwork research, where you'll encounter a shiny mew. Now, where the destiny reference comes in at is the master work. Okay, Now, in destiny, Master working is a mechanic where you have a a weapon or a piece of equipment that you already have owned for quite some time or whatever. And you take it and you tweak it and turn it kind of turn it up and make it, you know, you know, change it, you make it better. Um, and I guess that's kind of what they were going for here. But obviously, you know, you don't have equipment per se in Pokemon. Go. So what they did was make the special research master worked, so they they masterwork the research. And now we're getting a shiny mew. We have the opportunity to to to, uh, encounter shining you. And that's really really, really cool. Because, you know, also shiny. Dido is shiny. Dido is also one, um, that you'll be able to encounter. And I don't even think, you know, I don't think we've been able to encounter um, you period for a long time. I can't I can't think of man. I can't think of the last time people were able to even capture Mu. I want to say I caught my first mu, um, in 2018, and I mean, I can't remember. Have we been. Have we had any opportunity to play with them? You catch up. Ever since then, I think it might be There might have been one more opportunity after that. Doing something I can't remember exactly what, But I could be wrong, but shining you super duper awesome. Um, I like the way that they kind of, you know, they kind of snuck that in there. The masterwork thing. I think that was very, very clever. I just I feel like, uh I feel like it's it's, uh, you know, it's kind of too much of a coincidence for not to be destiny. Uh, you know, related because it's just so destiny adjacent. Um, but, yeah, I think it's cool. So 10 challenges will be offered on the day five centered on the locations, um, and five more based on using instance and trades to acquire version specific Pokemon, um, rating. Completing research tasks and evolving. Now, all of those challenges and associated rewards will be, uh, complete double for just over a week after the event. Until eight o'clock, um, 8 p.m. Local time on the 28th of February. So you got a little time? Um, because it ends on the 20th. So you've got about eight days after it ends in order to complete, uh, some of those challenges and get those rewards. Now, on top of that, there will be a special research storyline that, um, how you get the shiny. That's how you get the shiny Dido and then the subsequent master research The masterwork research storyline Will, is what will finally get you that shining you. So I think that it's, uh, you know, it's it's cool, man. I'm ready to see it. Uh, you know, with the masterwork research, it will require players to be at least a level 40. Um and, uh, you know, I know it sucks to some of you guys that, you know, that are purchased tickets to the event and haven't been able to, uh, and haven't been able to catch a, uh I mean, you have you probably won't be able to get to 11. 40 so you can get the shining you. But I mean, you know, there's other stuff that you can get, and I'm sure that there will be, you know, any any any time you can, You know, you you probably have another chance to give you one thing. I One thing I always respect that I'll always respect about Pokemon go is that you know, patients is really, really a virtue. Especially when in this game in that as long as your patient, as long as you keep playing and grinding and doing your stuff, you'll get a chance to catch, um, something that you probably didn't, um, at one point. And even if you don't, you know what I'm saying. A lot of people, a lot of our a lot of, you know, our communities we had were part of, you know, where a lot of the people that play the game are part of communities. Rather, let's put it like that and you know, you you probably you probably have something. You have something that somebody else covets. You know what I mean? And you never know what they'd be willing to trade for, you know? I mean, somebody made and not have had a requester or an opportunity to get one, but they got this shining you and your level 39. But they got the, you know, shining you, and they level 46. So, you know, uh, you trade them, you requested. And boom. Now you're both happy. So you know this just things like that. Um, one thing I've always respected about Pokemon Go and and it's It's pretty. It's pretty. I like how it translates over into other things.