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Snippet of Pokemon Variety Hour: Pokemon Clover, The 4chan ROM hac

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The level difficulty is frustrating and the Fakemon typing isn’t obvious like real pokemon. There isn’t much of a storyline as it’s more figuring out where to go. ROM hacs are widespread and this famous ROM hac made its rounds.
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basically like a review episode Retrospective episode of Pokemon Clover. So? So to give a bit of the background on Pokemon clover, It's like, give a little bit of a background first. So Pokemon Clover is I don't have any articles up or anything, so I don't have any, Like, deep. We're just, uh no fuck Fuck articles. Yeah, fuck articles. So yeah. So Pokemon Clover is basically like so Pokemon roam hacks are very widespread. People make cocoa in Rome Hacks all the fucking time. And I guess a group of people on fucking four Chan decided they wanted to throw their hat into the ring and make a four chan centered Pokemon Rahm hack. And that's why I put Pokemon clover exists. Folks, this is the four Chan Pokemon hack. So if you if you know anything about Ford Shan, you know, this ain't your fucking grandpas Pokemon. Yeah, it's It's definitely not one of the what were the starters there was. There's a terrorist. There's a sperm and there's a this grass hole. Uh huh. I'm trying to remember I don't remember the names of any of them. Besides Grass Hole. There's, uh, there's Arab bomb. I think is the name of the Fire one. And then what the fuck was the water One? Wasn't it? Fucking image a chasm or something? Something to that effect. I'm trying to pull it up, but it won't let me, but yeah, so this is a very This is a very famous rum hack. It's made its rounds and being polo decided to play it one day in, like, late 2018 to early 2019. And it was a long a long, perilous journey. But we made it through. So, uh, Polo, I guess to start off with a question that we can have a discussion about is do you have any particular memories of, like, cool shit we did or hype moments from our clover play through? Um, honestly, I think one of the most frustrating things about Pokemon clover is the the levels, not level scaling, but the difficulty of it, uh, the difficulty for me, the wealthy, a k a. Why did my Pokemon die when I refused to switch them out at any given moment? Yeah, well, we were kind of a dumb basketball playing, but anyway, don't put me we into this. I fucking told you we were trying to ask what we were playing through this. But anyway, the biggest thing about Rahm hacks and Ram hacks using fake Mon are the figment aren't always an obvious typing like it is in Pokemon. So without doing research and doing a blind play through like I did, there's going to be a lot of backtracking, dying and not really remembering all the fucking types of all these Pokemon. And I'm gonna try and refrain from constantly referring back to my YouTube videos because I don't want this to be I don't want this episode to be Go watch color colored shoes are this episode is about our let's play of that game that is on your YouTube channel. So it makes sense. Yeah, I I just I don't want it to be constantly like, Oh, well, in this episode and in this episode in this episode it's more of a general discussion, but like I don't want to constantly refer back. But, um, obviously, like, the biggest thing is not remembering the Pokemons types, and when you do a blind play through, there's gonna be a lot of backtracking and not knowing what you're doing? Because how many times we go on the ruse cruise? Oh, my God. The fucking roof screws. So, like what I remember from this goddamn Bruce Cruz. So the risk Cruz is basically the problem of the s s n. However, you constantly go back to this goddamn boat the first time you're on it, it's exactly it's basically the SSN. I don't remember the second time we went on it, but what I do remember is the third time, and Jesus Christ, the fucking Reus Kroos. I remember just the utter at just me laughing hysterically when I realized we had to go to the Bruise cruise for a third fucking time. The third time is such a bitch to deal with because it's literally it's just puzzles. And that's the biggest thing that always gets me is puzzles because cohorts you not very big brain called you very small brain when it comes to a small brain hole too small brain when it comes to figuring out puzzles. And usually I'm pretty good with puzzles and like if you watch the episode, uh, I eventually figured out I use safe states. I do. I'm an asshole. How you do use safe states. And, like, I guarantee you From what I remember, because this was a while ago, Riley gets very, very upset with me using safe because you fucking cheat cheating. Not when it's so fucking frustrating where you literally have to figure out a massive puzzle of just like, Did I get mad at you for using safe states during the puzzle? Yes, you did. Okay, looking back on that, I would probably use safe states in the puzzle. But I would get mad at you when you use safe states for like, hard battles would be like It's for the hard battles. I'm pretty. I never used these things. I would leave before the battle. I guarantee you like when you go rewatch these when you go binge watch the Clover series. If I do, I literally just if you're streaming on twitch, I'll donate you a dollar. Yeah, I want 100 100% give you a $1 donation on twitch. If I You If you can prove that I use a safe state in the middle of a battle, if I might be remembering wrong. So I minus minus the last two episodes. Okay, Yeah, That's probably what I'm thinking of then is me getting mad because you were safe stating an important battles at the end of the fucking game. But anyway, so I do remember it was a lot. It was very all over the place. The story isn't I don't think I paid attention too much. There wasn't really much storyline to to it. It was very red and blue esque in the way where the storyline was kind of just like, you know, something to hold the gameplay together. Like it was just, like, even shit is happening. You stop it. Yeah, the game was more, more so just try and figure out where to go. More so than Hey, this There wasn't really much of a main storyline. It was bad people fucking shit up some in some town. And then that was it. There was no like, overall thing now because of the way I did play this game. I did play using an emulator, obviously, but I doubt there's many people who have played Pokemon clover on an actual game boy advance. There's a way, though. Oh, you can Yeah, there's there's like, uh whatever the fuck the cartridges are called. I'm trying to remember I don't remember our four cartridges, I think, or what they're called, where you can just roll Brahms into them. And then a lot of people. It's the entire time because the saving mechanic was fucked up at the beginning and I never bothered to fix it. And because of that, we couldn't do the post game. Because of that, we couldn't do the post game and part of me. I feel like eventually eventually. Maybe this is a big maybe, because I you can tell once you get to the later episodes of Clover. I just I'm getting bored of this at this point, getting bored of it. There was a point where you just quit and then your friend was like winds clover coming back and you were like, Fuck yeah, because I couldn't figure out what the fuck to do. There's literally a bunch of it, I guarantee you. There's four episodes called I don't know what I'm doing, or I still don't know where to go because they were just filler episodes, because at the time I didn't know how to YouTube. But now I know how to YouTube, and I mean my videos, but Okay, so, Coehlo, uh so to go to the question that I asked you that you went into a completely different direction was like hype, memories from our play through and the one we have to point. I have to point to that. You just reminded me of talking about like you didn't know what to do and didn't know where to go is, um, when we got stuck at the end of the game because you didn't have money and the elite four was fucking our shit up. And then I had the fucking epiphany about payday, and it saved the run It 100% save the entire game. So the whole story about that is I am bad at Pokemon. I'm actually really good at Main main series, Pokemon. But if you're bad at Pokemon when you don't know what the Pokemon are Yeah, If you throw me into a Ram hack which Pokemon I've never seen before And there type things aren't super obvious all the time you're gonna have You're gonna lose some battles here and there. Well, if you go watch the play through, I look a lot. I lose a lot like I lose at least three or four times every single episode if I'm not running around doing stupid shit, so I mean, that was also