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Snippet of Pop Culture Happy Hour: Oscar Nominations 2021

Last Played: March 25, 2021
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NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour gives us a quick rundown of Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Supporting Actor/Actress, Best Documentary Feature/Short, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Screenplay, and International Feature Film.
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and and Carey Mulligan in promising Young Woman. I don't know if I have a favorite among those I did love Nomad Land and I like you. I like promising a woman. I like that Carey Mulligan performance. Yeah, I mean, I think it's interesting that we now have two women who have been nominated for playing Billie Holiday. Um, Diana Ross, being the first for lady, sings the blues some almost 40 plus years ago. So it's interesting to see that, but I agree with you that it's kind of hard to parse for me at least, who I would want to win. I think Carrie Mulligan is really doing a lot with the difficult performance, and so I really kind of hope she at just the others out. But I also think all these performances were strong, although I will say, like I had forgotten about pieces of a woman for various reasons. Well, and I do think Vanessa Kirby, that's a film that begins with a woman in labor and then kind of goes on from there. I will say that is one that she, I think, was the best thing about it. Um, I think her performance is the best thing about it, and the way that character is written is the best thing about it. So, uh, that does happen sometimes when we move on to supporting actors, as we mentioned Sasha Baron Cohen in the trial of Chicago seven. Daniel Hallelujah and Keith Stanfield for Judith and the Black Messiah, a film that apparently has no lead actor only to supporting actors Leslie Odom Jr in One Night in Miami and Paul Rossi in The Sound of Metal, a nomination I was very happy to see These are all performances. I think we're good, except I didn't care much about the Sasha Baron Cohen in Chicago seven. But you know that the other ones in here are all interesting. It's interesting that four out of five of these nominees are historical again Low Bar. But I do kind of find it kind of frustrating to see Kalia and Lucky Stanfield both in this category. I feel like Rikki Stanfield was very clearly the lead, especially since the Fred Hampton character, whom Daniel Talia plays kind of disappears for parts of the movie for for long stretches of time. So I'm disappointed that that is how it shook out and that one of those spots couldn't have gone instead to Delroy Lindo for five Bloods, which was basically, I think the only nomination that would be received was for its score for Terence Blanchard. So yeah, really disappointed about that? But overall, it'll be an interesting race, and I agree with you that Rossi inside the metal is just really fantastic. So it's great to see him there, too. Yeah, I always like to see the films get nominated where you know, that if the film had not been really good, it would not have gotten a bunch of nominations as opposed to the ones where you say, like, they could have nominated this before it even came out, you know, like like manc and, like Chicago seven. You know, if Sound of Metal hadn't been good, it would not have picked up a bunch of nominations, right? It's sort of needed to be good to to break through, because it is a quieter story. But if people haven't checked that out, that movies on prime video actresses in supporting roles Maria Batalova in Bar at subsequent movie film plus Glenn Close and Hillbilly Elegy There's a little whiplash for you, Olivia Colman and the Father She's wonderful. And that Amanda Seyfried in Manc and uh oh Jang Eun in may not be several that I love in here. I love Olivia Colman and the Father. I'm not a Borat person. I love the Yang Eun performance in Minority. What do you think? Well, I think it's interesting to see if Sokolova in there. I feel like she is the Melissa McCarthy in bridesmaids nomination of the year. For sure, we rarely see any actor, whether male or female, but we rarely see especially like women being nominated for a very Not that it's a light role because it is a kind of hefty character, but it's clearly on the Moors any side than it is broadly comedic. Yeah, yeah, as opposed to Glenn Close hillbilly Elegy, which is, like unintentionally comedic. So yeah, it's it's interesting to note that the only two nominations that hillbilly elegy got where this Glenn Close performance and makeup, which is sort of, I mean, if you've seen her in that she is heavily disguised from her normal self. But boy, several good, I think performances in that category as well. We are always interested in the screenplay categories because a lot of times you get your little interesting movies popping out in there. But this year, uh, most of them are ones that got a bunch of other nominations, particularly an original screenplay where you have Jews in the Black Messiah. Me Now the promising young woman sound of metal in the Trial of Chicago. Seven Over In adapted. You do have a couple of interesting ones, you know. The Borat script is in there. The father is in their nomad land is in there. They did get a nomination for one night in Miami for the Camp Powers screenplay. He's also the playwright. Yes, yes, of the original play, Yes, and then The White Tiger. So there are some interesting ones and adapted but interesting to note Bank. Despite getting 10 nominations, they did not nominate the screenplay. What, I wonder, shall we take away from that? Also a movie that is literally about writing a screenplay. It's true, it's true. So over an animated feature, we have the two somewhat expected Pixar Disney kind of one's onward and soul, plus over the moon Shaun, the sheep movie Pharma Get hidden. That's a nice long title and my personal sentimental favorite in this category. Wolf walkers, which is a boy. That's a beauty. Yeah, Wolf Workers was a surprise for me. I went into it knowing literally nothing about it. So once I checked it out, it was just a lovely, thoughtful movie. The animation is really brilliant, and people can watch it on Apple. Plus, it's right there, so I highly recommend they check it out. Uh, documentary feature Collective, which I've talked about before I really love, which is a very tough documentary about a nightclub fire crypt camp, the mole agent, my octopus teacher and time. I will be checking out more of these as we approach the Oscars, because I'm still short of a couple of documentary features. Yeah, Time is, was one of my favorites of any movie last year, and it's a really beautiful story about restorative justice and the prison industrial complex, but in a very interesting way, just cinematically so. I encourage everyone to check it out for sure, and then we have international feature film of the year, another round from Denmark, Better days from Hong Kong Collective again from Romania. The man who sold his skin from Tunisia and Quo Vadis Aida from Bosnia and Herzegovina. You know, again, as with documentaries, I still to catch up with a couple of those. Yeah, I need to catch up with with all of them, but I'm excited to And, uh, yeah, I'm still catching up with those, but, um, we will have actually full episodes about international feature and animated feature and documentary feature, so you can keep an eye out for those. These are again more accessible than usual. They are more available than usual. Will keep you up to date on. Sort of finding and tracking those down. And we do want to know what you think about this year's nominations. Find us.
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