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Snippet of Pop This: Betty White

Last Played: January 03, 2022
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Join hosts Andrea and Lisa in episode 77 of Pop This! The two discuss some of the early struggles Betty White had to face as a woman.
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reduced, I will say one of my favorite favorite things ever about Betty White. And this might be Maybe this is one of the first things I ever saw her in her and Carol Burnett as cheerleaders doing, um, a comedy routine for a like a sketch for The Carol Burnett Show. And it is so great. Oh, my God, I'll sell YouTube. Yeah, yeah, I'll give you a YouTube video. It's one of the great. It's like a It's a musical moment. It's a real highlight. Was a Carol Burnett show for me. Um, and Betty White is just like that. Sort of that. That sense of mischief that she brought to all of her characters, um, it's like That's just her. It is just her. And just so you know how she thinks of herself to the last most recent interview I could find with her, Um, is, uh, they were doing a history of comedy on CNN and she was going to be featured in it. And the headline is Betty White. I am the luckiest old broad on 2 ft, but she you know, and I think that it's just that you know, when you put her on the show like that. It's so important because it's an opportunity to see all of the different things she had to burst through. That women. It wasn't considered feminine to be funny. No. Yeah, no. And and And it certainly wasn't, like, one of the most fascinating things that I read in Our little research here is, um, that she So it wasn't considered feminine to be funny and also wasn't like she loved work. And, I mean, she always worked. And so I I found this article on mental floss. We'll link to it in the show. Notes, um, she she left her first two husbands, both of them because they wanted her to stay home and be a wife. And she was like, No, I want to work. I want to. I'm an actress. I want to be in Hollywood. And so she left her her first husband in 1945. After like, a few months that we're talking about someone who left her first husband in 1940 1940 5, 1945. She left him. Um, they married and divorced the same year. 1947. She married her second husband and he became her ex husband in 1949. Basically, she was on her way to be Liz Taylor. Yeah, she was just like she was, like, so done. But then she decided she she didn't marry again until 1960 three to the man of her dreams, Allen Ludden and Allen Ludden. She didn't say yes to him at first, either he had to wear an engagement ring that he bought her around his neck until she said yes, because she was just like, no, like, she wanted to work. She wanted to. And I mean, they met at work like they met on password. The game show like this is a woman who has been like breaking ground and being defiantly herself and focused on what she wants, like her whole life and not at the exclusion of others. Because she's also been a very caring and cool individual. Um, and the humanitarian and like, you know, animal lover, etcetera. But she knew she wanted to work. Yeah, and and she knew that she wanted to be funny more than And no matter how that looked, you know, and whatever movie she was offered, whatever kind of part I mean, I think, uh, you know, it's not always just about being the charming, outspoken grandmother and the proposal, which was good. She's great. I know she's, um, but and I think my, uh, you know, you said your favorite thing was with Carol Burnett playing the cheerleader. I think my most favorite thing is when she got asked to host Saturday Night Live. Oh, yeah, because that's pretty recent. That is pretty recent. And I think that was through a petition. Yes, it was a positions, A petition, as I think we called it before we said crowds. I think she became the oldest woman ever, and it was a great episode, and I don't And I think the most important thing to remember about Betty White is that no one panders. It's not a pandering affection everyone has for her. It's 100% respect. I was field and it was like a really earned affection to yes, and whatever you put her in, even when she was doing the parts which they like to do, which is like put her around sexy men and of course, young men and things like that, and you're coming out um, she doesn't lose her dignity. No. And you know that that's that's something that can happen because Hollywood likes to treat older women in a really grim way. By older, I mean 38. Never mind. 95. Yeah. No, no, I agree. I a
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