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Snippet of Pre-Reviewed, 006: Wonderwoman 1984

From Audio: 006: Wonderwoman 1984
Last Played: December 23, 2020
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In this snippet of Pre-Reviewed, hosts Sully, Augie, and Ken discuss whether this movie is a ripoff of Thor: Ragnarok and how the hell Chris Pine survived the first Wonder Woman.
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Thank God you see one of the movies. So we're talking about. Yeah. I feel like it was pretty obvious it wasn't a bad man. Trail off into the darkness. This was that. You see the plane explode, they explode. The implications that he dies. Yeah. Yeah. So, like, how How does he come back? He comes from another E. I mean, how does he get to 19? 80? He's a human. There's gotta be some sort of time travel Lee crap. Yeah. He dies in World War One time era and comes back somehow the same age in 1984. Yeah, obviously a reason the obvious. Obviously. Explain it. Just weird. I got questions. Yeah, I got questions. Yeah, I didn't I didn't I didn't love the scene When she's using her whip toe ride the lightning. That's really fast. Yeah, that's the one. That's one. The one part of the trailer I didn't love. We could go in August Point is that Well, I was going to say, Is that the hint that Augie needs to say this is Thor Ragnarok? But wonder what this is Thor Ragnarok. It's D C. D C s. Yeah, it is without a doubt, there's no this is 100% what they're doing. They're just trying toe like like, cool and fun. Yeah, they saw how well Thor Ragnarok played out and they were like, Well, the she was amazing Eighties themed Wonderful. I mean, I appreciate the eighties theme because I want more eighties seems films e love the ridiculous and awesome Yeah, I'm all I'm all on board Don't get me wrong But I love Chris Pine in the fanny pack. Yeah, big fan of that big fan of the fanny pack on Christmas. That's great. I love I like the little bits of humor pebbled in. I think that's gonna be great. It's gonna be a good humor. I don't think the plots gonna matter whatsoever. No, I told you, I think it's going to be a little eighties Touchstones. They're probably gonna stick out from the back somewhere like eyes gonna be like little eighties things that pop up through the movie. And then people are just gonna be like, Oh, this is great. There's gonna be zero interesting plot. It's something happened for wrecking rock. There was a there was a decent Thor Ragnarok. It was building into guardians of the galaxy. I'm not saying it was a bad plan. I'm just saying, Like when I saw the movie, I was just Mawr hyped about the eighties theme overtone. Like I was paying attention to the plot. But I was more like, This is awesome from, like an eighties state that wasn't overtly eighties like this is overtly eighties like this is, like legitimately 1980 whatever for For literally called W W 84 But yeah, sure. I've based out a little bit, Okay? I was so caught up in the eighties. What? What is about eighties nostalgia? You go to nineties nostalgia, so that's pretty cool. Seventies salad. Yogurt is pretty cool. Eighties nostalgia. Fuck, yeah, I'm so okay. God, it's the fat rails. It's the style And the cocaine convention. If we're in New York in the eighties, how fun that would be just It'll be selling bullshit fun for us. Fund people who looked like us. You weren't getting mugged. Beaten? Yeah, it's probably pretty great. What do you What do you think about the Wonder Woman trailer? I think it looks so sick. I will say that My point is Is this the right character to make an eighties movie for? Because Wonder Woman one was awesome as a serious movie, and it was a great movie. I appreciate the expansion, but maybe the flashes a better 19 eighties character or something like that. I don't think the flash can hold his own. I don't want a regular movie. I don't entirely disagree. It's like Green Lantern. I know that Wonder Woman has a pretty big, like comic book. Um, serious. That takes place in the eighties. Oh, shit. Okay, I think one woman 84 is like a actual thing. Like a graphic novel, Siri's or something? I thought so. Maybe I'm wrong, But I thought so, Which is why they're doing the eighties version. I am so stoked on this movie. Gal Gadot's is a living goddess. She is. She is absolutely stunning. I honestly cannot wait. Just watch her beat the shit out of people. Yeah, I mean, the special effects and Wonder Woman one were incredible. It was a great movie. You cannot wait to see what they do like there's like I love the scenes were like, She's like punching the bullets and like it zoomed in on the bullet and you see her like hitting it out of the way like that's just that just about us.
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