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Snippet of PUCL, A Pokémon Podcast: Trivia

Last Played: November 28, 2021
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The co-hosts work as a team to answer questions submitted by fans on Discord. Which fairy-tyes fly without being flying-type? Who’s that Pokeman? A classic segment from the beloved Pokemon Podcast.
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Mhm. Our fabulous co host will work as a team to answer five Pokemon themed trivia questions that fans have submitted on the discord server. Each question is worth one point, with polka dots and multiple answer questions worth more. For a total of seven points, the host can use a free hint at any time. If they get all the answers correct and do not use the hint, they can cash it in for an eighth point, thanks to Mark from the downstairs gang for giving us that intro. So if you guys are ready, we've got the questions. So our first question this week is going to be from Shark Finnegan. He asks. What is the only fairy type Pokemon that can learn fly without being part flying type? Not doing so good, I can tell you that right away. Well, that's part flying type, so it's fine. Uh huh. Mm Okay, without being part flying type, it can learn fly. It's a fair type. Topple cocoa. I want to say, You know what? Maybe it learns a lot of blind type stuff because it's a bird because it gets brave bird, so I wouldn't be surprised had fly, and no one knows Because like you would never hear his fly. Yeah, if you were running Z crystal you were using Brave Bird. Uh, although maybe some people would use it. Now, what else could it be? I don't know. This pretty etc. And, Roma, tis kind of looked like birds now, but I don't see that happening. Mm. Would it be a regional form is the only one? Rapid ash. And that's not Yeah, They didn't give it the wings that we all wanted it to have. So disappointed, by the way. Very disappointing. It's okay. We'll get Mega rapid action Mega gallery in Rapid Ashton. That won't happen. Stop it. So, like, I don't think it's gonna be like Rob Zombie, right? Mm. That's actually a fair point. I'm gonna need an answer. Oh, gosh. I was sure it was tough, Cookie, but re bump is an excellent answer. And actually, it's not. It can't fly. It's so small. It's like the size of your finger. PG gets fly. Yeah, but pitches gen one fair right on. Uses surf in that game. I don't know. Do you want to say top of coke or a bomb be. I'm fine. What's saying, Coco? I have. Okay, let's go with top of cocoa to pu. Cocoa is correct. He's a chicken. So it makes sense. Yeah, he is bird without. He is bird. He is buried without being bird. He's one for one. No, it's like being a bull. That's fine. And being a zero, the Chinese New Year stuff. Yeah, all right. This one is from glass core gamer. Which type did not have a mega evolution introduced in alpha sapphire in Omega Ruby. So not electric. Not dragon grass or water, Not fighting or psychic. You know, Omega ruby and alpha sapphire, by the way, not the x and y. So you have to discount. So here's a question. Do you think it's no camera Camera was introduced? Yeah, gonna say? Do you think it's fire? Because blaze again was in the one before? Mm. But mega camera apps was Dragon has septal. Yeah, and depending on which way you go, it also has altered area. If you want the Pokemon that mega evolving doesn't have a dragon that mega evolves into a dragon. Yes, Elements number nine. It's fine. Which also blocks off flying. I excluded electric, but actually isn't electric? Electric was before metric Was X y and forest was X Y. What other mega There's ought to know. So yeah, another electric type Mega evolutions are there? What about Ghost Ghost? Because there's Benet, Bangor, Benet, Gencor. I can't remember. Like any. Like poison. There's be drill. Yeah. Mm. Dark. They're sharp. Edo. Yeah. So I think we probably got it down to electric or Yeah, ghost Stabilize. Stable. I got I got it. So it's probably electric. Yeah, because I can't think of any other electric type mega evolutions. So it's probably electric because I got them all done in X and Y. I think so. You want to go with that? Yeah. Okay. Electric is correct. Mega Metric and Mega Empress are the only ones. And they got those both the next and why one of those is good. Yeah. Yeah, actually, metric stuff. No, man. Patrick was good. It was good. And it was fashionable. Yeah, I hope they come back. I really want Magas back. Yeah, it's such a good mechanic. I love it. It's so much better than dynamics. Yes. All right. This question is going to be your poker decks questions as always, so you get one. If you can't get it, you get a second entry, and each time it reduces it by a point for possible total of two points. If you get it on the first try, so this one's gonna be from Zachary. It's Omega Ruby entry states. It's extremely cautious. It quickly bounds off whenever it senses danger. Who's that? Pokemon. Can you repeat it, please? That's a really bad one. Why do we let this one thru liquor? It's extremely literally be anything. It's extremely cautious. It quickly bounce off when it senses danger bounds off. That's a weird verb to use. It is, it makes sense. Uh, that's what that's what I'm focusing on bounding like something that bounces, maybe or look so bounding is like quickly walking away like bouncing right? Something like that. Yeah. Okay. Um, I'm leaning like maybe six ago. I think most of its spoken eccentric is a state that it's curious, and it always moves in this exact line. So it's not cautious. It's curious. It bounds away. Um, I don't think we're getting it on the first one. No, Uh, see that maybe see that actually like that. See that walks? I'm just going through the going through the hole in Or maybe No, no, no. It's a funny It has to be a funny woman. Uh, so maybe something like Bonnie re? Yeah. It has its alert to sound because it has those big years and it bounds away. Unless Merrill or or as a real materials pocket centuries very often talk about the nutrients in the tail. Okay, so, yeah, we can go binary. Yeah, I like Ranieri. Let's go with that. I'll give it to you for binary. Um, it's low pony, but it's close enough. So you guys got two points, I'll give it to you. Second entry that we had was its shield entry That says, Once hot seasons are over, the spokesman's will be replaced, but for that holds a lot of insulating air in preparation for colder weather. Yeah, that's even worse. No. Yep.
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