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Snippet of P.U.C.L. Plus -More of P.U.C.L. a Pokemon Podcast: Trivia

Last Played: March 09, 2021
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The co-hosts answer questions submitted by fans on Discord. Which generation was the first to disclude Professor Oak? What’s the city naming scheme of Unova? A classic segment from the beloved Pokemon Podcast.
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and welcome to pocos pokey Quiz the part of the show where we quiz your co host on their innate Pokemon knowledge. Of course, this means you have to use what's your noggins? No Internet guys. You have to use whatever you know and nothing else, So just I don't know what I don't know. You can try. Okay, I can try. I think all of these questions most of these questions were provided today by Mikey from Pokemon Crossroads. Uh, they all that I did have to change some of them because I didn't think a few of them were a little difficult. One of them was asking like, uh, one of them was pretty much a trick question, So I I just didn't include it, so I just didn't include it. I did not think it was fair. So, uh, we're gonna jump into it. So the first question if you guys are ready. So the way this works for those of you need to the show, they have five questions. They can earn points, they're playing against others. They're going to shoot for 30 points to win this round. Um, I believe snag is in the lead with 20 points right now. First to 30 wins, though. Snags not here. You guys can just, like, slam dunk this and it'll be fine. So So we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna jump right on in. So you guys also have one hit you could use. And if you don't use the hint, but get all of the questions correct, you can catch the hint in for an extra point. One of these questions also does have a second point involved. If you answer that part of the question. So, uh, if you guys are ready, I will ask you the first question already. I'm good, Randy. All right. Okay. So let me just, uh let me just pull up. Uh, so the first question, um, this one I wrote I think it's kind of a softball to get you into it. So what is the first generation of Pokemon games to not include Professor Oak? Okay, so he's definitely in Gentoo. Yeah, he is. Um is he in Ruby Sapphire? Okay, so hold on. I have I have I have a quick question because I think he's in Alpha Sapphire, so I don't know, does that would that would that count? Remakes are considered a part of the generation they are in so that they came out. And so they came out of Gen six. Yeah, Or as Gen six. He's okay. Okay, I'm going to say okay is probably definitely not in gen five just because of that soft reboot thing. Um, so we don't have to go past that. I know even Jen for so Okay, so then so I say I say we go for I say we say gen five because we're looking for what is not in right, Right? But he could not be in three like that's a possibility. I I can't remember if he was in three or not, because there's Birch and I'm playing through the game in my head. Well, he's Oh, no, you're right. Yeah, because right there are other games in gen three, right? There are other games in gen three. Oh, you said generation. Yeah. Then it's five. Oh, that's right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Is this your final answer? Five 55 Didn't have any. Well, it's five. Provides reboot was gen two. No, that was just for a bit. OK, OK, get one. They went straight from five and six. So it's got to be gen five, then. Yeah, Okay, that's your final answer For that is that is correct. So that gives you guys want to do it. And so that is actually gonna start the theme of today's questions. All of these have to do with Gen five, mostly because you because Mikey, Mikey wanted them to be gen five themes. So I kept his theme, um, along with some of his questions. So you have a point. You should feel happy. You've got one. All right. All right. Cool. Awesome. Okay, so, Jim, that I played exactly once. All right, let's do this. Okay, so So this next question has a bonus point associated with it. So I want to know about Gen five. What the naming scheme for all of the cities in you Nova were. And there's a bonus point involved. If you can name one of one city in you Nova that did not follow that naming scheme. Okay, it's clouds. I know that for a fact. It's clouds like nimbus is named after nimbus, Correct? Yeah. Other clouds are named at our other cities are named after other clouds. I want to. I want to savor. Bank is not named after a cloud that had Roxy, the poison rocker chick in it. I don't think there's a There's a verb e cloud over Bosa for base. Uh, I don't I don't know a whole lot about clouds, but I'm gonna go with your answer, because that sounds correct. Okay. Are these Are these your final answer? Uh, there are they yours. Go ahead and go ahead and send them both bow. I'm gonna I'm gonna slam the button on clouds in Burbank. Okay, So clouds is correct. I'm double checking Burbank. I don't believe this is true. Um, but actually, actually, you're technically correct. I think, uh, I think you're technically correct because it's based on the word Burbank. I'm not sure if that's a cloud. Uh, no, it's just based on Los Angeles. Okay, so you know what? I'll give it to you. They're probably referencing pollution, but as the club. But I'll give you I'll give you both points. Two points. The answers. I was really looking forward like Black City and White Forest, but that's fine. Dumb? That's fine. I'll accept it. Just because I can't find a cloud. I feel I feel I feel dumb for not getting that. I like just colors, like right. I would have never come up with that. I don't even think I got to that part in those games. Okay, so question number three this, uh So you guys are at three points, so that's that's that's suitable. That's like the average already an average. Right question three. So now, now, here comes the strikeout. So this question was provided by Mikey. Um, which generation five Pokemon received a signature move in generation seven. Uh, you all just just a reminder you have a hint, because at some point you will need this. I'm sure. So So what? What? First of all, what? Gen five Pokemon were even in the Lola decks. Okay, so the big ones let me let me think. Here, Um, let's let's look at okay. What were the what were the lowland Pokemon? Were there any little in Pokemon that were they were all gen one, right? Yeah, all of them were gen one. Because, like, things that came to mind were like, uh, super stoked star surfer or whatever, but that's where I choose Gen one and yeah. So all alone forms can't be. I'm trying to think of moves that even came out. This one is very difficult. Um okay, hold on, I think. Okay, So the one of the gen Fives that I can remember uh oh. Can can Can we ask? Like a like a qualifying question? Yeah, I'll allow it. Yes. Okay. So is it, uh, can is this Pokemon exclusive to either sun or moon? Um, I don't know. I don't Actually, I don't think so. I don't think I don't think it's catchable in Southern Man. Let me double check that. I know it's not. It's not catchable in Southern man. Okay, so it's not in the Zoladex. Okay, But so So wallaby. And, uh uh huh. Flit are totally out because those are the exclusives I was looking at. There were five. Um, do you want You want to take the hint, man, you're gonna need a quick up here, so it's a It's a fire type Pokemon. That's late. Game in black and white. Okay? It's a late game fire type. I'm running through, okay? And he learns a fire type moves. That's that's this new, but that's not gonna help you at all. So it could be Volk around now, but Val Corona already had you catch it on Victory Road. You catch it on Victory Road in black and white. Yeah, well, then it would be so heat more. Yeah, well, I can't think of any other fire types. Is that you know, we don't have to. You just You just have to be in the Pokemon, right? Yeah. I just have the name of the Pokemon. You don't even need them. Okay. Cool. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I want to say you're not gonna know this exists. You're right. Because because heat more, um, I think he's the only fire. Like the only straight fire type that you catch on Victory Road. Right? Well, I don't think there's any other fires. I mean, you can catch Dino, Dino, and you can catch Durant, but I think those are the only like it like this. Your final answer? Yes, because that's that's right. It's eat more. The answer is heat more. That's correct. It learns that fire lash in June 7. It's really weird. Um, it does. It's 80 based power 100% accuracy. And it's physical, I believe. Let me double check. Um, yeah, it's physical. And it is, uh it also lowers your opponent's defense. Why do we have on Earth? Would they give a new move to to just want to be on to something that you can't even catch right? Like what?
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