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Listen to this snippet of mindful questions to guide and ground you through COVID-19. The first few questions presented are:
1. What am I grateful for today?
2. Who am I checking in on/connecting with today?
3. What expectations of normal am letting go of today?

Check out the rest of the questions in the full episode!
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the month of March seems like a blur. And as we face this collective trauma of both the fax, we have about Cove in 19 and the uncertainty surrounding it, it's normal to feel a mix of emotions right now. You might be angry one minute and exhausted the next. It might be tempting to deny what's happening, or you might be compulsively checking the news. All of the psychological reactions were experiencing really can be viewed through this lens of collective trauma. And I'd also like to remind you that we have a beautiful invitation unfolding. There's an opportunity to rise up together and operate out of a place of trust and faith and community and hope. Enjoy. There's a great name about questions to ask yourself each day, floating around to the Internet right now. And when I saw it, I thought, Oh, this is perfect. This is great for me to share with you all here, and so I'm not sure who made the original post, but thank you for everyone who is spreading all this good stuff around. All these suggestions, All these resource is and really doing what that human instinct can guide us to do, which is Thio like operate from the strongest, healthiest, most capable part of who we are during a time like this. So in the spirit of that, get comfortable and just let me share a few daily questions to ask yourself. Like I said on this meme, I thought these questions were a very good idea. So as we get ready to run down this list of questions, I'm gonna send you a dose of compassion, and I'm going to stand myself some compassion because this is hard and we are all struggling. Some moments may be easier than others, and daily life goes on, but we're all facing significant challenges in the coming days. So please, as we kind of explore these daily questions to ask, go gently with yourself and with those around you. So while you are washing your hands, coughing into your elbow, avoiding your face, keeping safe distance from others and, best of all, staying home when you can think about these questions, the first one is what am I grateful for? Today, the brain responds favorably to gratitude. There is so much research on this, it is just Google gratitude, and you'll get the fax. So figure out a way to start doing it. Think about what Are you grateful for right now? What's the smallest thing you can stop and give thanks for? And can you help other people cultivate some gratitude telling you when you start to ask yourself these questions, the brain wakes up? This is really good, um, information to be considering. So what am I grateful for today? Second question. Who am I checking in on or connecting with today? Find someone to check on. If you don't have family or friends that you feel close to now is the perfect opportunity to reach out. Maybe there's a neighbor that you sometimes see but never speak. Thio. What about the staff of your local grocery store? Let them know you're thinking about them and figure out a way to reach out. And you know this'd is thes air. The things that people are doing right now that actually make a difference. So this is a way to act and behave in the face of whatever that stresses whatever that fear is to make this choice, who am I checking in on or connecting with today? I'm gonna ask that question and then think about you know, maybe you're the one that could use a hand. This is the flip side, right? Like so there's reaching out to help others. But maybe you need a hand. What do you need to loosen the grip around in order to ask for help? I really encourage you to dig deep and put your needs on the table. What comes around goes around, so just figure out like, how might you be able to connect with the community around you? And if there isn't one there, guess what? My friends now is the perfect time. People are looking for community, so let's do that. And then who? Let's see Number three. What expectations of normal Am I letting go up today who I am taking a deep breath over here and just sighing it out on the Exhale because this is a big one, and those of us working from home and and then trying to do some sort of home schooling, Ma have quickly discovered the need for a new playbook. What was normal last week is yesterday's news. So if you have had some expectation that is clearly outdated or not leading you to the results of communicating and living your life. Maybe it's time to really look at what those expectations are and what's the new normal. Someone has a few questions within this, right? Like so what are your expectations for yourself? Your partner, your kids, anyone that's in your life? Like, what is it that you're expecting of yourself and those in your life? And then what are you capable of? What air your limitations. Take a piece of paper and write out some thoughts around that so that you could be clear because this is boundaries. To write like that, you can't give away so much that you have nothing left and also figuring out, you know, maybe where could I be helpful? So what are you capable of and what are your limitations? OK, take a deep breath and sigh it out