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Questlove interviews grammy-winning and broadway legend Stephanie Mills. Questlove and Stephanie discuss what her life was like during the time of her number one hit "Never Felt a Love Like This Before" and who taught Michael Jackson his signature move, the Moonwalk. Stephanie shares tips on stardom and her journey in performing.
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break out with never love like this before. Um, it's how, like, can you describe the least the song, not the song writing process, but at least the choice of songs. Because that was a major, major pop song. I didn't realize that that song actually did better on the pop charts than it did on the R and B charts. So just at the time, and you want a Grammy for it? Yeah. What? How did how did it feel? A tely sta at that point in 81 like that being at that point the highest point of your career, What was that feeling like? It was amazing. But you know, what's so funny is that now being 63 looking back at that, I didn't have time to stop and smell the roses. You know what I'm saying? Everything was moving so fast, I didn't have time to really, like, enjoy it. Like I wasn't at the Grammys. I was working. Teddy picked up the Grammy for me when I won the American Music Awards. I was there, but everything was just happening so fast. You know, I didn't get a timeto like enjoy it and be in the moment. You skip the Grammys, E a t. That time, my family was controlling everything. So I guess they thought it was better for me to be on the road than E. Got one question. Wait, I got to get this out. Let me get this out, please. All right, so, Alright. 50 year old quest. Love is not asking this question. Nine year old Amir Thompson is asking this question. That kid, nine year old Amir Thompson. So nine year old Amir Thompson has an aunt who owns a beauty salon. And where any beauty salon in America, there is an over abundance of jet and Ebony magazine s. So that's basically where you get all your information about any black artists ever Occasional right on jet and ebony. Now, I'm nine years old. I don't know. And I tried looking it up here, and it's really not much on it. And you actually instagrammed a photo this week. As of this recording. Eso all I remember. Waas, did you have a shotgun wedding with Jeffrey Daniels? And why was it so controversial at the time again? I was nine years old, so I didn't get into. I just knew one day, uh, your commercial for one of your albums has you in a hot tub. I forget what the album was. Tantalizing, huh? E remember? Like, the talk of the beauty shop was Jeffrey Daniels got married, and that was, like, you know, on. And then I didn't hear anything else about it. And slight disclosure. I'm an Abbott Soul Train watcher. Yes. So I work for Soul Train. So I'm going through your episodes and one of your appearances. You're dancing with Cooley and, uh, Cooley from solid gold like Jefferies guys, the guys that talk Michael Jackson to the morning Casper and coolly. So I started putting 22 together, like Okay, that really did happen. So I was like, Wait, she got married. And then I looked in your i g. You acknowledge that? Because I guess his birthday was recently What was that period like? And why were my aunt's going out of their mind over that moment? I was nine years old at times. I didn't understand anything. Well, you know, Jeffrey and I dated for, like, six months. Somebody from our C A, uh introduced us. They felt like Oh, Stephanie, you would like to have a He's so much funny because I was So my family was very guarded with me on, um, when we Jeffrey and I would go on dates, my brother and my sister had to go with us. It was that That s o s. I was ready to kind of, like, get out of the house. And Jeffrey was just so much fun. So we got married. You know, he said, Do you want to marry me? And I said yes. And we thought that I was gonna have a big wedding. Everything but my family was very much against it. So how old were you at that time? I was 22. E wasn't crazy. Jeffrey was 25. E was 20 so I ran away. Thio, Uh, What's the preacher? Very nice ones. House. James Cleveland. Yeah. James Cleveland married us. Why? Fantasy space right now? A little bit on black history. Fax. Oh, my God. Yeah. James Cleveland married us. Yeah, he took us to Beverly Hills, bought our rings everything. And that night he was preaching at a church. It is. I'm telling you to go down the truth he was James Cleveland. James Cleveland. Yes, that Reverend James Cleveland grabbing the righteous weapon Cleveland way went to the church. He stopped the service of what he was doing. He married Jeffrey and I and then we left. That's when you said it was casual and stuff. We went out for ice cream, and then Michael can on. And then Michael was Michael thistles, Like, earlier after Michael. Wow, that is crazy. Yeah, I was saying that I'd never I mean, my my first foray into beauty shop girlfriend talk girl e. I put Jeffrey sent me those wedding pictures and and because one of our friends had had them. So he said, I'm going to send you because he lives in Nigeria now. He just had a beautiful wow. What Just had a baby girl? Yes. When it still work, they still use it. Just he's just had a girl. E thought I told you we won't stop. E e put it on because I heard that there was so much talk of who actually thought Michael the moonwalk e that it was Casper and Jeffrey because I was at those rehearsals. So I know I was there e was going to say I was gonna say and one of your performances of the medicine song you actually broke out into the moonwalk. Yes, I did. I