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Snippet of Radio Free Skaro #722

Last Played: August 09, 2021
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Hosts Steven Schapansky, Chris Burgess and Warren Frey discuss the Doctor's (Jodie Whittaker) interaction with Sacha Dhawan who plays the Master. They have recorded more than 800 episodes of their show, ‘Radio Free Skaro,' an award winning podcast is one of the longest-running, fan run, Doctor Who series that began in 2006. Episodes usually focus on the news of the Doctor Who universe, and include fan commentary about all 26 seasons, interviews with writers and directors and funny conversations between three buddies. This show is perfect for any casual or diehard fan of Doctor Who.
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this means the type, uh, boil boy, That was not the one as the master. Now we get him for the full episode as the master and hey is great. I think I will say that I will go on to the limb and say that sessions a little over the top. But but But also at the end, he isn't over the top with the whole Gallifrey stuff. Yeah, it works. That's a great thing. I mean, I'm just not quite, Missy, but he's not. He's a different master. I I you know, he runs in and he's sort of like, you know, he's tracking the doctor through time and all that and he runs in is the sort of them the, you know, amazing disappearing act and stuff. I love that way. We actually see the tissue compression eliminator at work and be It's a modified version of the original sound effect from the 19 eighties, which was awesome. I would have like to seen 13 reacting a little more him right, slaughtering people, to be honest, but well, what can she do at that point? You know? No, I know, but it still it just seemed like she'd be a little more outrageous A hell of a scene, because, you know, she actually she actually kneels down. Like, you know, the past. I think the doctor would have been, like, way too proud and just never, you know. Hey, depends on your doctor like drones, Master, Uh, he's both. He's both fantastic. And over the top. Um, there's a There's a lot of parallels. Thio Sims master with him for better, for better or for ill, for better, Because, I mean, he does the manic stuff very, very well, like especially that the invention fair, whatever you wanna call it. And I'd argue he does angry man better than Sim did. Oh, yeah. Sim did funny, man. Great. But he just seemed a little too it. Like I know this is a weird comparison, but he's like he's like, Capaldi is doctor in terms of being able to do the angry part. I mean, yeah, And then on top of that, you've got the the psychic conversation later on in the episode after the which I love, which was great, which is using the force. It is more or less the tenant sim phone conversations on the phone. It was that. But when you got that, you got the four taps going on there for taps. Yeah, it s also very sound of drums. It was It was also the What I loved about it is that, like, I couldn't quite tell what she was doing that during the four. And then when she said contact, I mean, like, Oh my God, three doctors. They're doing the three doctors because that's how the doctors talking. Yeah, you betcha. Contact contact and a really fast car to befriend. And there's a lot of steam and Omega's Palace. There's a lot you think about it. Think about it. I didn't make that connection just, you know, your your Stevens shame, shame on me. And then, um uh, there is the bit during the phone conversation between Sim and Tenant, where the Sims says, Oh, I love you. And you love to call me by my name on, you know, 1000 shot. What I love to put what I loved about that scene is you know, she does it because she's trying to save everyone in the room so she'll do it, You know, I said, Okay, Master, you know. All right. Like she she kind of rolls her eyes. But what I love about that is that the master is, like, not satisfied with that. And so he gets down on his knees as well. Like that wasn't enough. You know, the way Whitaker place it is well, like she says, Master and then master. And then he's like, I can't hear you love on then her third one is actually quieter in the second round, and that's that's the one that makes him.
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