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Snippet of Redeeming Grace Baptist Church Sermons: Hebrews 12: 11-13

From Audio: Hebrews 12:11-13

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Redeeming Grace Baptist Church Sermons
Duration: 07:46
Sometimes we lose, but each loss is a chance to look back at what went wrong and build a stronger you.
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Sometimes we lose, and sometimes we feel so defeated or broken that we may have trouble wanting to get back into the game. However, changing for God is never without pain and each loss is a chance to look back at what went wrong and build a stronger you.
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verse 11 through 13 says this. For the moment, all disciplines seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. Therefore, lift your drooping hands, strengthen your weak knees and make straight paths for your feet. So what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather be healed. It's an interesting passage, valuable passage passage that I find full of amazing mercy and grace, and I hope you do as well. It's a passively don't necessarily think about as mercy and grace, but it is. We've been taking our time working through Chapter 11 and 12, and as we come to verse 11 of Chapter 12, we've kind of reached that point that at least Chapter 12 is driving towards, If you remember, in Chapter 12, I started out talking about keeping her eyes fixed on Jesus Christ, the author and perfecter of faith for the choice that before him endured the cross despising his shame. And it said at the right hand of the father so that we do not lose heart, which kind of comes up in this passage as well. But then he reminds us in verse four. In your struggle against sin, you have not yet resistant to the point of shedding blood. And have you forgotten the exhortation, Verse five that address you? His sins do not regard like the discipline of the Lord. And the point of the discipline of the Lord is this very issue that you and I have done what we have not lived according to the way the Book of Hebrews describes, people ought to live holding Christ as supreme. Instead, we are people who find ourselves regularly having dull here ears, hard hearts and cold hearts. We've talked to as many, many times. It is because of that that he introduces discipline to us here. We've lost track of the supremacy of Jesus. And so as a result, he introduces the idea of discipline that we saw the last couple of weeks. We saw it first in verse five. My son did not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord or be weary when reproved by in front of the Lord disciplines, the one he loves and chastises every son whom he receives. By the way, if you read verse six carefully, you recognize right away that the discipline of the Lord is mercy. You read it carefully. You recognize that the discipline of the Lord is a demonstration of his love and his grace towards us. Verse seven following continues to discuss the issues of discipline which we talked about last week. But that brings us down to verse 11 and it starts out. Verse 11 is interesting. It starts out saying for the moment, all disciplines, all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant. We talk about discipline, being both instructional as well, well as chastising, it's both, but typically in both categories, it's not pleasurable. When I am taught by God, he is specifically teaching me, training me, making me into a disciple, which is the word discipline comes from. We've already talked about that. He's teaching me regarding things that are inherently opposed to the natural way of my life. The natural way of my heart. Does that make sense? My natural bent, even as the same person, because my heart is still deceitfully wicked. My natural bent is still to pursue. What sin right? I mean, it's powerful isn't that powerful in you? It's powerful in me. I feel it all the time. I tell people regularly when people say, Well, God told me this. God told me that or I have peace about this. I have peace about that. I I really tell people You know what? I have peace about my sin more than anything else in my life. When it comes to decision making, I have absolute piece about the cinema about to embark in. I haven't embarked in it yet, but I'm about to, and I have complete peace about that. It's the deception, isn't it? Isn't that the deception? Yeah, it absolutely is. And when God disciplines me, whether it's through chastisement or whether it is through instruction in both cases, it's painful. Why is it painful from an instructional standpoint? Well, here's why I do what I do because I love it because I've deceived myself into thinking that it will actually benefit me. It will actually be valuable to me. That's the deception, isn't it? It's actually gonna satisfy. It's actually going to please. It's actually going to benefit. It's actually going to help. It's actually going to satisfy you as I embrace it, and at the end, what happens? It doesn't correct. It never does. And when God mercifully and gradually begins to instruct me, I find it gross. I find it uncomfortable. I hate it because one of the first things he started teaching me is what I was wrong and the way I was thinking was wrong. My activity was wrong, what I did because I loved it. So when he comes along and tells me know it was wrong, I don't like that. And we all know that, don't we? If I love something, somebody comes and tells me it's gross. I don't like that or it's bad. I like that. We all do that. Even if it's not a moral issue, we all do it. So whether it's chastised or even instruction, we understand that we've got to start from the point that God is holy. I'm not correct. He's holy. I'm not we're not talking about, you know, we only talk about me. I'm not. I'm sure you all beautiful. Holy. Uh huh. And because God is 100% holy and I'm not. The end result is when holiness speaks into unholy nous, that's gonna be really uncomfortable. That's called light speaking into darkness. That's uncomfortable. It's not pleasurable. It's not pleasant. It's painful, just his chastisement, even more so right, because in chastising, he's also teaching. But he's adding another component to it. And so chastisement and teachings. God never chastises his Children without teaching, so it's always a chastisement. Takes place. It's chastisement and teaching. Now it's doubly painful. Whatever that chastisement is it maybe at the very beginning of the of the process into sin and maybe at the end, or maybe later on. Even beyond that, maybe I've repented and I'm still paying the consequences chastisement, because that does happen, by the way, even after repentance, oftentimes discipline still is there the consequences of discipline involved in teaching? So it's still painful? It's not pleasant, it's painful. Let's not miss the point. Change towards Christ does not help, does not happen without pain, just doesn't
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