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A look back at the film that kicked off the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man. Listen the the Review Revue's lengthy review of the film, and the franchise's humble beginning in the full episode.
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but like all of this, is very Tony Stark centric, like he's trying just, like keep his business together because his business partner wants to overthrow and do something completely different. When he topples the whole company by saying, Like were stopping weapons production? He's got that going on with Obadiah Stane. He's got the 10 rings thing going on that he's trying to fight like personally himself. After all the things going on, he's got a relationship with Pepper that's blossoming in this movie. A lot of things starting him. Actually owning this suit is garnering the attention of the military. Yeah, um, just him also having that trial on air, period if you brought up earlier where you get to see him piece together like the actual Iron Man suit and making it better as he goes. And it changes throughout the film like there's a lot in this in the two hours of this movie that I don't think they cram any of that kind of stuff in future movies. Yeah, and I was really impressed. The balance that, like Favre was able to do in this. Yeah, and this movie almost kind of flies by because of that where, like, you would feel like watching him do these trial and error things with his suits would be kind of a drag, But you're so invested in him wanting to get better when you're like Oh, shit. Yeah, I figured this out. Keep going. Yeah. Figure this out like and like, it's not done in a way. Like, uh, in are Monday review where it feels like it's like they do something in that where it's like, how did you get here? But like in this one, like, you can kind of see how he pieces together. Well, where it's like, Well, this didn't work, so I'll do this. And then you're kind of following along on this process of actually trying Thio build like these. Like the perfect Iron Man suit for himself. Yeah, right. Um, Neil, do you have anything to add to that before I jump in? No, Um, I also really liked Jeff Bridges in this as Oba Dia stain a lot. I thought he was a very menacing villain, even to the point where he gets, like, comically ridiculous in the iron monger suit. I still thought it was very well does iron monger. I feel like his iron monger suit came with a bunch of military one liners. Like the minute he got in that suit, he just started railing off a bunch of thank you for your service. Oh, yeah, that I thought it was a little ham fisted, but, uh, I like I really thought just as over dia he came off as like, in imposing powerful figure, like that scene where they're in the the Peppers, trying to, like, hack into his computer to get the files and he walks in like I have, Like, I totally forgot about that scene and I was like, Oh, shit, what you gonna do? And, like, I was like, Yeah, I thought it was still tense after all these years. Yeah, you that crossword like the booth thing that made me laugh. I don't know why it would be laughed so hard, but I was losing my shit. When, When Tony is in the desert and then open die of video calls him and he's just laying in bed shirtless, I s I If your leg in bed shirtless, why are you making it a video call? Just fucking calling. But He's like, I want to show off my tits to Tony. I really got in shape for this movie. I need to show this shit off. Hey, check out my chest, Tony, You think I've got my pecs coming in? E. He's just laying in bed like I know it's really just wanted to just want to get a heads off, like, Why are you naked in bed? Yeah, and we joked about the A C. D. C. Soundtrack, but I really think it works for this. This movie specific. They have it again and Iron Man two, but like, I really dug it like when it opens up right in the beginning, where it's just like Afghanistan and hits back in black. And he's just shooting the shit with, like, a bunch of soldiers and stuff. But I think that's a really cool opening where, like you're not being exposed to. Tony starts the dick because he can be dick ish in this sometimes. But you're being exposed to him as like how a normal person would come across him on the street, where it's like I get the feeling that you're you have, like the aura of like a like a rich dickhead who thinks he's better than everybody. But then, like he has a way of talking to you, where he feels like he's coming down to your level where you're like, I kind of like this guy. He's still super charming. Yeah, And then I also like that the It just shits the bed, like, immediately like it doesn't give you any time. Like all the people he talks to, that he gets close to our immediately killed on. I even thought like, um, like they run outside and then all you automatically to see bullet holes popped into the side of the jeep. Holy shit. Like you don't see, like, blood splatter or anything like that. And so I'm like, Is there any like, Marvel movie after that Has been, like that kind of have, like, that kind of realistic violence in it. I couldn't think of one off the top of my head. I mean, Captain America. But even Captain America was going over the top, though. Yeah, I couldn't really, because, like, there's like that scene where he's like on the ship and Winter soldier, where is that? Might be the closest, but Even then, it's paramount, Baby, this is Paramount. Paramount pulls no punches, but, uh, yeah, because I would just That's, like the kind of the realism that I'm talking about. They get more fantastic. Is that going on, Which I also like because it's the biggest fantastic universe or whatever, but I really that's the one thing in this that I was really enjoying with grounded nature of it all. Yeah, like that first scene, it felt like, kind of like an actual war zone where you're like, Oh, shit, he's fucked. Yeah, yeah. Even even have the scene where, like, he's being, like, bow down in front of a video camera while they're like, saying shit where, like, this is really close. Like those video looks Beheading videos were like, Oh, God, we're four Chan. Shit. Yeah, uh, that that all is like, incredible, though, like all of that stuff. Where he's captured is someone like, I think, some of the best stuff of the movie, like before, where he he doesn't even have to suit its just like him bonding with the insulin, which is just incredible. Also, I I know you guys are a big fan of this, but I have a crackpot J t idea for possible. So stop of this, Okay? Like I thought, Ah, best a cool way to go from this. Iron Man is if Jenson ends up being the Mandarin. Okay. Whoa. Okay. He was on the inside of the whole time. Yeah, well, not even on the on the inside the whole time. It's just that, like, so, imagine if Iron Man is so obsessed with the outside appearance that Jenson is the one or the Mandarin is the one that is developing the technology that involves the human body. And that's how oh Badia gets the thing that, like, paralyzes people like He's so, like, he presents that you wanted to throw in that one weird off gadget? No. Yeah. It's such a weird It's such a weird add to this where it's like, how does Tony Stark not know that this is being made of his own fucking company? Good, but like he didn't know his company was selling weapons and terrorists. Very true. But like I e always thought like the idea of like the Mandarin being like the magic of the east meets them like the mechanical of the West, where it's like if Jenson, as the Mandarin is like both reveres and kind of has disdained for Tony Stark where he's so smart. But he wasted on these, uh, ideas of showing off where it's like it's all about explosions and looking cool and having these outside suits that protect yourself. Whereas there's so much you can do by just manipulating the human body with technology eso like as he's helping Tony Stark, he is also developing his own technology to mess with the human anatomy, which is the magic of the East meets the mechanical West.
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