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Last Played: December 30, 2020
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Nearly a decade later, hear the hosts of Rewind and Reconsider reminisce on the 2009 sci-fi adventure film, Avatar. With a sequel on the horizon listen to this review from the film with opened the world eyes to the potential for competent CGI.
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was, it was It's not E. I think the people who try to make it like this, this incredible actual movie with incredible story line and all that, like they just have it wrong that that's not the kind of movie it was. Oh, do they? Because I'm pretty sure the first time we talked about it, you said it was one of your favorite movies, right? No, it's what it can be. My favorite movie. But it's not like it's not like of Fight Club, right? It's not like the strength of its narrative. Yeah, it's not. It's just a It's a great visual experience that continues to hold up because it is such a great physical, physical, invisible experience. The funny thing is, though, and this is the one thing that I think it might not, it might not hold up for. One reason why I might not hold up is that movies everywhere else have actually kind of caught up. So it's not. It's not so unique and how fantastically it shot. You have all the Marvel movies that have come out and just, like, dusted everything else around them. Yeah, they showed that you could have good acting, good story and good visuals in a movie. It's like James Cameron thought you could just But he poured all the budget in tow. One. Well, at the time, not Sigourney Weaver gives a pretty good performance. Yeah, she's good, and everything else that's not really fair. And then, like the bad guy was like, annoyingly bad. He did a good job, is being a bad guy. And then, like the really, really evil out of the soldier guy like he was. He was a fantastic villain. He was really good. The main character. I could understand why he was just kind of he kind of flat line throughout it. And that's why, you know, he went on to do, like the Clash of the Titans and all that stuff and it really similarly bad. Yeah, that guy just has no charisma whatsoever. He doesn't. He did like Sam Worthington is. I believe his name. I think he did. He did a video game to where he was. He was the voice behind a video game. Ah, call of duty game, where he was like the central voice of this thing. And it's like the only time where you volunteered to get your, like, little avatar and their shot. Repeat Oh, God. But the creators were like, We'll give you well on that note. I hope you all are ready to enjoy Avatar the last there. Nope. It's not that one. It's just it's just avatar, right? There is no better than that one. This movie is better than avatar. Last very low. Bar me. Siris was great. The Yeah, the animated series. Great. I'm just talking about I'm talking about Oh, the movie. Yeah. The movie, the movie Other than that movie talking about Yeah, it's a low bar. All right, so we're gonna go watch the movie, and we will be right back. E i e. Yeah. I think we all have a lot of thoughts on Avatar, including, Like, why? It's good to, you know, put your infant child in front of that movie. Apparently, like Anthony ignoring the PG 13 warning on and or, you know, exercising poor parental guidance. But before we get to all of that mia, we're going to dio our summary in 60 seconds. So you, as the person who has not seen avatar before, are going to try and summarize the movie in 60 seconds. So starting now. Okay, Starting now. So there's a planet called Na'vi? No, that's the people. Whatever. It doesn't matter. So there's a planet and it Z s o the jewelry store called Pandora The planet and white people are coming to it because there is a source of material. And then a crippled guy with skinny ass legs comes on because his twin died, and then they put him in tow, like the Smurfs suits. Basically, and then they have mental connections. And then the one, uh, skinny legged guy becomes a lover of this other blue person, and they have tail sex, and then they have a big fight. And then, like, he basically saves the NABE people. Okay, that was in 50 seconds. And you started with, like, a little bit of a handicap. Because last week, Um okay, so that I think that was a fairly mostly accurate summary of the movie. But now let's let's go through. I know, Anthony, you haven't been on the show before. And just as a reminder for any new listeners, we're gonna go through the good what we liked about the movie. We're going to go through what we did not like about the movie and then basically come to a final conclusion on Does it still hold up? Is it problematic all of these things that we have to consider when we re watch a childhood movie, someone's childhood favorite childhood movie? In this case, Anthony's in 2019 eso I guess Anthony and they have a and every now, Yeah, that's her favorite childhood movie. Yeah, Anthony's daughter movie and put good movies. Anthony, I'm gonna let you go ahead and like, lead the way on what was still good about Avatar because I think you were the only one who thought it was good in the first place. All right, I can't possibly be the only person who finds this movie good. Give financial success City that I'm convinced that everybody went to that movie and was like, but they, like, paid for it because everyone else was like, Oh, like it was like social proof taken to its natural extreme. No, because, like when you're making the amount of money that it made, that means people went back to see it right. Like movies don't make the amount of money that it made without people going back to see it. Remember Capitalist Chill. All right. What did you like about the movie? Other than that, the free market determine that it was good. Anthony, I am Clay Travis, and no, but so what I still really enjoyed about it was that I am once again transported into a completely different world where things that are not possible here can take place. And I really enjoyed, you know, watching this this world open up in front of me. I can't wait to go back. Like I I still want to go to Florida. I still want to check out the thing that they have set up there. I've heard the ride is one of the best rides ever made. Yeah, the flight of the passage one right. That's what you write that you get to ride. The dragon's like and you could feel them breathe between your legs. It's weird. Disney thinks of everything, but they like I can't wait toe one day. Go do that. Take Avery to that. Now that this is her favorite movie on, can you explain the situation that you put your daughter in all right. So my daughter, we just got her for her first round of vaccinations yesterday. You could say we just got her way out of the store. I thought you said you were an anti vax. Er e am now eso she So she had her first round of vaccinations, and she did okay with him. She came home. She was fine. Then she picked up a bit of a fever last night. We had a pretty rough night last night, and today I had to watch Avatar in the background in order to be ready for for this podcast while I was working. So we have the swing, we put her right in front of it. And I'm not kidding. She has been fussy for, like, 36 hours straight. Other than, like the two ish hours, 2.5 hours that she was sitting in front of this movie. The colors are incredible. Like the people with the baby brain can really like. Not they can't process fully formed shapes. Yeah, right now. Yes, baby. Brain e Do admit that the colors were really cool. And, like, honestly, the the C G does still hold up even though. What came out how many years ago like it was 2009. I believe, right, this is going on. It's going on 10 years. It does. You could tell that, like for its time, it would have been a pioneer removed. I think it doesn't stand out as much now like we're all used to it, but for having a been released at that time. I think it's like that. It's like 100%. Like what? I think it belongs in that category with Jurassic Park in that In that respect, that dress came out and you're like, Holy crap, that was done How long ago on and on. And I think, and I think Avatar kind of belongs in that kind of. And now look, it's not the only aspect of making a movie, right? Yeah, stuff like acting and and character death and those things do matter. So, like in that respect, yeah, you guys do have a point to be made. But it from the standpoint of wanting to go to a movie and completely escaped for an hour and a half, or shut your baby up for 2.5 hours or whatever it is like it succeeds, and I think it still holds up in that respect. Okay, Sorry. Can I make one point? I do want to give Avatar a little bit of credit on this one thing. Like, I think in addition to, like, how you know how good it does look.
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