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Bringing Out Your Best Self - with Mike Bayer

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Last Played: July 23, 2021
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Discover how to embrace perpetual change in the evolution of becoming with Dave and life coach and bestselling author Mike Bayer. Listen in as they identify and briefly explain the five tenets of change that are honesty, curiosity, openness, willingness, and focus.
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for any of us as we have this ambition to become a better version of ourselves. It comes with the appreciation that we have to just completely agree with and embrace this idea of perpetual change in an evolution of becoming that will never, ever end on my tenants. To me, like they struck a chord with me. Honesty, curiosity, openness, willingness and focus. Will you just tips of the trees give a little bit of why I like I said, I love an acronym and it sounds like a Chinese restaurant called Foo F. It's like we're going to go over there and we're gonna get some self help in that restaurant. So until we're curious, I'm Listen, I thank God I'm a curious person. So, like one day when we hang out, I'll probably ask in person. I ask you a bunch of questions. I just I'm genuinely curious and about people like and that's You have to get a little curious to get interested in. Oh, wow, there's there could be a different way or let me figure that out. Or maybe there's a different way to parent. Or maybe there's differently too, right? You know, and we as kids were curious, like when we're younger. We're so curious, you know? And you have kids, you know, they're just so curious about life, right? And then as we get older, we could get a little more settled into that. So I always say, Like, start to get curious, by the way, just not to interrupt. But like when people ask me the question of like, how do I find my calling or how do I connect to my purpose? The first thing every single time is curiosity. Be curious and and like, sit in that curiosity and allow ah, bunch of different things that you have dipped your toe in to see what it is that actually starts to ignite something inside of you. But if you aren't curious, you will never find a path to purpose. You'll never find a path to something that feels like the unlocking of culling or meaning at a deeper level. Yeah, you're right that I love that and and honesty is next. It's honesty with yourself because if we can't get honest, it ends up running the risk of being really an authentic and then we you know, we have one leg in, honestly, the other in offense, and I can't do the effin splits. So you know, it's like, really uncomfortable. That's where anxiety lives and fear, because we can't be totally honest and it sucks and we're so afraid And then So it's just really getting honest. And then open is just There could be another way. Like I find people today with Covic going. I can't do this because, well, what if there's another way? There's not. Have you explored it? No. Let's be open like, What's behind door two? You know, shake it up and then, you know, willing. I mean part of the deal with getting I'm a next meth addict, right? I was a garbage can for drugs but been sober over 18 years. One of the things that I learned is if you want to change and that's the thing. Like I've seen people change, you know, literally were like Helen Keller. I don't know if you remember the movie there, like biting people, and then all of a sudden, you know, I've worked with people. That's you know, that's the great thing. Is people to change, you have to become willing. You know if if you're willing to go to any lengths, change happens. It's like I'm willing to go to any length and you pick yourself back up and the last f and I sometimes struggle with This is staying focused, you know, focused on the goal. I could live in the abstract a little too often sometimes. But when we get really focused on the goal, and I know you probably experiences as an author where you're like writing the book and then all of a sudden you go off on a tangent and then the book is starting to become something else, you know, it's just staying focused on what you're doing, you know? So that's like the five tenants.
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