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Snippet of Rock Solid: 2020 Year In Review

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It's a jam packed Zoom Room as Pat and Kyle are joined by Mike, Christy, Murray, Courtney, Christine, Alexi Lalas, David Wild and Carrie Scott to discuss their favorite releases from this past year!
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I wanna make sure that I that I have the order, right that I sent it to you. You can call them out. You can play. You can call him out in any order. Kyle is in charge. Well, I can. Yeah. Okay. Well, then I am going to start out with, uh, let's see the great Kylie Minogue, who came out with a killer killer, um, album, this album this year. I'm not going to tell you that. I listened to a lot of new music this year, and and and in doing this, I would go back and I would find a song, and then it would show Oppa's 2000 and 19, and I would be that would be so pissed. But, um but But I was able to get this Kylie Minogue song, which is a song called Say Something which I just think is wonderful, Beautiful pop. It's using sweetness and sugar. And I'm not sure the rat fans out there would dig it, but never know. All right, let's hear it, E Thank you. We'll be waiting. No way, Alexey, let me ask you something. How did you find Kylie Minogue in the U s because she's really not still not big here in the USA. So a lot of the marketing I mean, I don't know what marketing is in 2020 for music, but the marketing I fell prey to, I guess it would be, um because there was There was they built it up on the comparison with Madonna and and to your point, we don't associate Kylie Minogue on that type of of scale in terms of sales. And so there was that comparison that kind of hooked me in. And there was some There was some stat about her equaling Madonna in terms of number ones. But obviously we're factoring in the international aspect of it in the in the English aspect of it. Um, so that just that just took me in. And then I saw a really cool acoustic version that that she did, well, acoustic and that it was her in a keyboard player, piano player, eso There was different versions of it, and I just I just always loved her voice and her ability to stay relevant, but also grow and evolve and mature and not try to chase something that isn't that isn't her Yeah, she's still big in other parts of the world. So good for her. Yes. Mary, do you recommend this album from top to bottom or, uh, it's It's no, it's more of the same. I mean, you don't think that you're going thio gettinto levels of complexity out there when it comes to it. But, you know, I really liked it. I hadn't heard it. I really liked it. Anyone else? Any comments for for Alexi E just called him Kylie. Also against my better. My better wishes. My wife says Hello, Alexey. Oh, I love your wife. She's constantly texting me. E uncomfortable. All right, I'm gonna jump in now because because I had my songs ready before you other losers. So this is just a So I love Patty Smyth. I was so honored to have her on the show this year. I've always loved her voice. I've just always loved her attitude, and I got to meet her once, and she was fantastic, and I just loved the song on her new album called Build a Fire. She wrote it for About Her and John and let's hear build a fire Mhm Booth Road for me close Turn the engine off I feel the wind and your hands in my hair Yeah, you're talking So my red dress slipping Stick into my skin tonight Pull me down across the seat under you Above the city Light weight My hands must be Hi, baby Uh, e saw. Hold on one second, David. When I saw Patty Smyth perform at the Canyon Club last year, uh, John McEnroe was at the show, but he was in the audience, and and I just happened to turn, And there he was. He had, like, a big, crazy trucker hat on, and he was just beaming watching his wife perform. And that was that was great. I just That was a good feeling for me. Hi. E was waiting. I said this would be a great time for a David Wild anecdote about Patty's Mike. Here we owe your hand was up. Well, no, only just that, uh, the interview was great. Pat, besides you not mentioning my liner notes to the best of Mike that it was perfect, but there it is. There it is thing. But the amazing fact is that, uh I think the record is how maney is it 20 like six. How many years? In 28 years, I think. 28 years since a new studio record. I know that on my third date with my wife, we went to see Rod Stewart and she opened and we went back and met her. And my wife goes. She's the coolest chick ever, which is true. Ah, but now it's like That's what that was promoting the first that Patti Smith's M C. A. Record and it is in the time it has taken her to make this new studio record. We have two kids, one in college, one in college, one graduated college a year ago. So that is how long it's been. And I loved it. I loved it as well. Thank you. Anyone else? Patty Smyth? Yes, Christine Blackburn. I loved it. I thought it was great. It sounded me to me like it's just so in her. It's her style. I want to say wheelhouse because I hate that word. It's so 2019 songs have been written yesterday or 30 years ago. Yeah, exactly. And I love the line when she says, My hands must be tattooed tattooed all over you by now. I love that because they've been together so long