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Snippet of RotoWire Fantasy Basketball Podcast: Second Half Targets

From Audio: Second Half Targets
Last Played: March 10, 2021
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For the best fantasy basketball talk from around the league, listen to the RotoWire Fantasy Basketball Podcast and never miss a beat.
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why he's doing better and fantasy Well, let's head to San Antonio, where the OKC thunder beat the Spurs 171 to San Antonio is gradually getting their players returning from the Covid absence. Rudy Gay is still out Kellen Johnson's on a minutes restriction, but this thunder wind I realize the Spurs having this challenging covid return. But to me, this thunder went kind of waves the flag on. Shouldn't the Spurs tank? Shouldn't they trade LaMarcus Aldridge and DEMAR DeRozan before they completely fall off a cliff? Talk about the perfect year to tank No one's in the stands. Uh, this team is old. I don't I don't know, Tank, Tank, I think the I think, just as interestingly. Okay, C and the pelicans have the same record, and the Pelicans hired Stan Van Gundy and we're doing everything they could like. They signed Steven Adams after trading for him, and they were doing everything they could to win games. And now the thunder, who are intentionally trying to lose games by starting like Isaiah Roby half the time because Al Horford rest. Um, but I'm with you, Ken. I just think I think when it comes down to is, I am. I don't think they want to tank when Popovich is the coach. I think when Popovich decides to hang it up, that's the only time that they will really be content with. We can do a quote unquote real rebuild. Also, for a team that consistently gets really good draft value in the mid to late rounds, why why Tank? You're still able to get to land the Murrays of the world or the killed in Johnson's. Um you know, they it's funny you said Shannon, cause I was thinking the same thing, but as a reason to make a deal. I know the value is declining on LaMarcus, Aldridge and DeRozan. But if you're the Spurs and you can get a mid to late round first round, pick your one of the few teams that have proved to make those really valuable. Sure, no. And I don't mean I don't disagree with you. I think they should. I think it would be wise to trade LaMarcus and DeRozan. Um, but we'll see. I don't think they're going anywhere, you know. The 18 and 14 record that they have today is even rather fortuitous. Yeah, they've got play in playing around, written all over him. Almost the best case scenario. Another team that will be looking for probably playing tournaments stuff the Grizzlies, who recently got Justice Winslow back. Kind of a story that's flown under the radar unless you are a diehard fantasy player. Justice Winslow last night grabbed 10 rebounds in the very close loss to the Bucks. Essentially, we just need to highlight that Justice Winslow is back. He's played six games and over this stretch. 9.5 points. Almost 5.5 rebounds. 1.5 says he's struggling from the field, but that's to be expected after such a long layoff. And it was a hip injury. So the explosiveness is employing. Probably could be. Is this someone that you are looking toward in the second half? Like if they happen to be under waiver wire like what? How many 14 team league 12 team league? Well, for for a guy who I mean, I believe he's struggling from the field because he's Justice Winslow. That's part of it, he shot, highlighting his career 41.6% shooting ability. Shannon. Yeah, I mean, that's always been a big bugaboo with him. I I think he's worth a look, especially like 14 team leads. Deeper formats. Obviously, I don't I don't think he comes into play in 10 team weeks or 12 teams. Shallower 12 team leagues. UM, he can provide decent all around value, but free throw percentage is going to be great. The field goal percentage isn't gonna be great. Not enough three pointers. He had one season where he hit three pointers, but he hasn't really proven that he can do that long term. I mean, there's a chance he gets decent production, but I really don't think it's going to be enough to apply to deeper 12 team or 14 18 weeks. He's kind of a classic grindhouse player for Memphis, right? He can't shoot, but he plays good defense. Remember when the Heat had him as their backup point guard for a while? Or give them a lot of minutes of point guard? They're clearly not going to do that. Memphis. At least they're not doing it early on with only 1.5 assists, these first per in these first six games. But I think he's somebody's probably more valuable in real NBA than he is in fantasy NBA. Yeah, and someone who is not a bad like keeper league target, potentially depending on the status of your team. You know he's a little older, but the stock again is pretty low. You might be able to just kind of steal him. So we have a new segment. I'm gonna let you take the lead on this can. It's fan feedback. Our second try at this. Thank you, fans. For all the comments on YouTube and the road, a wire podcast article page and we want to give a shout out to pray. She'll Patel, who had a question for us on YouTube. He is a Karl Anthony Towns manager and appoints league, and he's wondering, should he trade towns or do
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