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Snippet of Rotowire Fantasy Basketball Podcast: Waiver Targets: Who is Moses Brown?

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Julius Randle is absolutely on fire and along with Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau, are the New York Knicks finally back? Also, the Timberwolves! Despite a late head coach change, maybe their season is not yet doomed.
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sorry is averaging six assists a game. Previous career high 3.5, 3.6, to be exact. That was back with the Lakers, Um, two teams ago? Yes, Ken. He ranks 15th this season in Total stats on Yahoo, which is a nine category lead. He's 26 years old. What do you see for him in terms of, I guess, going forward. Any sort of like, Do you think he can? I feel it gets tough for him to go up from here, right? I mean, this feels like his peak. This feels like his peak, but I think fantasy owners or managers would be awfully darn happy if he stays at this peak. You really got to give Randall and Coach Thibodeau credit. Uh, yeah. I mean to almost double your assists per game. Uh, he's 26 years old. It's not like he's going from his rookie to sophomore season. It's almost double your career. Assists a game. That's a huge change. Just typical really didn't get that many personnel moves coming there to New York. I remember thinking, How much can he possibly change? But clearly he's got him at playing 500 ball. They're in the playoffs. Uh, and the biggest change is just making Randall the point. Power forward. Is that now a thing? You know, when you think a Grant Hill playing point forward, you don't think of someone as strong and broad as Julius Randle 50. What a fantasy Steel. Yeah, You said first season Total stats ranks 15th Yahoo, nine categories. Uh, kudos to Randall and Thibodeau. I don't think you trade high. I think he's staying at this level as they make a playoff push. Yeah, you and I swap Randall. What was that deal in the rodeo? Higher stake league. Yeah, I sent you. I send you Randall. You gave me holiday, and I also got Gary Trent. Um, you might have taken Terrence Ross. I can't remember exactly. That was more about category competency. You needed steals? Yeah. Uh, neither of us knew Trent and Ross have become starters because of injuries. Right? Uh, actually working out well for both of us in the steak league. Other explosive big man performances, Karl Anthony towns, presumably now fully healthy, explodes for 41 points, 10 rebounds and shockingly eight assists in a big 1. 23 1 19 upset at Phoenix. Phoenix's favorite 10 points going. I was 10 points going to this game. I always made the sun's my, uh, wagering advice. Thank goodness I always switch to Lakers. Also for the T Wolves. Rookie Anthony Edwards explodes for 42 points on 31 shots with seven rebounds. My goodness, are things finally turning up for the T Wolves? Alex D. Angelo Russell. He's cleared for on court activities. Could be back in about three days. Are things turning up for the T wolves, or is this a trade high moment for either towns or Edwards? Well, the Wolves are three and two since they fired Brian Saunders were replaced with Chris Finch. Just bad example. 5000 right there. Yeah. I mean, I consume as much NBA related media media as possible, and I never heard anybody say really anything about Ryan Saunders. So that was kind of nice guy, I think, was the highest. Yeah, I don't doubt that. I'm sure he's a fine person. Kinda damning. Um, but yeah, in terms of like, you know, I think if you're going to trade high on either towns or Edwards, I think it would be Edwards just because Edwards is giving a ton of shots because D'Angelo Russell and Malik Beasley are out and those guys accounted for, like 30 shots a game. And so when they're back, um, I think it's Edwards who will kind of fall by the wayside. Not that he'll be. I mean, he's been playing so well. They can't like, phase them out, right? It might still play 36 minutes a game, and he maybe he'll leave the second unit. But Towns is someone who is kind of just an established player who we know is going to get 25 10 and four every night. Are we? No longer? I mean, Chris Finch, new coach kind of deserves to have towns play every night. I know last week we were a little worried about them shutting him down. No playoff possibilities for the T Wolves, but doesn't this Doesn't this team need to desperately build on some positive vibes and really force Russell Edwards and Towns to play together? That's our future, right? Yeah. I mean, they they're a weird situation because they Oh, there they go there, pick the next season, their first round pick to the Warriors if it falls outside of the top three. So they want to get good, but not too good or bottom three. Yeah, that pick is a lot more dangerous than I mean. Right now. As it stands, I think they only have a 52% chance of staying within the top four. So they need to They're in a terrible spot, but yeah. I mean, you have. You have the core of towns, Russell Beasley at words. And so you you want those guys to play together for sure. Frankly, though, I hear you about move Edwards back to the bench. But don't you also want to get him just as many minutes as you can for next season? There's nothing better than court experience. Yeah, I'm saying I'm saying stardom, but play him mostly with the second unit. Like, have him run that second group. All right, well, uh, big tragic news out of Milwaukee. That Tory Craig move. Just eye popping. You're our resident bucks expert, Alex. You want to dive deeper than what's going on in Milwaukee? Yeah. So the bucks wanted P. J Tucker. So they went and got him, and they also got radiance coup routes from the from the Rockets. That's not as important. I don't think he was on the wish list, but yeah, no, he was not. DJ Augustine and Tory Craig are no longer Milwaukee. Craig is on Phoenix. Augustine is in Houston, P. J. Tucker. I mean, he's 35 36 years old. He's not going to be fantasy relevant. He hasn't. He's been on the fringes.
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