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Snippet of Roundball Stew: First Half Fantasy Awards, TJ McConnell Madness

Last Played: March 10, 2021
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Roundball Stew is one of the best fantasy basketball podcasts that gives you hot-off-the-press NBA and fantasy league news! For any NBA devotee or fantasy league aficionado, this podcast is a can't-miss.
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right now joined by Steve Alexander. Steve. What is cooking? Well, Matt, uh, I was working for Rotoworld on Wednesday. Were you working for a rotoworld or were you working for Well, that's what my shirt says, that I was working for NBC. I was working for NBC Sports Edge. The Edge was working for that. You were on the edge. I was on the edge of my seat watching T. J. McConnell rack up nine steals in the first half alone of that Pacer game. And then it looks like the Pacers might lose the game. And then, you know, we were all kind of hoping that T. J. McConnell would get that 10th Steel to give himself a steals triple double, which I think has only been done six times in NBA history. And with one minute and four seconds left in the game, he got that Steel sealed the win for the Pacers, and it was just cool. Um, I remember a long time ago when I was first getting started. Akeem Olajuwon had a triple double with blocks, and it sort of blew my mind. And this was, I guess, for the first time in a long time I felt like something really, really cool was happening with fantasy significance. And it was t. J. McConnell. Uh, you know, I think that the phrase I'm old enough to remember when gets thrown, thrown around a little bit. But I am old enough to remember when Kendall Gill, I believe with the Nets, had some crazy steel numbers and I had him in a fantasy lineup one of those games I was trying to check back and find it. He holds the record. He holds the record for steals in the game with 12, right? But I don't Do you know what year that was? Uh, 1990 something. Alright, Well, anyways, yeah. Kendall Gill got a lot of steals a few times, and one of those times he was in, he was in one of my fancy lines, but I don't think it was that 12 steel game. And literally nobody cares about this other than me. So, yeah, T. J. McConnell has really been just an astonishing first half surprise. What? You end up with that game? 16 points, 13 dimes, 10 steals and a block. And he shot eight of eight from the floor. also the sixth player in NBA history, to shoot 100% from the floor and have a triple double. You know, remember the whole stretch where he didn't score hit double digits for his 1st 21 games? I think now he's done it four times in his last 10, I believe, including 16, 17 recently, 19. He's a scoring machine now. T. J McConnell came into that game, uh, number two in the league in steals, and I did not check this morning if he moved up to number one. But he may have, I mean, legitimately. His last 10 games heading into the break, he heads into the brake on a run of 10.6 points, 4.6 rebounds, 7.2 dimes, 2.6 steals, 0.8 blocks over last his last 10 games. You know, if we see Caris Levert back on the court, that could put a dent in McConnell. But to borrow a phrase I recently heard Pat Darcy, used on the football podcast, feels like T. J. McConnell has achieved exit velocity. It feels like this car is not going back into the garage. I don't just see after what he's done for the Pacers, them suddenly just making him a 15 minute a game guy we may not see once we have revert back. You know these. He's played 46 minutes. The other day he played 36 Alaska before the break. We may not see that, but McConnell has shown he can contribute with minutes in the twenties, and I think his fantasy value, fingers crossed, is here to stay. He is also the number one steals guy in the NBA right now, at 2.0 steals per game. You care to guess? Well, you're not gonna be able to guess. But let me tell you, who else is in the top five. Nicola Jokic is tied at three with Fred VanVleet at 1.7 steals per game and number five in the NBA and steals this season. Lamelo Ball. Wow! Incredible. The Yogurt wanted surprising. Van Fleet was kind of a steals big steals guy last year. I think the average 1.9 so you know who had a few steals on Wednesday night as well, Steve, That would be Dennis Smith Jr. He and Mason Plumlee both triple double on the same night. If I if I read our blurb correctly. It was the second time to Pistons teammates had triple Double in the same game, the first time since 1964 I think. And D. S J has just been on a pretty nice run heading into the break last five for him. He's just under 12 points around five boards, just under six assists. Two steals per game, 0.8 blocks, 1.6 threes. He's shooting it, respectively. I mean, I know that every black we have on the site is basically like, Oh, well, when Killian, Hayes and Delon Wright are back, you know D S J is gonna go. First of all, can we stop with Killian? Hes Can we stop for now, acting like he had done anything to suggest that he's going to come back and crush anyone's fantasy value, right? Yeah, I like that. I haven't written Killian hes name in a while, so I'm not the guilty party. I'd probably look to blame Jared Johnson for that. Uh, maybe some Jonas, But it is not me. The funny thing about last night I had Jared had the Pistons Raptors game, and that box score for that game is just slam full of crazy, crazy craziness. McGruder MacGruber showed up last night, scored 20 points out of nowhere. Save only had a bounce back game. 20.7 assists. Dennis Smith Jr triple doubles while shooting three of nine from the floor like, Well, I don't I don't understand what's going on. And then the game that I had to coincide with that one was the Mavericks and Oklahoma City Thunder. And you can take that box score and throw it in a Dumpster and set it on fire because it was it was absolutely horrific from a real and from a fantasy standpoint, like it was so bad. There is hardly anything to even write about, but that Pistons box score last night is one of the outliers in box score history. It's just amazing. I love it. I could look at it all day, but I'm not gonna I'm not gonna look at Dennis Smith Junior's performance and just take away the total grain of salt and just totally throw it aside because this is obviously a guy who went really early in the draft. We've seen and produced before. He's just 23 years old. I mean, we had all decided he was a bust, including me. But the change of scenery thing can be very real sometimes, and it's clearly working for him right now. And I guess all I'm saying is if I picked him up anywhere, which I did, I'm not gonna drop him yet. Preemptively just be like, all right, he's done Now Delon Wright's gonna be back in a minute. He's done. I want to see what happens. I'm gonna give it a few games after the break to at least see if Dennis Smith remains. They're making an impact because I do think it's possible. Yeah, I picked him up Wednesday night after he went off. I picked him up in two leagues, and I mean, I'm gonna plug him into those lineups and see what happens and wait. You know, wait until the wheels fall off, so to speak. Yeah, exactly.
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