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Snippet of Roundball Stew: Recent Trends: Kevin Porter Jr. Mania, Jakob Poeltl On A Heater

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Roundball Stew is bringing you everyone who is hot in the NBA. Kevin Porter Jr. has made a fantastic debut on the Houston Rockets and, despite the drama that has followed him, James Harden has been playing at the highest level we've ever seen from him.
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so sorry you can't have him there and I was like, Yeah, that's kind of a bummer. I wish I had been a little more aggressive, but now I'm really feeling like I wish I had been more aggressive. He's averaging his first five games with the Rockets just under 20 points. He's averaging eight assists, almost two steals. He's averaging a block, nearly two threes. The only downside is he's been kind of brutal from the free throw line, 65% on four times a game in very high turnovers, 3.6 Otherwise, O Ryan Man. Does the outlook look fantastic for Kevin Porter Jr in Houston? What are you feeling about this? He's even better than advertised because when last we spoke, he hadn't played yet. He hadn't stepped on the court, and I was talking about how Houston intended to use him as a backup point guard. And now he looks like a Fillon star in the making. I mean, right out of the gates. Now, granted, he's getting unfettered touches and usage. In fact, he's 13th in the entire league in touches per game, 11th and time of possession. That's higher than LeBron James higher than Steph Curry. You can go on down the list, but he looks super impressive exactly as advertised. I mean, you mentioned inefficiency is going to be a problem. Percentages he might seriously ding you with with the volume of attempts he's getting and turnover is going to hurt. But he's filling up steals, which is critical, Uh, at least seven assists in every single game he's played. So I love what he's doing. I think if if you got him, congratulations, because it's gonna be a fun, right? Yeah. And I don't think the free throw shooting is gonna be deadly like he was shooting it pretty well in the first four games. Uh, he was four of eight on Wednesday night and that that hurt. But, you know, he's doing so many other things. I don't even really care about his free throw shooting at this point. Sort of like, um, so, like, if you went out and got Dwight Howard, uh, instead, Tony Bradley, like I like, I advised that you should unlike some other people on this podcast, um, you don't really worry about the free throw percentage if you got a guy that you picked up off the way everywhere he's doing other stuff. So K P. J has been awesome. The Rockets may not win another game this season. I was talking about them possibly trying to make a run. That's not that's not happening. Uh, they are terrible and they are injured and it's K P J team. Now. It's like him and Christian would and then occasionally John Walsh show up and join the party. But it's Christian would and k p j the rest away. Let me just pull that knife out that Steve threw at me. Wow. Did you hear that? Unlike some people on this pocket, I would have to rewind the tape there if I if I endorse Tony Bradley. It was a very light hearted endorsement. If I recall correctly, you said I think you should get Howard And we were both, like, Well, yeah, I mean, I don't really like either of these guys that much. And you know, Bradley is like the roll of the dice. Howard is like, we know what you're going to get. So I feel like that was uncalled for, Steve. And I am, uh I'm going to be looking for an opportunity to to throw something back at you, just so you know, so be on guard. I was not trying to hurt your feelings, but clearly, I did not know you didn't hurt my feelings. You just activated my aggression. There's those are different things. Um, you know, it is interesting, though, because, uh, watching the Rockets the other night and watching a lefty shooting step back threes and dominating the ball for Houston. You can't help but think a little bit about James Harden. I mean, he's kind of operating right now in the James Harden roll a little bit for Houston or a lot for Houston. Have you had that thought, Ryan? And what do you think that means once John Wall is back? Yeah, there are the surface similarities with the left handedness and so forth, but it's amazing when you watch him play and the volume of step back threes that he takes and the similarity in his moves his his shifty first move, or you don't know if he's gonna, you know, lead into a driver. Step back, it's It's remarkably similar, and now, with his assists, it's pretty. It's very impressive. I'll say he's he's even better than advertised. Um, when John Wall comes back, Yeah, maybe. I mean, John Wall is doing everything he can for this Houston team, right? He's coming back. Everyone kind of wrote him off. Coming off the Achilles injury, multiple surgeries over the past couple of years. He's doing everything he can. So I think the Rockets will try to honor him by playing him. You know, as many minutes as he is willing to play down the stretch for a team that's going nowhere fast. Does that bump K P J to a Ben Troll to what they had initially said, a kind of sixth man role? Maybe it's still not going to prohibit him from playing 30 plus minutes per game and getting a ton of touches. So I'm not too worried. Even when Wall is active. I don't think you know that. It's an untenable time. Share anything like that. Yeah. Speaking to James Hardman Wednesday night, he had 40 10 15 triple double brought the Nets back against the Pacers. Noake. Irene Okay, D took over the game and did did one of those things, you know, when he was with the Rockets, he said. I got to feel like I have to score 40 points a night for us to have a shot to win. And I think it might be the same with the Nets when, uh, the other two guys are not there. But, man, I was kind of proud of myself when I didn't draft Harden this season, when there was so much weirdness going on when he was in Houston, he was sitting out. Then he's going to the Nets, where he's going to have to compete with Katie and Kyrie for the ball. And I was like, I made the right call here and it doesn't look like the right call at all Drew. Think Myers laughing all the way. The bank harden hardly looks like the best player in the game. Like he, he looks incredible since February 1st, Harden sitting around 26 points, nearly 10 boards and 11.5 assists. He's getting steals, getting blocks nearly three threes per game, almost as I said, almost averaging a triple double over his last 19 games and longer. Actually, it's just absurd, and I think we're all a little surprised at how he's you know how much he's been willing to pass. Not that he's a selfish player, per se, but how much he's been willing to distribute. Given that that's what that team needs, when and if they're all healthy, they're Big three. There have been a couple of sacrifices because you point to I mean, Kyrie Irving has basically said, James Harden is our point guard. Uh, you know, I'm gonna let him set the table for everybody else, and Kyrie is doing what he you know what he does best to just score the ball in droves and
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