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Snippet of Runner's World Podcast: Running a vegan diet

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Hear the hosts of Runner's World discuss the major pros and cons of the vegan diet, particularly for runners and anyone who likes to exercise.
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is, which includes eggs, dairy products like milk, butter, cream cheese on. They typically eat honey. Either. That's my favorite food. And that was right. I think the main thing that kind of when it comes up, when we talk about veganism and running, um, Arthuis, performance positives that come with a change to a plant based diet. Um, from a nutritional perspective, what would those be? Often when people turn vegan, they really reassess their whole diet. If you do it well and you really plan your meals out often, you end up taking more care over what you're eating thing before also, you know, with a good vegan diet, when you focus on things like pulses, nuts, seeds, lots of fresh produce, vegetables, then there it is, a nutrient dense diet. You you have, Although you're not necessarily covering all of your nutrient basis, you're you know, your intake of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber can be good for for certain nutrients, probably when you change so that you can do you to eat more veg and more fruit, I reckon. I mean, I haven't gone down the vegan route, but would you say that was your experience? Yeah, so I'm when we're talking about the pros of it. It's not necessarily something that, from a performance point of view or like a lot, those sorts of things. But what it did help was just reevaluate what you were eating and how to just change your diet a bit. Um, in the broader terms and you're looking at your daily consumption, and all of a sudden you're thinking like, well, actually, you know what? I can't eat that later. So what am I gonna eat? So you're learning new recipes. You're trying new foods. Um, you're sort of you're researching, you know? Whoa. I really enjoy that. Oh, maybe I can try this. And it kind of ends up being like it's quite fun because you're just if anyone likes. If you like food and learning about new food is great, you're suddenly just involved in this new process of being like, Oh, I'm gonna roast some bulgar wheat and you're like, I've never done this before. You do it and it's lovely, but what would you say? Some of the con so came off veganism can get presented, I think. Is this kind of silver bullet, you know, it's a health, but actually I'm not sure that's accurate. Really. It's certainly harder to get optimal levels of certain nutrients from a vegan diet. So the one that we talk about a lot is vitamin B 12. Most of the sources off B 12 are animal sources that aren't very many sources of B 12 in a vegan diet, so typically you would need to supplement on. Then there are there were a number of different nutrients. Take, for example, iron. You can get iron from vegan plant sources, but the forms of iron that we get from plants is different to the form of iron that we get from animals. So he my iron, which is the iron we get from animal products, is much more easily absorbed and utilized by the body compared to non heme iron that we get from plants. And there are a number of examples like this. So a number of different nutrients where the plant version is not necessarily in the active form, so the body, our bodies, when we consume it in those forms, has to go through certain processes to make it, um, able to be used by the body So let's talk about runners on those who regularly exercised. Are there sort of immediate things that everyone has to be very mindful if they're going to adopt a vegan diet? Yeah, absolutely. So I think for runners in particular, protein is really key. We know that athletes and people doing a lot of exercise have a higher protein requirement than the average person. The nutrients required for energy production are really important. So and again, this is relevant to everybody. But in particular, runners need a lot of energy. Eso iron b 12 vitamin D so low levels of any of these nutrients can lead to fatigue. I think you know one of the key factors for Runner Aziz well is hunger. If you're covering a lot of distance, you're going to feel hungry for sure. But animal, you know, animal foods like me, they fill us up. They keep us satisfied for a longer time. Thank carbohydrate based foods that typically are broken down. Andi used up much more quickly on I don't know what your experience was when you Yeah, I think that I mean, I a lot. So when I was switching stuff around, I was I would just go by volume. Ah, lot of the time and I kind of feel like that would be the benchmark of like, Oh, I'd eat enough of it until I felt full on. I guess that that's, you know, as I think my body is quite used to the patterns of. I've been quite strict before with my diet, and I kind of think that my body's learned to react to certain they acquired. Absolutely. Yeah, exactly. And it's kind of almost got to the point where it knows if I've had, like, something that, um, like, got some good fat in it and some protein and it feels full of quicker than it does if I just eat a lot of carbs. I definitely think that it does that, Um, so I think that there was a kind of honeymoon period where I was just like the idea of what I was doing and changing the diet around was nice and kind of like felt I felt better for it, because when you feel better for it because you're changing your diet, you're eating new foods and that makes you feel better. But then there's also you feel better for it because you feel like you're doing something positive. So there's kind of like a sort of placebo effect. What kind of I mean maybe not even placebo. But you kind of actively think it's a betterment. So you kind of like, you know, So you kind of it's too full. But yes, I did think that I found myself reaching for snacks quite a bit more by obviously vegan sex E when I was a vegetarian, strictly vegetarian for 14 years on. Do you know, I just remember always feeling hungry. I was hungry all the time on I could eat a massive ball of pastor on, then still be sort of raiding the biscuits and my I had cravings. My blood sugar levels were all over the place. I was tired all the time, constantly deficient in iron ons. I remember when I started to eat me, it was just a huge difference for me. I could eat such smaller quantities but actually feel
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