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Snippet of Sacred Symbols: Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah Exit BioWare

From Audio: #127: Bye-oWare
Last Played: May 28, 2021
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Laura Miele discusses the news in a blog post. This is the second exit for the project director of Mass Effect and the first for the executive producer of Dragon Age. Both Hudson and Darrah have been with BioWare for about 20 years and there is a possibility that they were removed.
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So Laura Meal, who's the chief studios officer, A TA, wrote a block post. And here's what she wrote. I'm reading this at the same time that you guys were hearing it, she says. We strive for all of our studios to be places where talented creative people come to do career defining work. A dimension of this ambition is that sometimes those people want to try different things. Casey Hudson, GM of BioWare and Mark Darrah, executive producer of Dragon Age, are two of those people, and they have decided to move on from BioWare. I want to personally thank Casey and Mark for everything they have done for the BioWare community, in particular for our players. They will always be in the central part of the studios history, and we appreciate their many contributions. She then links to post that both Casey and Mark Red, which I look at in a minute, she says. What I think about bio, his future in the next generation of talent in place, I cannot be more confident or optimistic. As we look to the studios future and the projects currently under development, the next generation of bio or talent is leading the studio forward and working on some incredible games that I know you will be excited toe to experience in the coming years. Samantha Ryan, who came to Electronic Arts after leading Warner Brothers Games, is one of the strongest leaders in the industry. She will continue to oversee the studio. I'm also excited to announce that Christian Dailly, who joined by Away From Blizzard, will be leading our Dragon Age project, currently in development. Christian is a fantastic creative leader, and I look forward to you all, getting to know him blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So then Casey Hudson wrote a letter. It's pretty lengthy. It's the second time he's left by aware. So I don't think it has that much of an impact, frankly, as much as it is the first time, and then Mark Dara wrote his posts as well, just to catch everyone up on who these guys are. In case they don't know, Casey Hudson has been with BioWare since the very beginning, basically, and Waas, the project director of Mass Effect and Mass Effect two in Mass Effect three, and he also worked in a production roll on Knights of the Old Republic and he was basically the face of the studio. And then Mark Dara is a longtime programmer and then producer. He was a programmer on some old BioWare games like Jade Empire and the Boulders Gate Games Never winter Nights and then rose up to the executive producer rank with the Dragon Age Siri's, which he has led that entire time. Um and so there we have to take more time to kind of digest this. But I at least wanted to get your take Chris on this, this sudden news e mean, that's pretty huge. That's ah, amusingly enough that Z what is this? The fourth story today that we've covered about somebody like people leaving a studio after, like, 20 years? Yeah, like how long is I know Casey Hudson's been there for a long ass time. Like 2001, I think. Or, like, 2000. Yeah. Yeah, he was there in the beginning because he may He worked on m d. K two. Yeah, which I think was his first game. So I don't think he was like a founder of BioWare because they were founded in the mid nineties. But M d k two was like his first game. So he's been there for at least 20 years. And then, like I said for both of them, you know, with Mark as well. Mark Dara. He's been there for about 20 years as well, But you have to remember that Casey Hudson left by Aware and went to Microsoft. He left by Aware in 2014, went to Microsoft and then left Microsoft in 2017 and went back to BioWare. So now he's living by aware again. Yeah, I do remember, because I remember hearing like I when I saw this was like Casey has, at least by where I was like, Wait, because I I thought I heard that before, and I guess I did should trust my intuition more often. But no, that's that's it's just interesting. I think the only thing I mean, this is obviously super fresh, so I don't know what to really think about it. But I do think it's just fascinating that there's just this trend of like like nearly 20 year veterans, just sort of booking it from all these studios. Yeah, it's interesting. I wonder if these two will find their way together or not. They've worked apart and together, so we'll see. Also, Casey was much more associated with mass effect and mark much more associated with Dragon Age. So what's surprising about them leaving is that there? It's kind of like the center of gravity for both of those franchises leaving at the same time. So there is a lot to consider here. I feel like there's got to be a reason why this is happening. This could very well be because the games aren't going well and I don't know if they're gonna say they clearly don't say that here, but then leaving at the same time, it's conspicuous, to say the very least. I need toe digested a lot more. But by aware in the Casey Hudson era, the second one has not been very good at all. And so you know, he came back, they released an drama than they released Anthem. I mean, Dragon age has been a development forever. There's really not much the show eso they might have removed them, and I think that that's entirely possible. But I don't know. I don't wanna make any assumptions. Yeah, we're speculating, obviously because this is still pretty fresh and we don't We don't know what the hell is going on. But that's that is a big deal for by aware of the fact that the there's that that's toe lose, Ah, key component of both of your key franchises, you know, because as of right now, you know, BIOWARE is pretty heavily leaning on Dragon Age. And whatever future mass effect will potentially exist to carry them out of out of the wake of Anthem and, uh, toe lose these people right now is pretty that Z I don't wanna say that's like doom, doom and gloomy, but like that's pretty. That's not ideal, to say the least.
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