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Snippet of Schmanners: Holiday Special: Saint Patrick's Day

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Our hosts talk about St Patrick: the symbolism behind shamrocks, whether or not St. Patrick really drove the snakes out of Ireland, and the original color of St Patrick's day, and the origins and morality of pinching
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so some interesting things about the ST Patrick and his his transitioning of Ireland from pagan to Roman Catholic. He used a lot of the same symbolism, which and you hear about this all throughout the idea of converting pagans. So like the idea of Easter and Christmas where we incorporated like the tree and rabbit, all the awesome parts, right? So if you've ever seen the Celtic cross right with the circle, and so you have to cross with the circle. That circle represents the sun, which was worshipped in the pagan culture. So he overlaid that over the cross, made the Celtic cross in a way to better like help the transition. Um, he also used bonfires and a lot of celebration because bonfires were used in a lot of pagan celebrations and the shamrock, which I also found shame, Roy. I think it was pronounced in Gaelic or what they called it in Gaelic. Um, there's differing opinions on whether or not it was actually ever considered holy by the pagans. But the story is, and the reason that it's so associated with Saint Patrick and Saint Patrick's Day is that he used the three leaves of the clover, um, to kind of convey the story of the three parts of the Trinity, the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Does four leaf clover have anything to do with any of this stuff? The fourth leaf is us. No, I don't think so. I think it's just that it's a rare mutation of the thing, so that doesn't have anything to do. No, no, I don't think so. But here's an interesting fact that you might not know there were never any snakes, kind of his claim to fame and what most people know him as he is that he drove the snakes out of Ireland. Yeah, that didn't happen. That's more or less a really thinly veiled metaphor for driving out pagans and converting pagans into Christians. Yeah, wait a second. There are snakes. There's snakes like everywhere, right? Like little garden saying everything I read. Everything was like there were never any snakes in Ireland, so there's no snakes. I mean, I'm sure there might be a snake or two just hanging out, like seeing another one like Oh my God, I thought I was the only one, but there was never a plague of snakes that was driven into the ocean. That's that. I can understand. But I guess I was thinking about, you know, like, garden snakes. And I mean, well, it's an island country, so there might not be any snakes there. I don't know. Okay, but if you live in Ireland and you've ever seen a snake, please let us know Ash manners cast on Twitter. Another interesting thing. You know how the color green these, like, super duper, incredibly associated with ST Projects Day and Ireland. It was not always that way. Rolling Hills. Here's the thing. There was actually for a long time, um, legend had it. The fairy tale by which I literally mean fairy tale was that it was incredibly unlucky to wear green because that was the color of the fairies. And you weren't supposed to dress like a fair. You weren't supposed to wear green until, um, certain, like military groups. And, you know, fighting forces started wearing green to show their pride in being Irish. So then it became associated Originally, the colour associated with Saint Patrick and Saint Patrick's Day was blue. And it wasn't until later that green became the popular color until, like the 17th and 18th century. Wow. Um, speaking of which, why we're on it? Let's talk about pinching. Don't pinch people. That's not nice. In this age of like consent, we need to make sure that we don't pinch people. Also, anybody who's gone through elementary school knows that it's just an excuse to pick on people. It's not a good thing to do. Um, there's lots of self associated with ST Patrick's Day that I would say we shouldn't do anymore. One of them is definitely pinching because just mean, like, don't do it, It's weird. It's one thing if someone says, Pinch me, I'm dreaming. Yeah, or like pinch me. I'm super into it exactly. But you shouldn't pinch people just because they aren't wearing green. I read somewhere that the pension originated as like, um, when the Irish dispersed throughout the world that it was a matter of Hey, why are you not showing pride in your heritage on ST Patrick's Day? And that's where the pinch came from? Or there was another claim that the pension came from that if lepre cons so you would wear green to blend in with the fairies and so that they couldn't find you to pinch you so as leprechauns pinching you because you weren't wearing green. Except that I think both of those are just things we use now to justify pinching people. Don't do it. Don't pinch people. If if the whole thing about pinching people to show their Irish pride, how would you know who was Irish Irish people On ST Patrick's Day, everybody's Irish. Irish people look like people.