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Snippet of Schmanners: Holiday Special: Saint Patrick's Day

Last Played: March 16, 2021
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Travis and Teresa talk about some common misconceptions about St. Patrick's Day—like the color green being the original color associated with Ireland—and explain St Patrick's Day etiquette that everyone should follow, like not pinching people. They also explain how St Patrick's day began, and why it became a holiday that centers around drinking.
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another interesting thing. You know how the color green these like super duper, incredibly associated with ST Projects Day and Ireland. It was not always that way. Rolling Hills. Here's the thing there was actually, for a long time, um, legend had it. The fairy tale by which I literally mean fairy tale was that it was incredibly unlucky to wear green because that was the color of the fairies and you weren't supposed to dress like a fair. You weren't supposed to wear green until, um, certain, like military groups. And, you know, fighting forces started wearing green to show their pride in being Irish. So then it became associated Originally, the colour associated with Saint Patrick and Saint Patrick's Day was blue. And it wasn't until later that Green became the popular color until, like the 17th and 18th century. Wow. Um, speaking of which, why we're on it? Let's talk about pinching. Don't pinch people. That's not nice. In this age of like consent, we need to make sure that we don't pinch people. Also, anybody who's gone through elementary school knows that it's just an excuse to pick on people. It's not a good thing to do? Um, there's lots of self associated with ST Patrick's Day that I would say we shouldn't do anymore. One of them is definitely pinching because just mean, like, don't do it, It's weird. It's one thing if someone says, Pinch me, I'm dreaming. Yeah, Or like pinch me. I'm super into it exactly. But you shouldn't pinch people just because they aren't wearing green. I read somewhere that the pension originated as like, um, when the Irish dispersed throughout the world that it was a matter of Hey, why are you not showing pride in your heritage on ST Patrick's Day? And that's where the pinch came from? Or there was another claim that the pension came from that if lepre cons. So you would wear green to blend in with the fairies and so that they couldn't find you to pinch you so as leprechauns pinching you because you weren't wearing green. Except that I think both of those are just things we use now to justify pinching People don't do it. Don't pinch people. If if the whole thing about pinching people to show their Irish pride, how would you know who was Irish? Irish people on ST Patrick's Day. Everybody's Irish. Irish people look like people. That's very true. Um, so it wasn't until 19 oh three. That ST ST Patrick's Day became an official public holiday in Ireland, thanks to the Bank Holiday Act of 19 oh three. Um, it was in 19 oh three. Really? That is fairly recent than it was a religious holiday in a feast holiday. But it wasn't like a public. It was made by introduced by Irish member of Parliament James O. Mara. Now, O Mara later introduced the law that required that pubs and bars be closed on the 17th of March after drinking got out of hand, a provision that was later repealed in 1970 or in the 19 seventies. So they they closed all the bars during ST Patrick's Day. So here's the important backstory that you need to know about Saint Patrick Saint Patrick's Day to understand why it has become the thing that it is Okay, so in ancient Ireland, when the feast first started being recognized, it was like in the ninth or 10th century somewhere in there. But they started having a feast of Saint Patrick. It falls within lint and It was a day that the restrictions of lint were lifted, right? So drinking, meat, dancing, partying It was like the one day in the middle of Lent. You could do the decorating, you know, during Lent, they don't even decorate the church. So it became a day to cut loose in the middle of a very restrictive religious period. So that's kind of how that evolved into a very, very special celebration day, Um, and why it can sometimes get out of hand.
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