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It's never to late to reminisce on movies that imbue you with a sense of nostalgia. Inspire your sense of wonder with sci-fi movies stocked with technology and innovations perhaps too far fetched for today, but still grounded in reality enough fuel our fascinations. Join the dedicated fandoms sparked from these blockbuster films and hear these geeky, and usually enthusiastic, reviews for the genre of the future.
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Hear the reasons why this timeless sci-fi classic still remains a benchmark for practical effects and evergreen film that has yet to become dated. Hear the School of Movies weigh in on Jurassic Park.
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This is one of the greatest and most important movies ever made. It's also one of my all time favorites. I have been on tenterhooks, looking forward to giving it the digital drift treatment in the run up to Jurassic World. Now, whether that full film is terrible or brilliant won't change how I feel about this original and will be handling its Sequels over the next few weeks as well. Joining me on the dinosaur trail are some of my very favorite people, my lovely wife and co host and I dare say dabbling paleo botanist Dr Sharon Shaw. Thank you. A regular voice from Canaan Rinse and the curator of the animation archives Amateur chaotic Shin Dr Joshua Garrity. I thank you for having me on this podcast. I got to say he is the most Jeff Goldblum that he's ever been in this world, E. But yeah, on making sure the kids are well represented from the website and alternative view on movies or halt view and also off game bust. It's the brave and enthusiastic little Jimmy Perkins. But, uh, I shouldn't I mean, you must be 30 by now. E just like you know, you've always been the younger one for May. But, you know, I just forget how long I've been podcasting. But James Perkins Thank you. And welcome back. I think the last time you were on with the mass effect shows and then before that alien. So yeah, I'm long. Yeah, it's been a long, long time. Thank you for having but thank you for having me back. They would appear to get you on. We need to have creatures or aliens of some kinds. Yeah, it would seem that way. On a least. None of you were the bloodsucking lawyer, by the way. Yea. Now what a lot of people don't realize was what a reasonably priced production Jurassic Park waas. Anybody want to guess at the budget, or does anybody know? I don't know, but yeah, Josh, you want to say that first, and then Sharon can come in with knowing roughly what it is, anyway. I mean, I was going to say what Sharon said 60 million. That was a total guess on my part. By the way, I had no idea. James, you wanna you wanna you wanna get higher or lower than 60 million? I I'm gonna go for 70 it was 63 million. Wow, that's a really just like It's pretty tightly, especially by today's standards, especially by the fact that the C G is like the benchmark for the nineties. Yes, on Did anyone know how much it has made theatrically since released in 93? Now remember, this was on release for a long, long time. It was in the cinema for ages, didn't come out on video for ages, didn't come out on DVD for ages but were released in three years. Well, yeah, we were, uh, they'll be taking into consideration the anniversaries and re releases and all that sort stuff as well. You don't want to guess. Lots? Yes, 900 million. Very close. It's just over a billion. Really? Wow, that's incredible. Now here's the galling thing. Jurassic Purpose. The Lost World. Jurassic Park cost 73 million, so that's 10 more than the original, But Jurassic Park three. Anyone who's seen it recently cost 93 million. How and why and where did that money go anyway? We'll talk about Jurassic Park free in a few weeks. Time clearly only will only eat steak. She's gotta have some extra cheese on her waffle. Somehow, Spielberg and company with this original managed to make a film about dinosaurs, which featured only a few minutes of footage and special effects, yet utterly convinced us that there was an island in which dinosaurs exist. There are various reasons for this strength of this sustained magic trick and the power it still holds. Firstly, the mystery on holding back of the dinosaur while explaining in a fun and interesting way how everything works, allowing us to draw our own picture while still itching to see them actually on screen. Secondly, the intense conviction of the actors performing the characters who were new to the island sells us the wonder. But in hand with that, the blase and often offhand way the park staff regard the annoyingly obtuse dinosaurs convinces us that they are real s. Still this 12 punch of the amazing and the mundane. Describing the same thing is the rarely discussed secret weapon of this original couple. That with astonishing use of special effects, giving a solid practical animatronics just enough for us to believe that the animals are there on screen on, in fact, that they are really animals, such as the subtlety of their movement on this was augmented by some of the earliest CG for when the dinosaurs had to be more active, c G. That both pushed the envelope in terms of what was possible on screen and still largely holds up today. Even in the broad daylight scenes, the production team approaches their dinosaur models with total faith, unveiling each of them in their element on pacing the story just right to refocus on each one. In turn, a lthough dinosaurs interact with their environment, further selling the magic trick and making this the model for how to convince an audience That's something which is not is this was such a huge game changer is going to be hard to quantify its knock on effect in the years since. Suffice to say that along with Terminated, to which we will shortly be reviewing, it redefined the world of cinema in the 19 nineties. When it comes down to it, we like the likable characters we are suitably and comedically annoyed by the annoying ones on were challenged by those who make us feel more than one thing at once, which is several, including Malcolm on. Most notably of all, Hammond. It's a colossal, on perfectly executed theme park ride. It's a pure adventure story on DIT poses, mostly believable science question mark. Even the stuff that's been subsequently disproved always always guesswork. It presents philosophical questions about science and the nature of discovery on makes no final judgment on this, which works to it's eternal benefit. Yes, man shouldn't inal practicality or ethical fields recreate dinosaurs. But the astonishing and inspiring nature of what occurs when he does is undeniable. This tone is where it departs the most from the source novel by Michael Crichton, a firm favorite with many readers but absolutely in the camp of irresponsible science sewing disaster. There's a lot more horror is more savagery, less likable characters and a doom laden finale with a much higher body count, including the deaths of Henry Wu, John Hammond, Ian Malcolm on every dinosaur on the island getting napalmed. A different director like David Fincher or Stanley Kubrick could have made something cold and baleful. Instead, Spielberg pulls off what may in fact, be his magnum opus, balancing in a way Jaws eat and Raiders almost but don't quite achieve, Ah, film for every child who has ever picked up a dinosaur picture book on was transported to a world long before man's existence. This is not just because it delivered US dinosaurs, but because it made them riel and wonderful and terrifying. But with a level of fragility woven into John Williams superb score that on some subconscious level mirrors our own deep seated anxiety over our decidedly limited window of success as a species upon this earth.