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Snippet of Sean and Catherine Low React to Being the Only 'Bachelor' Success

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Host Sarah Hearon breaks the news to former Bachelor Sean Lowe and wife Catherine Giudici that there's more 'Bachelor' couples who ended up with their runners-up than winners in a fun interview about the latest Bachelor Nation news.
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I've never heard that. But that's true. I guess we're more willing to root for maybe the female lead to find her man versus the guy we want for ourselves. Yeah, that kind of early. All that might not work because we see the backs. Like we Seymour about what she's like, uh, doll theory. It's all a big social experiment. Um, either of you know, claret all No. We've met her once at Good Morning America, and she seemed really sweet. But I'm super excited for, uh, for season, their season. Whatever's happening. Excited now, are you guys in the loop? Did you get the call from Palm Springs? I mean, everybody popped up there. E was jealous, like I don't know. The resort. Yeah, it was a resort. I think that's another interesting factor. Do you think it could possibly be an advantage or a disadvantage to take the travel aspect out of the show? It would certainly be a lot less fun. Traveling was the whole reason I did the show. I think Katherine Dida's well for just the experience of traveling the world, and that was a blast. We've got to do so many cool things So I think personally, I would have done crazy had I sat in the same hotel room at the same resort for 11 weeks. But I feel like the it'll be more focused on her and not the excitement of the dates and all that stuff. So hopefully it ends up being really good. But I'm sure that still has something up their sleeve to make it really exciting for us to watch. Yeah, I mean, it's a really huge resort with, like, 1000 pools, so I'm sure probably feels like a different location. But it's, you know, just another difference for the season and the Corona time in general with the switch up, we don't really know what's going on between Claire and Tasha and the whole thing, but the show just keeps out doing itself right with the plot twist one. Do you think that they're gonna be able to keep that up? And to do you miss the more traditional kind of endings or you'll hear for the for the plot twists? E think they're fine to watch, and the editing gets e think everything is been super consistent in terms of wanting to watch so whether they've evolved or not. I think they do a really good job, and it's been on for how long, Like post 20 years. Yeah, like if you don't, you don't change it up. Eventually, it's just gonna die like American Idol or dancing with the Stars. I know they're kind of fading out. American Idol went out, came back, but like people just get tired of the same old, same old. I think throwing it twists mixed up more fun. I mean, at this rate, your kids are gonna have the chance to go on the show. E o. What would you say? I say Yes, he says, Why is that? I just want my kids to meet their future spouse is the traditional way. They don't need all the craziness, all the documentation. That was fun. Everyone documents everything. Now e. Well, Catherine, I know I read somewhere that you had the show edited to be just like your story, which I think is the greatest thing that emerged. E was chill about it and cool about it in the process. Watching it back. I think I deserve to have one without him. My husband, that's father of my Children making out with multiple people. There's everything else is their group dates and all that stuff. Like I want to relive it. I just don't wanna You know, I'm normal. Okay? Absolutely. Did you watch the The greatest seasons ever? Condensed version. Yeah. And did you enjoy with Yeah, we haven't seen it since it aired. So it was nice to watch that. And there are kids got to be on. I mean, that was my most exciting part. And all the girls look so good in their interviews afterward. Like our season looks very good. Absolutely. Absolutely. I'm Captain. You wrote a beautiful post around that time about diversity on the show and how, you know, you felt that maybe you were there toe check a box, but obviously turned into so much more. Can you tell me a little bit about that? Because I thought it was just so well written. Oh, thank you. I guess I was just kind of trying to be transparent about it, because one I didn't think that he won, he would choose me. Um, just because of like us on paper, we don't make sense at all. So I was like? Well, I'm attracted to him. I would have done on the show if I didn't think that I could be interested in him. Um, but I knew that they probably cast me like one of the factors. Maybe was that I was ethnic. Um, and I was at peace with it because I love my heritage. And I, um, you know, love showing exposure and thio other types of faces. But I really count myself out because of that fact. And because I thought, you know
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