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Snippet of SEL Chat: Special Edition Optimistic Thinking

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Here are several great pieces of advice for any and all having trouble staying optimistic in these trying times. The fact that these are all accounts of teachers goes to show that this virus affects every one of us. And for the teacher especially, staying positive means giving students a sense of optimism through class productivity. One teacher's tip for an engagement board is just one of many creative ways to ensure and encourage an optimistic attitude in the classroom.
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Today we have a special edition optimistic thinking episode of our podcast. During these uncertain times, Aperture Education and SCL Chet have decided that April is optimistic. Thinking Month Aperture Education recently held a webinar titled Promoting Teacher Resilience with Paula Buff. We have since reached out to educators who both attended and didn't attend our webinar to share their optimistic thinking stories with us. Here are just a few stories that were shared that I'd like to share with you, too. If you'd like to share your story with us, do so at SCL chat dot com slash story. Donna shared how she is showing optimistic thinking during this time, and I quote, walking daily prayer and purpose gives meaning to my days. I look forward to serving those around me as I am called to Dio and have no fear of whatever may come. When I was a child, I would complain about anything I would always notice my mother would soon be telling me a story of someone in our neighborhood who had things much worse. When the concept was brought up in this webinar. It made me smile to know that my mother taught me and my siblings. Such resilience. Thank you, Donna. It's wonderful to look back on our childhood and see where resilient started building. Jessica told us how her classroom was adapting. I decided that optimism was important to spread throughout this time. As I worked the materials, I wanted to share skills with my students to so a colleague and I partner to create two choice boards of activities for our students. One was on kindness during social distancing, and the other one was a collection of choices to grow your optimistic thinking. I hope they all try to get a bingo on their choice sports. I am positive that through togetherness and sharing our strengths, we can survive and drive. Marissa explained how she's going to use Paul's example in her own staff presentation. I really liked the conversation and layout of the presentation. I'm going to be presenting to my staff on trauma and resiliency in the context of a specific program, and there are several takeaways I plan on sharing. I think the biggest take away from me is purposeful planning of creating optimism. I think oftentimes we let negativity overpower us. But planning a time to be grateful time to create personal goals or journaling can help us create physical structure that can rewire our cognition. Marisa's totally right, and as you guys know, I will absolutely be linking that webinar in all of our links. Brand got straight to the point. We are always thinking of the best ways to stay positive and connect as best we can. I would love to be part of Brian's District. As he seems to instill optimism continuously. Tracy points out that a gratitude list and positive thoughts go far, and I couldn't agree more. Colleen adds that yoga has helped her optimistic thinking during these times. If you haven't listened to Megan's mindfulness episode, you'll appreciate her approach with the yoga in mind. Vanessa includes. We're trying to be, in the moment, focused on that exact moment. We dance, play games, talk and joke around with each other. When we hear an update, we try to focus on something fun or funny. We did. Finally, Jennifer wraps up her experience nicely. I do believe that is all about mindset, so I try to shift gears on what good comes out of this Such a spending time with families, dinners at the dinner table, working together on projects such as gardening and painting. We take a daily walk with our dogs and focus on the positives of our day and look for things that we never noticed. This gives us a chance to slow down and remember what families are. And I know not everyone is in the same situation. But I try to share what we do as a family to help encourage others. My husband works at a hospital, so he is an essential employee right now. So I do always focus on the positives for our son. So he sees this is not on Lee about not being in school, but what we can do to help others in a time of need. Thank you, everyone for your stories on optimistic thinking during this time, if you have a story you'd like to share for the next special edition on optimistic thinking do so at S E l chat dot com back slash story and again that will be the links. This will end our special edition of SCL chat on optimistic thinking, but I can't wait to bring you more stories from fellow educators soon. Thank you for spending your time with us today on SCL chat. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter at SCL Chat podcast Facebook SCL chat and now Instagram at SCH at podcast. Thank you so much for joining us. And as always, thank you for all that you dio until next time.
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