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Snippet of Shipwreck SF: Book 67 > Mary Poppins

Last Played: August 01, 2021
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Mrs. Banks has a dirty chimney that needs to be swept in this Marry Poppin erotic fan fiction. Mr. Banks is staying late at work and her children aren't home, will Mrs. Banks take advantage of the chimney sweep visiting. Will the wholesome chimney sweep catch on to what Mrs. Banks is trying to have him do?
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story Children is titled Mrs Banks Gets Her Chimney Swept Up. So Winifred Banks strode confidently down the cherry tree lane, belting out a tune about burning the patriarchy to the ground. She had just left the most thrilling suffragette rally and felt like an Amazon in an Edwardian tea gown. Nothing made her horny er than a direct action campaign. So apparent was this in her step that even the punctual admiral boom prematurely shot his cannon as she passed Boom. It was unfortunate that when afraid could not rely on her husband, Thio, effectively cure her hysteria. Mr. George Bank, a Squire, had made love to his wife exactly three times, wants to conceive. Jane wants to conceive Michael on once more. When King Edward took the throne, each soiree was affect efficiently delivered in exactly 10 thrusts on, followed by a firm handshake. It seemed that Winifred would need to find some other way to celebrate. This evening, she thought to herself as she first through her front door, singing well done, sister suffragettes. Her maid, Ellen scurried to the foyer to take her hat and coat. Oh, good evening, Allen. We've had the most glorious meeting Winifred gushed Mrs Whitburn, Alan, lead the ladies and song. And as we pelted prime ministers carriage with used feminine products Yeah, on as he disembarked, Mrs Ainsley shot him in the chest with a revolver. Good heavens, exclaimed Ellen, Today marks a new day for the women of England. She was about to explode into another verse when something in the living room caught her eye. What do we have here? She exclaimed. White drop cloths covered her furniture on the tall, filthy, strapping man stood in her fireplace humming a tune about chimneys or something. He grabbed a long shaft and thrusted vigorously into the gaping hollow in the bank's living room when a Fred licked her lips and turned back to her maid. Mm. Where is Mr Banks? This evening, Helen shook her head. The master phone to say he'll be working late again at the bank. Mom on the Children. Where are my Children? They've gone missing again. Mom. Excellent purred, Mrs Banks. She sauntered into the living room and lit a cigarette. My, what a lovely singing voice you have. Why thank you, Mrs Banks. The chimney sweep replied in a thick cock. Any accent You know what poppin says? A spoonful of Excuse me. Do I know you? Winifred asked, taken aback by his familiar familiarity. The names. But I swept your chimney just last month when I heard raised an eyebrow. I rescued your Children, remember? I rescued your Children. Then you asked me to baby sit them. Yeah, when a third shrugged. What? How nice to see you again, Ben. Tell May just how dirty is my chimney? Bert blanked. Um, well, not not terribly. Then, after understanding her tone about But if if you want to grab a hold of my my tool you you can feel some of the parts that need a good rub. Winifred put a cigarette out and saunter to the fireplace. She leaned in sexually and placed two big gloved hands on his shaft like this, She asked, Burt cleared his throat just like that. Now you could just wiggle it A little Win offered giggled as she pushed the shaft in and out in and out, in and out, rubbing its head against a bump about a third of the way off the inside towards the front. Um, not too fast now. Birth started, but it was too late. Suddenly the handle drift upward and Winifred was sucked into the fireplace. A moment later, she ejaculated out of the chimneys head and in a puff of black smoke, but then floated gently onto the rooftop as she coughed and wiped the soot from her eyes. Bert burst out of the chimney after her and ran to her side. Are you all right, Mrs Banks? He asked, taking her in his arms. Before she could respond, Winifred caught sight of the sunset behind the London skyline. She held her tightly and whispered. Why? It's beautiful. For a moment, they both took in The radiant view, made even more picturesque by hundreds of chimneys belching black smoke into the already polluted air. As the sky darkened, Bert turned to Winifred and gazed into her eyes, then leaked in closer step in time, Step in time, step in time, Step in time. Voices began chanting around them. What the fuck? Exclaimed when a Fred she was confused. Birds face lit up, and he all but dropped her to the ground. It's me pals. Come on, fellas. It's stupid time Time! One by one, set covered laborers emerged from every smokestack flu and vent in sight, each one shouting stopper drive and joining into an elaborate and obviously well rehearsed song and dance number.
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