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Studio Ghibli’s wholesome, perfect film. In the 20s Adriatic Sea, a near-death experience turns a bounty who defected from Italy into a pig. Hayao Miyazaki wanted the planes in Porco Rosso to work realistically. You can see the exhaust and hear the engine’s sound.
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Gore also came up on the wheel. It's a, uh I I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it. Stand out of 10, obviously, because all animals 10 out of 10, of course. But of 10 out of 10 of 10 out of tens, probably a 25 out of 10 around there, it really is a perfect movie. I mean, it's good. It's wholesome and good, other than the fact that there's a lot of mysterious lower that they don't explain. And, uh, other than the fact that it takes place during the Great Depression or fictionally but also my ugly Historically, I think they tried to have that in there. I got I got some input to. And where was this? At Italy? Yes. Yes. 19 twenties, thirties, probably thirties. Probably 1931. 30. Damn. James has facts. I could see him going through stack paper. He's got papers, presentation, power. Yeah. Yeah, right. Um I mean, I don't know if you want to get into all this right now, but like, I think it's a pretty important part of the whole story. And like, who part? So this movie So this I'm trying to say pork. Oh, and Marco at the same time I slipped up. It is set in the twenties. Um, it's an Adriatic Sea in the twenties, so yeah, basically, it's the right off of Italy, like and actually Porco hideout, he that's where it kind of starts. He's chilling in this little killed and it's Croatia. It's supposed to be this little spot in Croatia, and, uh, that's kind of little bit of lower with that area, but and yeah, it takes place in the in the twenties. Um, yeah, and he has a seaplane. Savoia s two is what it is. Yeah, And it's a Butte, man. Fire engine Red. Yeah. I'm just gonna start off by saying this for all of the, uh, autism Gundam gets accused of. He's got a lot of it too, buddy. Absolutely does engines. And he's like he's like a little autistic kid playing with what drew me into it. That's what he is. He's just because he he says he says when he made his hockey, Gober, uh that, like, his stuff, has to work like and he wants to show you how it works. You can see, like, exhaust like things firing because it goes with The sound is wild, man, like, uh, they bust out that engine. Got the ghibli stamp on it, dude. Yeah, like that was pretty dope. Got this off a guy that crashed and burned, man. It wasn't engines fault, though. Uh, doves cool. It's not bad. Uh, for back. So this was done in 92. It's got fucking Michael Keaton playing Parco. Dude, I thought that was pretty good. I mean, a couple of sound, a little goofy, I mean, but for style and quality of this kind of show. Did you guys watch in Japanese the second time? Like the only reason why I watched it. Sorry, James. Good. Just the second time. Like when I went going back through, I watched half of it in Japanese. I still went back. Just liked it better. I don't know. That's just my opinion, I guess. But yeah, I like the double is good. I think the only reason I watched it in sub is because when I saw it originally, I've watched it in sub, and it's just really good, Like I wouldn't be able to understand porticos character. I don't think if he was like a different way because he's like, very stern and, I don't know, just sort of, like goes his own way. And no, is no and I don't know if they would have been able to do that end up. I think they did. I think Michael Keaton did a pretty good job. Maybe eventually down the line, I'll watch it. It's worth it. I mean, at least watch some of those seen at least some some of the scenes, you know, like it's pretty cool, like there's certain, like when they're at the hotel at the Little Dive Hotel, you know, like that bar and just the little conversations that are had and and his acting comes through and just voice act. It's pretty kick ass man like he does a good job, especially when he tells the story of Why Is Big. Yeah, Gina Gina was played by the chick who apparently did the voice for Meg in the Disney movie Hercules. Actually, did you just say when he explains the story of why he's a pig, telling uh in the cave there's something you feel the little mechanic girl. She's like he's talking about the plane he had like a near death experience, and it cursed him and turned him into a pig that made him a pig. I didn't get that it. Yeah, yeah, There's part because he's a don't explain. Yeah, that part. I thought he just like the curses himself. Self a pig. It is a double thing. So it's like, That's why some people see him as a man. Sometimes he says that he'd rather be pig than a fascist and also the curse. So he was a pilot and he bailed. He was the only one to survive his survival. Survivor's guilt. And that's a huge part of him. Yeah. Yeah, and just yeah, And But when he does these certain things, people see the true side of Porco and who he really is. And they see glimpses of the real man. It's really cool, but he's done something because he's got the Italian government, like after him or the Air Force. I don't know. He basically defected. I think he took off, right? Like I don't know if he was, like, survived and just kept going. Yeah, if he just came back. Yeah, like he was like, Oh, my God. I can't believe you came back, remember? So he's being hunted. Went back to? Well, no. Well, he had to get his plane fixed, so Yeah, so he took a risk, right? I think he's just a He's a hard boiled bounty hunter right now, Hard boy.