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Snippet of Small Scale Life: What is Small Scale Gardening?

Last Played: August 26, 2021
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Listen now to Small Scale Life as Tom talks about small scale gardening and how it works for many different lifestyles! The Small Scale Life podcast is a supplement to the Small Scale Life website, which provides resources for simplifying life in a chaotic, modern world – something many people are starting to really pay attention to since life has come to a grinding halt under COVID-19. In addition to gardening topics, the podcast also talks about financial freedom, community, wellness, and how they all work cohesively to help people achieve a simple, small-scale, self-sufficient life.
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But I'm here to tell you using this small scale gardening concept will increase your harvest and decrease your workload in the garden. Let me say that again. Using the small scale gardening concept will increase your harvest and decrease your workload in the garden, especially using these wicking beds and rain gutter gross systems. It will remove that work and worry about about watering about weeding. Oh, it is a thing of beauty. I mean, I I travel a lot for my real job. I'm I'm away for a week at a time, or sometimes two weeks at a time. I fill up the tank. I fill up the rain hybrid rain gotta grow system. You can automate that and I'm good to go. I don't worry about it all. And even if I needed somebody to fill up some water in it, it's not like a big job. Just okay. What plants get is much as they want. Does your does your garden do that? Can you do that? I mean, I'm not calling you out or anything. I'm just saying it's easy and this stuff works. It works so well. Why wouldn't you want to try that? right. So you don't have to kill yourself with a massive garden or a farm or a urban farm or, you know, market garden or something like that. To have productive and excellent harvest, you can have joy. You can enjoy it. You can actually love it again. Instead of it being a big chore. You can grow a lot of food in a small space. You just need to change your mindset and your perspective about it. Then you won't have to. Work is hard for the all this right. It will be much more fun. So let's talk about our next group of folks. And that's our older or physically challenged gardeners. You know, I my grandparent's my grandmother's had gardens and can until they're well into their eighties. My surviving grandmother just stop gardening of couple years ago. It just was too much work, you know, constantly weeding that traditional garden was too hard on her back, and she was out there doing the work. She loved it. She grew great stuff. It just got to be too much work. So she said, The heck with it, right? She'll let others do it, and it could be treacherous, treacherous getting around the garden, the vines, the plants, the hoses, the materials, equipment. You know, your shovel, your rake, your, um your whole whatever it could all get in the way. And these are potentially deadly tripping hazards. Seriously, I mean, my mom was gardening in a traditional style garden in up north, and I felt like I was tap dancing in a minefield. It had, you know, she had her squashes all over the place and the tomatoes all over the place, and, Oh, there's let us over there and Oh, don't step on that. How the heck do you water any of that? You gotta like, zig and zag. I felt like a running back in the in the big game, you know, dodging defenders and one wrong move or you shuffle and hit something and suddenly you're your face down in the dirt and you don't wanna, you know, break a hip or break something. They're breaking arm or dislocated shoulder or something. It could be bad. So having raised beds in the form of wicking beds or Ringo to grow systems just reduces the risk of tripping over hoses and vines and plants and it. It really simplifies things right. You're not out there spending hours of your life weeding. Um, older, physically challenged gardeners could really benefit from small scale gardening. Downsizing and using these highly productive systems will eliminate all the weeds, almost all the weeds right, and and a lot of the work associated with the traditional guarding you won't have to Rotel. There's there's no tell thing that's going on in the gardening world right now. You've just accomplished that. No tell. You don't have to have another piece of equipment that's gonna fail, that you need to have maintenance that you have tow pay for and put gas in an oil in and change the oil and then take it in for a tune up and all that. You don't have to do that. It's all done by hand, and it's fun, right? Elevating the garden beds or using vertical gardening and trellis thing, you can bring the plants and their harvest to you. You know, you bring those green beans up on a trellis and they're right in your face. I mean, hey, there's a green bean right there and one right there, and I don't have to bend over. It's just right there. Same thing with the tomatoes. Same thing with that massive cherry tomato. It's just right there in your face, and you could just pick all that. You don't really have to bend over, and it's great. It just eliminates the whole bending over thing. And you know, if you're in a wheelchair, you can roll right up to it, and you could do all the work right there. Right there. It'll save the aches and pains after working in your garden. It's huge gardening in an apartment. Buildings or rental homes could be extremely difficult. As a former renter for many years, I took a lot of liberty, Ah, lot of liberty and did a lot of work to improve the landowner's property to install a garden. In retrospect, it was foolish to put that much work and sweat equity into something I didn't know. I never had permission to clean up the wild area to install the garden, and I always knew that someday I would have to remove the soil and raised beds I built and created. I haven't article here on small scale gardening where it talks about the wild area And then I have another article where talks about taking apart the garden. That was a really sad day when I actually came back from camping and ripped out the garden, but I didn't know it and I was moving, so I had to go. Small scale gardening is ideal for runners and homeowners with strict homeowners associations. The H O A's the dreaded H O A's. We can create incredibly productive gardens on decks, patios and driveways that are aesthetically pleasing. We can build productive gardens that are ready to move, be moved in case you're least comes up or the weather changes. A great example of this is the rain gutter gross systems I built and used on my driveway at the rental home in ST Louis Park, Minnesota. I grew incredible amounts of produce and herbs on the driveway. I design these gardens so they could be removed each fall. They weren't permanent, took him down each fall, and we could shovel and store snow along side of the driveway all winter. Each spring, I would put the ring gotta grow systems back on the driveway and begin to grow vegetables and herbs. Once again. It really does work
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