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Last Played: December 07, 2021
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Listen to snippet “Adam Scott” from Sooo Many White Guys. The Parks and Recreation actor talks about a U2 concert he attended with Pheobe Robinson.
Phoebe Robinson is tired of being the token black woman in an ocean of white dude comedians. So in this podcast, Phoebe’s calling the shots. She’ll host intimate, funny and super honest conversations with musicians, actors, writers and comedians who are killing it in their fields--AND who aren’t white dudes! Stay tuned for the one token white guy (it’s only fair), and a whole lot of hijinks.
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back. And we are back with a dear, dear white guy. I put a lot of that great Joe Joe. Yes, Phoebe? When did you first become aware of our guest? Today? Adam Scott. Adam Scott. Well, I loved Parks and rec presenting the cones of done shire A brand new gaming experience. 8 to 12 players to wizards, a maverick, the arbiter to warriors, A corporal and a ledge German. Now, the Letterman just keeps score and he wears this'll hat. Oh, boy. And when it first came out, I was actually a community organizer. And so I felt very adjacent toe Leslie Knope, like it was therapeutic, like the horrible town Hells like I was the one who had to help facilitate those. Like, I could just relate so deeply. So Parks and rec holds this, like, incredibly special and therapeutic space for me. What about you When you become aware of Adam Scott? The first thing I ever saw him in with stepbrothers. What is your problem, man? My problem? Uh, I don't know. I don't have a problem. Uh, they'll actually I have the opposite of a problem. I made over 550 k last year. How much did you make? It's not about money. No, it's not about money. Well, for me, it's a little bit about money. And I made that much money last year. I am the VP of the biggest executive helicopter leasing company on the Western Seaboard. It's like one of my favorite Will Ferrell movies. It's just so funny. It's so ridiculous. And you could tell they were, like improvising so much and make each other laugh like I was just really, really funny. So I saw him in that, and then he was in knocked up. But I think it was like a smaller part. And then this is like, really, really funny he was in, Um, did you ever watch Monster in Law with J. Lo Jane Fonda? Remember, he plays the I think the gay neighbor, your vision in white sweetie, Really Knock, knock, look atyou and so is your mother in law. So he's been in like, ah, lot of shape. He's been killing it for, like, a really long time, and I think like right now, ah, lot of people love him because he's on one of my favorite TV shows that's coming back and one of my favorite TV shows us. Well, big little lies e may not be the good looking adventure ride. Okay, but there is something to be said for being there for being truthful for being somebody you can steadfastly count on. I will not be anybody's runnerup. You need to cure that. And then you know what this is? Johnny's already know the real reason why Adam Scott is on. Is he a talented actor? Yes. Is he an entertaining? An incredible performer? Absolutely. Is he hilarious? Yes, but Phoebe spill the tea. I know Adam because he also loves you, too. And he even had a podcast called Are you talking YouTube to me? And he used to do it with of his good buddy, Scott Walker Hman and I've been on the podcast a few times. The first taping was like three hours, and it was so fun. That's just like your heaven. Talk about you two for three hours without me. My anybody like saying something sarcastic to you. I fixture like the voices in your life like the voice of bake off saying no photos of you to allowed in the bedroom just like flitting away and you're just feeling completely free to be yourself. Yes, it was, like, so fun. I had, like, the best time. I've gone to YouTube concert with Scott and Adam. It was like so it was So can you sit in the middle? What was really cute? We have seats like up in the stands. And you also have, like, a little wristbands. It could go down to the floor that we could really experience it from, like so many different angles, which is really important because of the stage design for the show. Like like they're different. A few points e sorry is that to mean I'm just kidding. I e nerdy now. Eso No, it's great. It's great. I'm sorry. Feel like as soon as I said it, I feel bad. No, it's so cute. But anyway, Adam has been, like, so sweet and wonderful, and he's such like a cool dude. He has, like, a production company. He, like, cares about issues that have nothing to do with Hollywood. So I thought, Why not in the season with a really cool token white guy? Well, I'm so, so, so pumped to have him on our official white guy of season for you. That's a good guys. Okay, so there's a lot I want to cover today, but I feel like I would be a big old ding dong if I didn't just start the damn interview with you to Let's talk about it. We're both obsessed. And I have been on your podcast a couple of times. You came and did the show in l. A. And then we met up at a you to show my God, which was so fun. Yeah, like if anyone out there wants to know like a guaranteed good time, it is going to a U two show with Phoebe Robinson like Esso fun. You've been very generous with your time with our dumb little podcast. It's been so fun. And, um, you guys got to even interview the band for the podcast, which is just a dream. But can you tell me what it was like to just be in the room with those guys for you freaking out? Like, did you revert to like, you know, teenage Adam, Like, what were you thinking? 100% teenage Adam. It was a profound moment. I'm not joking because since I got on board with the Joshua Tree. So it's 1987 1988. Rattle and hum was really huge for me, too, because I was, like 14, and I was right at that age where you click in and find your identity through the music you like and the movies you like. So the first time we interviewed them, it was at Electric Ladyland Studios in New York and Scott and I. We're waiting there for them for like 45 minutes, just getting so nervous. And then all of a sudden the four of them walk in and it's a recording studio. So the edge sits it up. Just a piano that's in the corner of the room and starts playing stuck in a moment. God on Bono, just kind of as he's adjusting his headphones and stuff, just starts singing that song you get yourself together on. I think you know they know how this is going to please the two hosts of YouTube podcasts. And yes, I think if you listen to those interviews, uh, it's embarrassing. I haven't listened to them because I think it's it's deeply embarrassing to hear how nervous we both are in particular. Me and and all of my questions that I ask end up being compliments. That's how that's how embarrassing it is. No, I thought they were great. And eso don't beat yourself up. You killed it. Yeah. Thank you. Okay, so let's, like, get the little background on you. So you grew up in California. Can you tell me what it was like being little baby Adam Scott? Um, sure. I grew up. Yeah, in California and Santa Cruz, which is, um, like a little beach town of south of San Francisco. They have Ah, like, lost boys was filmed there, and us was filmed there. That boardwalk that's in us. I worked there as a teenager. Taffy. Yeah, I got. That's so cool. Yeah, I went to see us having no idea that that's where he shot the movie. And so the big confrontation where the car catches on fire. That's where I used to go in smoke cloves in high school. That exact back in that shot of the burning cars like that bench on the cliff is where I would go smoke cloves. So it's a really lovely town. It's a great place to grow up. My parents were teachers, middle class upbringing with really lovely, supportive parents and brother and sister. And so it was great. It was I'm very lucky tohave the
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