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Snippet of Stream of Blood: VTM: Vampires of Pittsburgh -Chapter 1

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The trio stumbles out into the world for the first time in their new vampire bodies. After reckoning with the fact that they know...drink blood... their captors take them to a high-traffic area to feed for reasons that you can probably guess. it's blood, the reason is blood.
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the stairs. You come to kind of a landing of this apartment building, and there's, like, an old door that they kind of like and and they open up on. Then you are out onto the streets of Pittsburgh, and it is a cold day in October. They just let us go. No, he goes, uh, he goes, uh, don't go anywhere, sweetheart. He goes, so don't ask me why. But even though you're sires broke, the tradition of progeny, you all are giving a shot at existing, which is, uh, mind blowing, but they're letting you have a shot. So, uh, right now, I've been told that you have a little time to hunt, and then I'm to take you to Alicia. I'm Nixon. This is backed by the way. Here's a fun fact about Miles. Fandor book is that he's in an effort to identify with his daughter, who's he's had a strange relationship with. He's read a lot of young adult, um, novels, and in his mind, he's thinking, Please tell me this isn't what I think it is. And so thinking of twilight and other things like that obviously not clearly what it really is, he goes, Wait, eyeing on him and hang on a minute. He's looking at the blood, the things and the coffins and stuff. And he goes way Vampires. Um okay, so that's that's where you're at in your journey. That's okay. Yes, by the way, that's a secret. So don't tell anybody. And I'm telling you that I under our supervision me and Becks, you have an hour to get a bite to eat. If you are, you know, chomping at the bit I think you're down the street. Can I approach them? Because I don't think I think that they must be like addicts that have kidnapped us for some reason. So I kind of can I go up to them and sort of try to surreptitiously and scared sort of say, like, persuade them a little bit like, Look, I if you want money, if it's money that you want, I have money. I can you just please let me go. Like begging, basically to be released. There's no getting released. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. There's just honey, there's just that's not it. That's you. You're gonna go through an initiation process. It could be Oh, miss What? It means is that we have to drink blood. If we go outside, we sweat. We twinkle like Robert Pattinson s. Think about it. What now? We're much closer. E impression e. Goddamn it. It's just like in the twilight bucks. Follow me. And he starts to lead you and Becks and, uh, down a side street. And you kind of come Teoh is already following do people. But I'm not trying to railroad you. If someone wants to ask another question or I have a question just lower wise do, would you? Does anyone, um are there like, whispers about vampires existing? Is there any sort of, you know, murmurings apart from twilight that they might be really kind of thing? Great, Great question. In our world, you have been exposed to all of the pop culture things that you as a player probably have been exposed Thio. And, of course, just like you as a player. If someone told you that vampires were really you would probably go okay, you know eso there. And I think particularly for you, since you're not an occultist or any type of character like that, you would you would probably not believe in them. Okay, so is this, Uh So is this some sort of like, uh, is this some sort of like sex thing for you people? I've heard about this. I've heard about this like a bunch of what? You fucking rich guys will get together and, like, hunt somebody for sport there for fucking like of eyes Wide Shut. I hear that shit is like riel. So when you say that Nixon like, really starts laughing, he gets okay. Now, this guy made me laugh. I like this guy. It is not a sex thing. In fact, you can't have sex anymore. You can't eat. Carl's things changed for May. Uh, look, just just follow me for a second on he walks away. That's his kind of behind you, like, kind of ushering you to, like, go with him. Okay, now that I've got now feeling a little bit more desperate, can I do what Curtis did earlier and sort of look around for a weapon that I could kind of surreptitiously grab? Sure, you're out on the street. Um, and you're not really a fighter as much as no. Definitely not as him. So could you just give me a wits plus awareness role. Sure can. That will be e believe zero successes. Damn, um, you can't find anything. And in fact, when you look up again from your like, kind of quick visual church search, you see that the woman Becks, is like standing over you like looking right into your eyes. I merely look away, and I hurry along to follow everyone else. Okay, so they take you guys to. We're kind of this area of like tenements and, like abandoned warehouses, is right abutting like suddenly you walk out into the street and it's full night time and the whole street is nothing but bars and, like Vape shops and suddenly the traffic. There's a lot of traffic. There's young people stumbling along, lapping, screaming at each other. The cars were going by slowly honking at people on the sidewalk. There's bright neon lights flashing everywhere. There's a strip club you're in, kind of like a high traffic area. Onda again, Uh, Nixon turns to you, and it's like, Look at that! It's a buffet now. Is anyone hungry?
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