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Snippet of Stuck in the '80s Podcast: 494 - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure turns 30

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The Best Podcasts About 80s Blockbusters Ah yes, the 1980s. . . the decade where box office records were broken every single summer, the Brat Pack was still together, and the concept of "PG-13" just wasn't a thing. The 80s brought us Ghostbusters, The Breakfast Club, and Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark— movies that we now define as "high-concept films" (aka those with cinematic plots that were both broadly marketable and easily understandable) and "cult classics." So throw on a Member's Only jacket, hop in your DeLorean, and listen to this most excellent playlist of the best podcasts about 80s blockbusters! Vurbl Entertainment: Movies, TV & Events
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Spearsy, B-Rad, and Dave Dirt share their favorite musical moments from the goofy comedy Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. From iconic 80s hairbands to classic rock 'n roll, this film's soundtrack has got it all!
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Let's talk about the soundtrack for a minute. Soundtracks to eighties movies, Air considered sacred in some cases, definitely like Purple Rain or any of the John Hughes movies. How does this one stack up, Dave? Oh, this one is highly underrated, I think, Uh, and it took me a long time to find it again. And then I finally got a remember where I downloaded, but not that I would do anything illegal, but I got a hold of it. And yeah, I had such such great songs on it. I mean, most of them will play little snippets from the movie. So you don't notice, Um, exactly what they are until that certain part, like, uh, dancing with a gypsy by Tora Tora. That's just like a 12th snippet that they play in the middle of the song. And then Oh, yeah, that was that One. Funny are the same thing with Father Time by Shark Island bythe that's no, but just you had a lot of great just who hair metal stuff ahead, Of course. Big pig with I can't break away that most people know that, especially after last week's episode, and Robbie robs a song in time. That's big power ballad. Most people love their work text messages. I can't verify, but but he did say he was gray, right? I mean, in the middle of watching this the other day for the first time in 10 years or however long it's been I was watching it. Ah, here alone at the Spears layer. And I may or may not have been having an alcoholic beverage or two, and it gets part of the movie where I would have definitely been on number two and number three on and they start playing in time. And, uh, Steve got blubbery and texted Brad with it would have been like in the middle of the day L A. It was the middle of the day. You were just kind of like you took a good 10 minutes before you responded. It might have been two hours before you respond. You're like, Yeah, dude. Too much. In the interest of full disclosure, I was at the beach, so you know, not trying not to spend too much time on my phone. I'm at the beach and I will get sanded smooth with Dave. Wasn't there something wasn't there a song. The song ends the movie. Two heads are better than one It z credited to a band called Power Tool. But I think the names behind that banner kind of interesting. Yes, Power Tool were none of none other than the beautiful blonde bombshell twins Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, who, of course, would blow up bigger than Dallas the next year with their own You know, self name band Nelson Nice. And that song was actually written by them, Yeah, by them and Dweezil Zappa. So a lot of a lot of famous names in that little group the The song that I loved the most, though, is that during the mall scene, I was already a huge extreme fan, and when they played a play with May I just I love that song so much you just can't go wrong with new No bed in court. It's just one of the best guitarist from that era, E