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Snippet of Stuff You Should Know: Mardi Gras! One Month Late

Last Played: February 15, 2021
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Stuff You Should Know is talking Mardi Gras! This snippet talks about the Mardi Gras Krews of today, the revenue they bring into NOLA, and their collectible doubloons. Watch your heads for the occasional flying coconut!
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s. Y s k stamps dot com Never go to the post office again. You should know. All right. So if you are the city of New Orleans, you love Mardi Gras because it brings in a ton of money every year. Yeah, I think I'm like a half a billion dollars. I couldn't believe that man. Ah, half a billion dollars so much a year. Not since it started a couple 100 years ago, but every year. About a half a billion dollars in revenue. Yeah, and this is something I thought was super cool. They're not. There's no corporate sponsorship. There can be, really, But it's not like I don't wanna interrupt you. Go ahead. Well, it's It's not like there's one Mardi Gras committee and that is sponsored by Ex Car Brand. And there's a president of Mardi Gras. Like it's all patchworks of Cruz and neighborhoods and people. Yeah, and all of them operate autonomously. Basically what the city doesn't say. We can have X number parades this year. These air the routes get a permit. If you want to do it, everything else is up to you. But like a local crew could be sponsored by Chico's bail bondsman. Basically. Yeah. Okay. That was a great deep cut right there. But it's customary, not Thio. If you do that, you're You know, again, you're operating autonomously so nobody could tell you. Not Thio, but it's just kind of looked down upon, but some do. I saw somebody sponsored by Bud Light and I could not find it. Really? Um, so it gets that big? Yeah. Duthie Let me just the the crew of Engemann E N d y m o n Who knows how to pronounce half of these? I'm sorry. I'm sure we're butchering it. I need to have my word butcher apron on. But the crew of Engemann, I'm pretty sure I got it. There's usually ends. Their parade usually ends in the Superdome, but with but basically Duff man Man, um, in the Superdome. And they'll have, like, a huge concert. Like this year. I think the Superdome is under construction, so they're ending it somewhere else. But like, sticks is playing. Train is playing. There's, like, five bands. Wow. Sticks, Dude, sure, I would walk, You know, however long to go see sticks sticks without Dennis Too young. But that's really Is he dead? No, he just doesn't. They broke up and sticks went on without their lead singer. I don't know, man. I think the crew of in demons got enough like cash to bring him back. You're gonna be cool is if in demon had sticks. And, like, uh, the mystic Krewe had dentist a young on the other side of town. You got to choose. You know, your allegiance. Don't wanna hear Mr Roboto or too much time on my hands, I think. Tommy. Sean saying that. Okay, So when did that start? Tommy Shaw era? Well, now he's always been around, but he there was the lead singer. Then Tommy Shaw played guitar and sang a few of their songs. Okay. And then he took over when Dennis DeYoung left. Sure. Okay. What do you do when the dentist young vacuum opens up? I don't know. I'm going to step in there. Could also fill it with Sammy Hagar. Oh, man. I was listening to some Van Hagar this weekend. It's good stuff because that's what Emily loves. It was great. Big shout out to Aaron Hagar. Yeah, this is a shoutout up, huh? I guess so. so I don't remember how we got on that, but Oh, yes. Oh, so, yes, some of these should be so big, the super cruise. Specifically, we'll talk a little more about that. But the super cruise air, like these big giant ones that air just tradition that have hundreds of members on, you know, in their parade. One of them, I think Engemann, um, has won float. That's, like, 360 ft long. There's, like, 3200 floaters in their parade. Just a ton of people they throw out, like, I think, Yeah, 15 million throws things that they throw out everything from beaches of balloons and all that 15 million in a parade. So, yeah, these things can get like Bud Light. Corporate sponsorship level. Yeah. So, uh, it is an integrated parade now, and syriza parades now, obviously, pre integration. Uh, there were communities African American communities in New Orleans that got together their own jam, which I bet was quite a party. Um, the crew, the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club Incorporated is one, said Cruz. Although I did see that there are some white people in that crew now. Oh, didn't integrate. That's cool. I think so, because there was some controversy they dress up in, I think, traditional African garb. And they were. They were grass skirts. Well, they were black face to which I saw a couple of years ago. There was a call to stop the black face even though the African American and they said that there was some white members doing it to, uh and they said, You know, because of the minstrel roots and which I totally want to do one on minstrel shows, uh, to not do it anymore. Other people say, no, it's It's more rooted in, like the mask tradition for us, So I'm not sure if they're still doing that or not. As of 2020. Well, I was reading on their website about their history that this is not the first time they were kind of pro tested by, um, African Americans. Uh, in the sixties. Yeah, I saw that there was a big, like push against them, and their membership dwindled down to I think 16 people because there was just so unpopular what they were doing. Think Louis Armstrong were black face one year. Is there, uh, King but they So the Social Aid and Pleasure Club. The social aid part is that the group started out back in the day where, um, and it wasn't just African Americans, but I could definitely see during the Jim Crow era where African Americans needed to do this, they would all chip in, like membership dues. And then when they fell ill, the you know that larger pot of money would take care of them. Basically, like insurance is supposed to work right, But that's where the Social leg came from. But they still are a charity organization. Interesting, and Doug E. Fresh is playing at their ball today. Oh, really? If you had a chance to see sticks or Doug E Fresh, which would make me choose man or dentist, a young like me choose Dougie first would be pretty cool. I know of Doug E fresh, but I'm not. I'm not hip to those jams. You don't have to be hip thio, Doug e fresh. Well, I mean, I've been around. I mean, I don't know them. I guess what I mean. I know I'm not hip already. It's all right. Ah, second ago, I think you said balloons instead of doubloons. No, I didn't think so. That's really why you loved balloons. Ou there. Wow. Okay, We need to fast forward. So, doubloons are We've reached a new low here in year 12. Uh, they are aluminum. They are a little coin, like objects, and they have sure. And they have the cruise insignia on one side. Then whatever their theme is on the other, they toss these out of people a lot of tossing. Yeah, actually, those things to balloons, um, fall under the larger umbrella of throws balloons, E. I said the balloons. This right? Okay, man, you got my head. Chuck throws throws or anything that is thrown from afloat. And usually it's a very inexpensive souvenir. Beads Very, very customary. Those two balloons air a little more, uh, sought after e like, I think if it's like, um if it has, like, the group's insignia and then on the other side, the theme that year, it's definitely considered a collectible. And not just generic ones, I guess. I think so. And then, um, like others, other people's throws air, like other crews, throws air like, really sought after, like, the zoo lose throws are coconuts. Um, and real coconuts. I think they were at one point. I'm not sure if they everybody, but I read this Chowhound article about throws and they were saying, like, the Zulus don't throw coconuts anymore.
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