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Snippet of Super S Anime Podcast: Wonder Egg Priority Review

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Last Played: March 19, 2021
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The show has beautiful animation. There’s a lot of suicide in the series with multi-dimensional characters. In this episode, the girl used to be a junior idol. Rika said something mean to a fan which led to their suicide.
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we've been watching the Wonder Egg priority. What the fuck? Transition. But I applaud you for trying to make it work. Thank you. Uh, no, I have not been watching it. I watched all of it in the last two days. Okay? I have been watching it, and I said, Dustin catch up because we're talking about this. And I was like, I will not have you spoil this for no. Yeah. Although Episode eight was just to recap. Really? That episode pissed me off. I was, Yeah. Jam this out last night. If I'd known this episode was bullshit. I hate clip shows. I don't know why they feel they need to do that. It's to help with these. The production burden. It means that they're falling behind on stuff. So there they're like, do a clip show so we can catch up and not, you know, not miss any deadlines. Essentially, it's horrible, but they did. A lot of it does. It doesn't make it right, though. Bastards. Well, this the show looks gorgeous. I love the animation. Very good. Yeah. Still beautiful as I as I hoped it would be after the first episode, it's continued that Yeah. Uh, So I think we we only talked about the first episode. We haven't met any of the other girls yet. Uh, but we just saw the won a ton of eggs. Write a will barrel. No wagon. A wagon full of Yeah. What a weird character. She looks like a little girl. She's got a wagon. She's a genius with the business. And I was like, uh, she's very serious, Very serious. The injured later on. Yeah, she's like my sister stabbed me, and I'm like, that doesn't look like she stabbed you. It looks like she was trying to, like, pull your spine out. Yeah, I was like, usually they dragged the knife all the way down your spinal cord. That's not really considered a stab at that point. That's more of a, uh Well, I don't know if she was trying to skin you alive or something. I don't go looking for the good, juicy cut on. I don't know, I guess stabbed a little easier to explain to people. Yeah, she tried to carve me in half. I mean, I started up my spine and went down to my butt. So what exactly he's like All right. Let me just take my clothes off. Like, uh huh. Well, um I think, Oh, yeah, that's that girl. Her name's Nehru, and she's not interested in being friends. Don't ask me. I can't see anything. Yeah, and in fact, she tells I she gives her her her phone number, and she says, Let me know the days you're going to be here so I can come on the opposite day. I was like, Do you need to come back right away? Because just like you got, like, 20 dozen eggs, Like, maybe just don't come back for a while. Yeah. Oh, I think I has herself another battle. She does. Well, uh, just the gymnastics gym. NIST one. Yeah. Who was being bullied by her teacher, Her coach. And that's when I realized there's a lot of suicides in this show. I don't know if we're talking about it in the most healthiest of ways, but, I mean, I guess some conversation is better than none, so yeah, yeah, but I guess like when you think about it, there's all sorts of different reasons, I guess, and all sorts of different mental states when you're doing it. so. But I was just like we're going to meet at least a couple characters every episode that have committed suicide. And then we got 12 episodes and four girls, and I started doing the math. I was just like, That's a lot. That's a lot of dead people. Like Look, I have any eggs were in the wag. Well, they sometimes put them back in, So that's true. So I guess if you don't defeat the Wonder Killer, which I guess is the boss of the level egg dream something, um, they re hatching their egg. I got a feeling like they just re hatch anyway, so Oh, so nothing they do. Nothing matters, Lindsay. Oh, bummer. I mean, I could be wrong, but I got a feeling nothing matters. So what are they doing this for? Just hoping to get the one egg. That's their friend they're looking for. Or just if they keep saving enough that the friend will crack open out of the creepy statues, So mm. I don't know. I mean, I like the show a lot. I don't foresee this having like a happy ending by any means. So you know no and talk about multidimensional characters. Yeah, I didn't like the third character, which you're not supposed to. She's great, but I loved, but and I don't mean that in a bad way. Like I didn't like her because you're not supposed to like. That's how good the writing is. You're not supposed to until you peel back her layer and you get her back story, and then you go, Oh, shit. Okay, I'm I judge the judge You based on the facade you put forward because that's what you've learned from your mother. And you know, you're actually no, that's what she's doing to protect herself, you know? But yeah, I think her name is Rekha and she used to be a junior idol. And she, I guess some very hurtful things to one of her fans. And her fan committed suicide. So although she says she just wants to, uh, like, released her so that her her wallet comes back and her fan will pay for everything again, I think deep down she's very regretful. Well, yeah, because it's she says that and then later on is revealed that mhm the fan she thought she had like a loaded fan. But the fan was like just giving her all her money, all her savings, and then was stealing and then selling the stuff she was stealing to give her more money. And she was just like, kind of in her own weird, mean way was just like I didn't want her to do that. So I told her, basically fuck off forever. So and then added, You know, a bunch of other insults about her weight and stuff so that she would, I don't know, just drive home the point. This calculation, uh, and what I liked about her first episode, because when she just latched onto I and just started mooching off of her, yeah, and I liked her and I didn't like her. And I felt bad because you could see how much she appreciates AJ's mom because Isa Moms was so happy. She has a friend. She's bringing them snack. She's just very kind and welcoming. And that's not something. Rekha has it all, and, uh, she does end up inviting herself to sleep over and their dreams sink. So I think that's the only one. The only wonder egg that we've seen two of the girls in at the same time
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