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OG of Podcasting! Orson Welles' Iconic Radio Moments Orson Welles is a legend in a league of his own. An American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer, he is known as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. His first film, "Citizen Kane", consistently ranks as one of the greatest films ever made, which he co-wrote, directed, produced, and starred in. But before all of this, he was a radio giant. In 1938, "The Mercury Theatre on the Air" premiered Welle's radio adaptation of H.G. Wells' "The War of the Worlds", convincing some American listeners to believe that an alien invasion was occurring in New York City. This rather infamous broadcast shot Welles to international notoriety. Before moving to film, he hosted a number of radio shows, ranging from sketch comedy with huge co-stars to suspenseful adaptations of famous novels. Here are Orson Welle's most iconic radio moments. Vurbl The Best of Old Time Radio
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Welles was a frequent player on CBS's popular anthology program, "Suspense", so it is no surprise that he was called upon to star alongside Geraldine Fitzgerald for Agatha Christie's "Philomel Cottage". A mystery wrought with twists and turns, the besotted newlywed characters have plenty of questions about the others' past.
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I think this is the man in black here again to introduce Colombia's program Suspense With Us Again, A star is Mr Orson Welles. In the third of four successive appearances for the suspense audience and sharing honors with Mr Wells. This evening is a lovely and distinguished Hollywood leading lady, Ms Geraldine Fitzgerald Are Play Tonight is from a short story by Agatha Christie. And so, with Philomel Cottage and with the performances of Geraldine Fitzgerald as Alex Martin and of Orson Welles as her devoted husband, Gerald again hope to keep you in suspense. Hello, Cottons. I was just reading this sign over the gate. What does fill amount means? Are you joking? No, really. Quite. You little cock me. I've been here for three weeks and you still don't know Philomel is another name for the bird that's supposed to be seeing only for lovers. We've been hearing it every toilet. Oh, nightingale, Of course, that's fine. Philomel cottage is the main reason I wanted to space for us. It's bad you bought it, Gerald. This is a 50 50 investment and you know, 50 £50,000 for me and two from you that could we do. You couldn't touch any more of your capital the time and well, when you find a country cottage that combines old world charm with new world plumbing, you want to grab it. And we did have to have the place, didn't he? Yes, we did. I've often wondered if you weren't a bit lonely. Lonely with you? I mean, well, after living the city or your life pretty much to ourselves, you know, two miles from the nearest neighbor nearest. We've got to remember not an utterly hopeless romantic. I know. Well, you can't get out of it now. Oh, Gerald, You know what day today is today? It's the 13th anniversary, darling. We've known each other exactly a month. No, exactly 30 days, Joe. Really? Now, Really? What is it, dear? Do you have the painting game? No. Just a little indigestion, I think. Oh, there. You want me to go to your pal? No, no, No. Well, yes. 11. 25. Get onto the village. Get that camera equipment and the human timetable. Walk through the garden gate, my dear. There's nothing wrong with the system, even on a honeymoon. Sooner I go, the sooner I get back. Oh, come on, girl. Forget your old photography. Why don't you stand, do some gardening? Is it good for you for old George? She gets paid for it. He's not you again till Saturday. The place will go to rack and ruin my dead body Right here. Go often fast. Do you remember the last time? Be careful, darling. Be careful. It just slipped out. Be careful. Alex Martin swinging there on the garden gate, smiling at her happiness across a part of England that was as remote and placid as any you care to find. Wondered why she said such a ridiculous thing. If this were London say that would have London slowly, the smile fell away. She knew then that the memory of that last week in London had never really been far from my mind. That and that last talk with from the top deck of the bus crossing Trafalgar Square. She'd never seen him like that before. Gerald Martin. I'll tell you, Alex, the man is a perfect stranger to you know nothing about it. I know that I love him. I can you know in a week you won't be matter. Doesn't take everyone seven years to find out they're in love with a girl for me, Alex. It's only don't you know what it's been for me not being able to tell you. I couldn't. Not with the income. And I decided I couldn't wait anymore. And I was going to tell you anyway. And you know what happened? No, I'm afraid. I know. Yes, you do that money. You in house money from your cousin or uncle or whoever I don't see what? You didn't think I could ask you to marry me, then, did you? You don't think I could live off your money? I'm sorry. Believe me, I am. But it really doesn't matter now, one way or the other. It doesn't matter, does it? Better? It matters for that Martin shop. That's what he's after. You mark my words. He's after your money. It might interest you to know that General has money of his own. Far more than I have and more than I have. Maybe that's the difference. I've had enough of this. I'm getting over the next stop. Alex, please. Alright. But let me tell you something. If you think I'm going to let Joe cut me off and not do anything about it. You're very much mistaken. I'll catch up with him to hear. I'll catch up with him. If it's the last thing I do, I'll catch up with him if it's the last thing I do to Alex, that threat of just one month ago was merely a heat of the moment outburst of her pride. And yet is she leaned on the gate of Philomel cottage, kept echoing in her mind what swept it away. What brought her back to the rustic, idyllic happiness of her life with Gerald Martin was the ring of the telephone inside the cottage. Who could be called Gerald Gerald hardly have time to get beyond the turn in the road. Except if something had happened to him. If you had another attack, maybe one of the Villagers were trying to call to say that he she hurried them and her hand shook a trifle. Uh huh. Hello? Alex, this is Dick. What? Who did you say poop? Well, I told them out of your voice. I wouldn't have known it. Stick to one. Oh, Well, where are you? The travelers arms. That is the right name. isn't it? Or aren't you acquainted with your village pub? You mean you're here? Yes. I'm on a holiday doing a bit of fishing and the objection to my looking up. You two good people this afternoon. Oh, no, no, no, you mustn't, Alex. I think your pardon? Course I won't bother you if you brother. I'm sorry, Dick. I only meant to be away this afternoon. Won't you come this evening? Thanks very much, but I'll probably be away by then. Depends upon whether Palin my interns up or not. Goodbye. Goodbye, Dick. And I hope the best of luck A long moment. Alex stood quite still. The memory of dicks. Threat flooding her mind. She walked across the spacious old bean living room. By the time she reached the side port, she'd made up her mind, but she hated deceit. She would say nothing to Gerald Dicks. Call. She stepped out into the garden and for the second time that morning got a surprise. Their biggest life was her garden, physically trimming ahead. George, I thought we agreed that Saturday was your day here. She thought about it. You'd be surprised, Mrs Martin. There will be a fair over the Squires on Saturday, and he says he still races. Mr. And Mrs Martin. They won't take it amiss if I Thomas for once on a Wednesday instead of a Saturday. No, of course not, George. Then I thought to was I might as well see before he goes away. So is to learn your wishes with the borders before I go away to London tomorrow. I'm going to London tomorrow. Where did you hear that, Mr Martin? Down the village yesterday. He's only We're both going away to London tomorrow. And it was uncertain when you'd be back again. Now, don't tell me you and the master is disagreeing already, huh? Oh, naturally, not Just slipped my mind. Get onto worth going? Yes. I never could understand why anybody would want to go up to London. No, like Mr Raines, like you used to have this house. He wind up there to remind you. Yes. And after fixing up this place like he did tax all over everywhere. Well, you're going to take a loss. I says to him when I sees the place up for sale paint everyone is where your head for washing themselves in every room in this house and and we're speaking. But George, he says to me, You'll get every penny or £2000 for this house. Sure enough, he did. We got 3000. 2000 from he was asking Was talked about at the time. Very. I figured it was thought to be No, George. You see, I gave to and uh huh, Well, it really was three. You don't tell me that Mr Raines had the face to stand up and say 3000 braising like in a loud voice. I didn't say it to me. He said it, too. I guess I'll do some speed now. As Alex strolled on across the garden, she was conscious of a thin big for struggling to make itself heard.