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Snippet of Table Manners with Jessie Ware: Antoni Porowski

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Jessie Ware and mum Lennie have Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski on Table Manners to talk everything food and family. Listen in as the hilarious mother/daughter duo swoon's over their Disney Prince as he describes his perfect last day of food complete with guacamole and champagne grapes.
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uh, sorry. What's the champagne? Great champagne grapes. They're like tiny little baby purposely grapes. But they're very sweet. They're not too tart. And they go really nicely with, like, a any type of blue. But I like a good, crumbly danish blue. He's such a you know, we should have done a bloody should have done a fucking What's it? What's the dippy thing? That you don't rack little funding way Should done a bloody fundo e fuck with a fondue or raclette like I'll have fondue next to the raclette. Just, like, not feel like that's overkill at all. Okay, so here we are. White T shirt with tomato sauce fucks a story of my life, baby, you gotta change always. Are you kidding? I'm the messiest guy in the world. OK, so I'm almost done with this meal that's taking five hours. Explain because I keep on getting distracted. I'm sorry. I have severe a d h d Actually on dso I would Yes, I would have the cheese platter. And then after that, I think I'd be ready for, like, a full on dinner so I would have Mm, I would have Oh, sorry. We're not at dinner? No, that was in Meso. You know, with your bloody surf and turf. They were just like little sliders. Yeah. Okay, fine. God, I love you or not. Maybe they were bigger. The burger has to be bigger because it has to be rare on the inside. And the problem with the slider is that they're always well done. E don't wanna live a kind of life where I have to eat a burger. That's well done. I want to taste the It's got to be juicy. I wanna question e want to question like how much it's been cooked. I want to feel like a risk taker a little bit, you know. So after after that, I would have you go to the gym to go for the gym for four hours and sweat it all out, and then I would have dinner. So we're ready for dinner right now. Dinner I would start out with I would probably do like a really impossibly thin shaved fennel salad. Because I love fennel with Citrus on pistachios. Shameless plug Franchini in the kitchen. There's also recipe for that in the book on Ben, so I would have a salad something like Cleanse the palate. And then I would have the perfect either pasta carbonara or culture Pepe, both with dry pasta. Fresh pasta for me is all about, like the lighter sauces and with really heavy rich sauces. I like a dry al dente pasta. Interesting. Isn't it? Interesting? We often ask people about their last supper. So many people have Castillo, but it would be like a small amount, like just a little bit. Just your starter. This is Yeah. Okay, carry on. So for the main go on, fat e. No one's called me that in a while. I love it here. Um, I would have a perfect rack of lamb, medium rare where, like the fat cap is really nice and crispy, and it just has to be really salty. Lamb has to be very salty to May with I would have like a potato gratin like a dolphin Wa that would be my That would be my dream annoyed that you haven't come for dinner because we've got both of those in market love. Love will the rack of lamb I have within agriculture and mine s so it's a it's a macadamia nut crust around the lamb lollies that you dip them in Agriculture is basically honey red wine vinegar, rosemary and chili flakes on you. Cook it down. It's sweet, it's sour. It's spicy, sticky, and you just I'm almost done. I'm almost e um Well, let me get to the fish part. It would be a whole roasted e like a whole roasted snapper with crispy skin and my veg on the side. I do love crispy brussels sprouts. I love roasted sick to death of them. Yeah. How do you do? I'm sick of quinoa, but not Brussels. Your brussel sprouts crispy on a cast iron skillet. Very high heat, But you don't even know. Oh, I put them directly on the flavors. More concentrated. But if you wanna If you wanna be a real badass, if you fry your brussel sprouts, that's like that's poetry. And so now we're ready for dessert. So the first thing that I would have and this is one of my favorite things ever since I was a kid, I take fresh watermelon and I rub fresh ginger on it. I'm OK. Thank you. Fresh, fresh ginger on watermelon. It's really nice because you like feel a hint of it, but it's not overwhelming and it just kind of, but it dissipates quickly. That's why I love Ginger. It's not like capsizing or like Tabasco are like a hot sauce that kind of stays shit. It's very salty and it's just really unnecessarily intense. But I do like it, though, on certain things. Yeah, but then I feel like Lulu Jalula. I love Chula. That just kind of shit that no one we've got Yeah, love Tchula. So we're ready for dessert. Mhm E would have a butterscotch pota cram because that's that. Just like Angel Delight e don't know. Ah, put creme is kind of like a more dense It's like a member label s e Okay. And I would have it because I love caramel over chocolate. So it looks very close to Yeah, a very no eggs in it, darling. It sounds like my kind of very dense. It's really lovely. And then I would have ah, ball of fresh Berries with raspberries from my childhood garden growing up. I know that's very specific, but I used to pick them every summer, and it was like what I love doing with blackberries from London and fresh mint. And I would finish My last thing that I would drink would be like a cup of camomile tea. Like, really nice camera. Night night. Goodbye. Night night. Goodbye. Would you drink line? No. Would you not? Do you drink? I don't. Have you ever drunk? Hence why you don't drink? Yeah. Got It s a camomile. Tea is like my It tells me that it's time to go to bed. I want to ask a bit about queer eye because the whole world has kind of fallen in love with you five on bond. It's been obviously life changing for you on. Do you were put together? Did you know any of them before? Was that quite difficult? Was it kind of feeling like you were being put in a kind of a boy band? Or like it was kind of like whether any tensions or did you order because you look like you absolutely adore it. I did. We dio There was a moment. The four of them were already This was during the chemistry testing, which is when they're like, they're figuring out who goes well with who and they have everyone in the room and they have the rest of us kind of like waiting and they, like, swap you out and be like, Let's try this one. Let's see how that sounds stressful. It started out as like reaching out to people and people auditioning for it and sort of submitting themselves. And it was just like they looked globally, like they looked kind of all over. Um, they had people from all over. They ended up picking, um, three Americans and then I'm Canadian Montana's British. But there was a moment where the other guys were all in the room and they brought me in and we just, like, sort of sat down and I just looked around and I remember on the on one of the emails that said Like, We're looking for a diverse cast and I looked at us and I'm like, We're diverse Ish enough Um, and then we like, looked images and it was like a guy wearing crocks. And we were asked to like comment on that and just kind of like, What do you think about crocs? If you work in a kitchen, I get it. Zero judgment at the same time like I don't get offended by anything. It's sort of like where whatever the hell you want if it makes you happy. Like, where a dunce hat. That's why you're in the kitchen. Bet. What do you mean, like tan deals with that tan deals with? Let somebody where I'm sorry. You want horrendous. I mean, they're very comfy, though. Have you ever put them in your money? I don't know. Like girl. Like what? If you're pregnant or like you just had a kid or something Or like or if you're a guy and you have that, you know, maybe you need to be wearing crocs because, you know, I've got my fit flops on now I've been told there's extra special, but I would not wear crocks e I love these yellow peppers with the onion. It's so nice. Thank you. It's really lovely. Um, yeah, I don't get offended. My mother, like I don't have strong opinions about certain things Like I don't put ketchup on a hot dog is really offensive to me. E catch up on a hot dog really pisses me off. E mustard relish and a bit of raw onion and a bit of sauerkraut. We don't do good hot dogs in England, I But where do you get the sweetness from? You don't think you need it right from the relish. Okay. Like a kind of caramel. Those that the kind of American garbage relish. Like tomato relish. Oh, no. You do any sort of