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Snippet of Teenager Therapy: Losing Sentimental Things & Psychology

Last Played: April 05, 2021
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The Teenager Therapy group talks about the concept of priming and how changing your contact photos to pictures where eyes are visible might help you be more honest with your friends while texting. How come? Because the presence of eyes subconsciously makes you feel like you're being watched— spooky!
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another psychology thing since you brought it up is, um I think I've talked to you guys about this. Do you know what priming is? Shit prime in your brain is because you have two ways your brain thinks system like, let's say system one is your subconscious. The actions you make and you can't unlearn it system to is a more more intensive, like intentional, uh, thinking system. So, like system to is if if I ask you to do what's two plus two you're going to think of for like, no matter how much you try, you can't unlearn that. You just know. You know, if I ask you to read the word high, you're going to read it. You can not read it, right? So it's like system one is the things that you just cannot you don't have control over. System, too, is things you do have control over. And it's whether you put the effort in there to figure it out. Like if I say, like what, 110 divided by 28. You're gonna have to think about it. And it's not something that just comes to mind. You have to put deliberate effort there anyways, So the priming effect basically is prime in your brain. Your subconscious, Your system. 12 um, pick up different traits from your environment. And so if I don't know who I told this, but if you like, If you were to have, like, words on there, you read the words like calm, uh, collected. Like, you know, stuff like that. You're a little bit more likely to be a little bit more calm, a little bit more collected. If you start like, um, frowning, you're more likely to start feeling kind of, like sad and stuff. And so, in the same way your environment influences your behavior, your your decisions and your mood. Um So it was interesting because there was an experiment done where there was this, like a university. Um, what's it called, like university office, Let's say. And there was a donation box and you it was called, like the honesty box. So if you wanted to use the milk, you could use it. But you could also make a donation to make sure that it's like a constant like, you know, making your donation for what you use and being honest about it. And so each time you use milk, you could put like a few cents a narrow dollar or two. And, you know, you could use this much milk. And so they found. If there was a poster above it, and if the poster above it was like flowers and stuff, people would put less money than if the poster was like eyes like, just like eyes. You know that we're like, seemed like it was staring directly at them. So what that proves is that your subconscious? It feels like it's being watched, even just if you see eyes and even though no one's watching you, just the fact that you see eyes will lead you to subconsciously, you know, put more donations in the box and stuff like that. So there's those kind of small things that's like crime in your brain to feel a certain way. So in the same way I just thought it was interesting and I was like, because for some reason, all my profile pictures, you can clearly see their eyes like my profile pictures, the ones I have for like all of you, like in my contacts, they're all like very far away, or just something that isn't very close to the face because I feel like I feel uncomfortable when it's very close to the face. I feel like weird. I feel like judge. Then why not? So all of mine are very far away, and I just thought that was kind of interesting. I was like, Damn, I wonder if I'm like, subconsciously like trying to avoid looking at their face and situations where, like, I'm about to text something that might be wrong or, like, do something that might be wrong. So I switched all my contact photos to somewhere where I can, like, see their eyes so
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