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Snippet of The A to Z of David Bowie - Y and Z Part 1

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Listen to this snippet The A to Z of David Bowie - Y and Z Part 1 where the hosts discuss some of Bowie's most popular songs and albums.
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on DSO. My favorite album of all time kind of changes a little bit, but it's always a David Bowie album on Sometimes it might be the man who sold the world, which didn't sell anything, and it's still a peculiar beast. What is amazing is on nothing else. Sounds like it really probably the closest you could get Might be Van de Graaff Generator. Yeah, mixed with, like, you know, the weirder stuff with live under graph. And it was obviously a big fan of Peter Hamel. But also then you've got cream in there. The rockiest stuff, which was the ranson kind of the influence in there, really, and a bit of Black Sabbath as well. But, I mean, it couldn't be more poles apart. Which kind of shows Bowie is true colors. Really? Because you've got the man who sold the world on one hand on young Americans on the other, which is a soul album. So obviously, Bob, you're younger than me on dso you came to this retrospectively I did. You know, I'm eternally thankful for the way I came about, you know, getting to know. But we stuff was well, because I didn't know anything. I haven't read anything about any of the albums at all. I was just going on the album covers and, of course I went to Ziggy first. It's such an amazing piece of work on the Young Americans thing. No idea what, and it's sort of hinted at something slightly different. And when I got it, I just didn't know what to expect, especially coming after Diamond Dogs, because I did listen to those two in sequence just just by chance, right? So I just wasn't sure what to expect that I have to say I didn't really take too young Americans when I first heard it took me a long, long time to come around to it right? Okay. I mean, it's a strange one, isn't it? Well, then again, the best albums Dio sometimes take a little bit of a while to get used to on. Of course, if you get into Bowie, the stuff that you might have been aware off would have been the rockiest stuff just from hearing on the radio. But I vividly remember Steve Hanley buying young Americans and going down to his house and listening to it on, we'd have like a bit of a taste with David live on. But young Americans, the single is obviously just one of the great records of all time. Oh, yeah, no doubt about that. So I was already kind of prepared for something a little bit different, but amazing. And then you listen to this album full of like, Bowie crooning Andi. It Wasit was a weird feeling. But the weirdest thing also is the fact that it is probably the album where Bowie really did find his voice. Yeah, well, I know there are bits on Diamond Dogs. We starts to find its way. Certainly sweet thing. Yeah, sweet thing, kinda. You know, brilliant example of that. But then you look at stuff like rock and roll with me, which is definitely a pointer to young Americans, isn't it that Zoe, that the soul soul boy all of a sudden coming out? Yeah, well, it's funny, you know, because I spoke to Geoff MacCORMACK wrote rock and roll with me on with Bowie on, he would talk about going through all the soul clubs in the in the seventies. You know, on day in the late sixties, Andi wasn't even really particularly made of Bowie at that point in time, you know, in the late sixties kind of drifted apart a little bit, but they were both really, really, you know, mud on the soul. Seen unless we forget. Of course, it was a lower third of their auditions, which were the Gioconda Cafe. That's right, That's right. That's right, which I visited with them with Jason for cheap things on the the story being that obviously the band was already in existence and David Bowie turned up for a gnawed Ishan. Who else turned up for the audition? But Stevie marry it, who is one of the great soul voices, white soul, voices of all time. And but we got the job. It's remarkable, isn't it? So there's something in there is? Yeah, definitely. And also it's one of those things, isn't it? So much has been written in the past about the influence off American blues on the whole R and B scene, and that seems to be accepted for sort of a, you know, white boys to start playing the blues. But soul was a different thing. It's sort of smack. There was a bit of snobbery about soul want that you have to smack of authenticity a little bit more than you could blues. Yeah, it waas. I mean, people would always be disparaging, though it didn't stop like Eric Clapton on the Stones and all of those picking up the blues and running with Well, not many people have managed to do it. Really? From the soul Seen? No, not at all. I mean, you look at Stevie Winwood, Steve Marriott, great example, you know, But they are kind of few and far between on then. So Bowie is doing young Americans, and he got there first, and he kind of cut off all the detractors by saying, This is my plastic sole record. Well, the great thing is that if you listen to him, if you listen to his voice on his on his vocal performance on win on somebody up there likes may, you know, just absolutely mind blowing. And also, we've all seen that footage of Bowie on cracked actor at Sigma. We're getting two Sigma in a short while, but he's in there with the season. I mean, they weren't massive stars, but they were seasoned performer. So you've got like Robin Clark and Luther Vandross. Ava Cherry knew what she was doing as well on Bo is in the studio, not looking particularly well. Andi is they're they're doing right, which is a really, really fantastically complicated arrangement on. He's jumping in going No, he's going about down. You didn't, but you did it on their like, blah, blah They look a bit bamboozled on, but he goes back and sits down. He's looking at me like, you know, stroking his chin, keeping an eye on everything. Obviously we know he was a genius. But to be able to manifest itself in that way in the soul scenario with these people who've been doing it before. Onda also surrounded by the musicians who are all had worked with all people like Al Green. And that that takes some chops, doesn't it to go in and tell these people who've been living it for years and years, right? This is how it needs to be done. Yeah, and also just have that level of complexity because normally, if you're gonna attempt so that people sort of do it with the center trepidation, don't they? So you rely on a groove, Really? And if you're gonna work around the groove, but but we did it kind of the opposite way in. So you have these really complex harmonies, as you say, and he's teaching these seasoned people how to do our exactly what he was not how to do it, but what he hears in his head. So you had such a clear vision of what he wanted, which is just remarkable. So he's making it difficult himself from the start. Can I do this? It's like a challenge, you know, to the kind of degree. Well, again, you know, from If you're looking at cracked actor, there's the footage of him singing along to Aretha Franklin. Natural Woman by Carole King. Andi is loving it. He's just lost in it, and he's dio the backing vocals and everything on He's taking it all in on. We'll get to all of the different inspirations in a short while. I mean, there's one band that I know that you love as well, and I don't know too much violent. But the Ohio players Yeah, they were just so so instrumental in making Young Americans album that it is vocally, certainly vocally. Well, yeah, I mean, Obviously he did here today, gone tomorrow. So that was a tough with cap anyway. But all of the really got all all that kind of stuff that Bowie does that particularly David Live and on young Americans. That's lifted from the Ohio players that more than anybody else that I have ever heard on a soul record in my life. Yeah, I know. You're right there. And if you look at young Americans, I take my best. For instance, my youngest daughter, Beth. I think young Americans is probably her favorite tune. Okay, Okay. She just she adores that she adores Bowie, but she loves a lot of She loves a lot of great pop music of this day, and she also likes a lot of the weird one key pop music, like metronome e on. She likes Radiohead and all that kind of stuff. But Bowie is it for her on do some of that would have been a little bit of brainwashing being sat in a car with me driving to calm or for six hours with our Kate Trace. Yeah, no kidding, but And when Bowie passed away, it was a couple of weeks later, I D J. That sound control. It was a Bowie fest. They had probably around about 10 different DJ's playing there. Andi, it was incredible. It was sold out on Bond. It was a weird, very kind of emotional day, really. And everybody was loving whatever was being played because you knew whatever was coming next it was gonna be, but yeah, sure, But when I put young Americans on the whole place just went up. Bob. It just went up. He was one of those hairs on the back of the neck moments. You know, on day we're all seeing all these kids must have been everybody from 16 to 60 there, right? Celebrating the life of David Bowie on all of these kids knew all the words to young Americans. It really Wasit was just It was a very, very special moment. But it just shows you you know how much Bowie has touched so many different generations. But that song, that song, particularly more than any other one, I think it's kind of like is a club anthem. These days. It is absolutely pops more than golden years. You know, that is the one. As you say, it's got that reach. I mean, you've mentioned before also. I mean, like, we looked at Ziggy. Ziggy was obviously a massive influence on the punk scene. But young Americans was falling off the massive influence on the following scene, which was a new romantic movie. Yeah, that was the thing. It's not really kind of appreciate it as much. I never felt you can trace it to bands like ABC Associates, even Spandau ballet. If you want to go there, you know, and right the way through to, you know, the new later generation of soul boys like Justin Timberlake. Certainly, you know, and so much more After that, you know that the white kids can actually attempt R and B and so on, make it sound magnificent. Well, if anybody disbelieves us, which they probably won't be listening to this podcast if they did. But if they do disbelieve us, all you have to do is go and listen to young Americans