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Snippet of The Actor and The Engineer Podcast: Star Trek Beyond

From Audio: Star Trek Beyond
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Hear a passionate review of the third installment to the Star Trek film franchise, Star Trek Beyond.
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I would venture to say I'm more of a Star Trek fan than a Star Wars fan, and I was trying to define that because, you know, people gonna lose their mind about that. Um, people, you have to be one or the other. Nowadays, it's great that all these films air coming out and that they're they're in our zeitgeist of culture. We don't really have to pick and choose back in the day. It was, you know, you saw the TV show and then you saw the Star Wars films and there was no interconnecting tissue between the two toe where you could like both of them. There were two separate things. Then they started making movies out of the Star Trek franchise and then so forth and so on. And the thing is, is that I get excited on a different level about Star Trek than I do about Star Wars. I don't know what it is. It's not a bad thing. I don't think Star Wars is not as good or Star Trek is better or Star Trek is worse. It's not that it's just there's something about knowing the world as well as I do that I get excited about it and maybe because there have been so many TV shows and I've watched every single one of them and know all the episodes, I mean, I can't name them, and I can't say this happened in this one. But if you were to start talking about and be like, Oh, yeah, I remember that this happened. This happened this. There are some that I do know by name some of my favorites. And so I was very excited that they gave rebirth to this franchise. And I thought first two films were great the way that they reconstructed everybody but reinvented it. They were the same, but different they were. It was a different universe, but the same universe. And then I thought the second one with Khan was just spectacular. It was everything an action packed sci fi film should be. And that's where I think the distinction between Star Wars and Star Trek happens. For me, Star Trek is unapologetically sci fi. It is a fictional world that looks glossy and science certificate, and just it looks like a SciFi show. Star Wars has this kind of reality bent to it, toe where everything's kind of grainy and gritty and and lived in and the rebellions happened and all this is going on and they're they're living in old things that used to be from other films. That it all has this kind of reality based. Maybe the fantastical nous of Star Wars is a little bit less showy for me than for Star Trek. And as soon as this movie opened, I was like, This is for all of us who love this franchise because it is glossy and fast and over the top and just jam packed with things that I mean, it's eye candy from hell all over the place. It's extremely fun. It's flogged overall, but it was fun. I've got ah, few things that I was like, Well, maybe they could have adjusted it here, There, there. Maybe it's a little too much here and and it's really doesn't work completely. But it's so much fun that if you give yourself over to it, it's just fun now. To me, the first two films were movies. This one's like an extended TV show. Totally agree. Yeah, it really That's the biggest thing. Yeah, and I'm fine with that because the next generation movies the first two are spectacular generations. And then, um, the one with the Borg's. I can't think of the second one your mom is gonna kill. You know, that's the fourth one. Your mom is gonna kill me, me and warp drive. What the hell is wrong with me and work driving? Uh, anyway, that one that one connected to a larger audience generations. And now I can't think of it. But the third one is called Insurrection, and Insurrection is considered much more like a TV episode than anything else. But it's one of the ones that I think is much more heartwarming. And 1st, 1st contact that drives me crazy. When I see it, I'm like, Of course, it's first contact. That movie did very well. Keep this up for just a second, if you don't mind, Just just pulled up a page that has all of the posters. For all of the Star Trek movies, First contact actually touched into beyond the fan base. Same with the first Star Trek film with Chris Pine and this crew it tapped into. People wanted to see it, regardless of whether or not they liked Star Trek or not, that's hard to dio. The voyage Home also is from the original cast, is one of those films that is Maura about, Ah, Family and Maura about what happens on Earth than it does in the universe. So it actually connected very well with the audience, and it made a lot of money at the box office. And it was interesting because I thought a lot about this one when I was watching this new one beyond because beyond spoilers, you know this. This is one of those movies you can't talk about without saying certain things, because certain things happen so quickly in this film that you cannot go chronologically. That is true. You're right. You without talking about it. When the saucer separates from the actual enterprise, ER gets destroyed from the actual enterprise. There's a precedence for it, apparently in the original 1966 TV show. They wanted to do that, but they didn't have the technology to do that. Apparently, the saucer was always supposed to separate and go down to the planet. Hasn't that been in other movie? It has. It's been in the next generation movies where it's separated and then they have toe. It's basically the same sequence that you saw in this movie beyond. So the reason why I enjoy this new Star Trek world is because they're paying their respects to the old World. But they're still creating their own world at the same time. So it's not a surprise to me that they decided to crash the enterprise that has happened before. And it has happened to where three or four episodes happened where they're not on the Enterprise because the enterprise got destroyed or is being worked on or whatever. And then what do you do? How do you keep a franchise that is basically covered Wagons in space is what how it was originally sold to the networks. How do you keep that interesting if you're not on the enterprise? So I thought to destroy the Enterprise in the 1st 20 minutes of this film was really brave, because I thought, Man, you're really chewing off a lot. This is gonna be a lot. How are you gonna work this out then? The other thing that I thought they did really well is there are 67 characters and they're all prominent characters. They're all important characters. They all have something to say. They all have something to dio. How do you get them all to do something once they're not on the enterprise? They all have their jobs on the enterprise, which can be affected by whatever is happening on the outside of the enterprise. But then you take them off the enterprise. And then it started to fall into place where these two characters are connected and they go off and do their thing thes two characters air in jail. These two characters, this characters here, this character, they all had something important to do, and I've never seen Check off and Kirk worked together ever. I mean, not that I recall that those two characters are the two that have to work to resolve whatever the issue is that they're working on. I've never seen that happen, and I find that beautiful because, you know, Anton Yelchin died. But yet he's with the captain in this film, working on something that's going to pan out for everybody. But it's him and the captain. So I thought that was a really beautiful thing. There's no way they could have predicted that it just happened in the script, but I thought, overall, I think the film is a little too dark. I think it's a little too fast paced in places toe where you're not really sure what's going on. But other than that, it was fun. I knew exactly what was happening when it was happening. As soon you see the video of the crew from the 100 year old um Franklin.
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